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Prologue: Introduction


I am Dominic Weiss, part of the Behavior Analysis Unit, a division of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Because I was famous in the field of psychology, my partner and I were often saddled with the most extreme criminals. I was supposed to be on vacation in China with my daughter Seraphine. Being a fan of martial arts, I had visited the famous Xiaolin Temple. Because a lunatic had kidnapped my daughter, I was about to inform the police. About to. It turns out that there's more to Xiaolin Temple than meets the eyes.

I learned that magic was actually real. To sum it all up, there are four warriors that can control wind, water, earth, and fire whom are called Dragons. To my extreme shock, these fighters were just children, probably at least fourteen (well, one of them is approximately fifteen hundred years old, but let's not get into that). They are burdened with task of trying to protect the world from evil. (Right now, I am taking one Mr. Fung to court for child abuse.)

Unfortunately, something happened that caused one of these grand warriors to be horribly traumatized, who is now in my charge. Currently, the culprit of this trauma, is being held in an insane asylum charged with first degree murder of three people. And that person, is also no more than fourteen. He is also my newest patient. His name is Jack Spicer, suffering from obsessive love.

Humans are greedy, whether they like it or not. Some just show more restraint than others. Because they are never satisfied with what they have, they often go to great lengths to possess what they desired. And just often, the consequences are dire. If you want proof, read history textbooks. Many power-hungry leaders met horrible ends; we even see it in modern news. Am I wrong?

I am certain Jack knew insanity was a great weapon. He is a smart boy. He used insanity to try and get want he wanted. To quote myself, "insanity is a type of barrier that some people use to keep themselves sheltered from reality. It is a great tool that allows people to perform whatever they desired. Unfortunately, it is a double-edged sword as people sink further into the oceans of their minds and drown." And now Jack Spicer is paying the consequences.


I changed it. I know now how I want this fic to turn out. I hope you don't mind the changes.

Dominic Weiss is my original character in from my story Pyromaniac. The quote he used is from the prologue of Pyromaniac. He is writing about the newest case he receieved.

To summarize, he is part of the BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit). He is investigating a case of murder and arson supposedly commited by twelve-year-old Seraphine Alister. He adopts the girl in the end, just to tell you, which is why he referred Seraphine as his daughter.

My outline for that story is finished but I haven't finished writing the story. As I was researching pyschology, well, I got an inspiration on how to write this fic, so that's why there's these changes. Please comment and no flames please (especially on the pairing) Construtive critism welcomed.