Chapter Two: The Becoming


Rejection is the biggest factor of obsessive love. However, the "victim" of obsessive love is usually considered to be ethereal, unreachable, in short an angel. So the person who is diagnosed with obsessive love believe the " angel" could do no wrong.

As he continued to watch Omi, his love for him grew. Unconsciously, Jack began to drink water more often. It was delicious… pure… untainted… like Omi.

During one of his Shen-Gong-Wu raids, he placed several small cameras in the training area, the dining room, and of course, one above Omi's sleeping quarters.

Observing Omi's training, he was constantly entranced by the graceful and fluid movements the young boy easily performed during his katas. He felt his lower regions heat as he wondered how flexible Omi could be. Slapping himself, he knew he couldn't contaminate such a pure being. Banishing the thought to the depths of his mind, he continued to watch the Xiaolin warrior dance.

Midnight soon came, too soon for Jack's liking. Jealousy boiled inside his heart as he saw Omi cautiously sneaking out of the temple before jumping over the walls that surrounded ancient edifice. Clutching the remote, Jack angrily turned the television off. He knew the young boy was with Chase and would be gone for at least two hours.

Time seemed to pass by slowly. The red carpeting that was put in three weeks ago was already worn out by Jack's constant pacing. He constantly glanced at the clock, growling at why the damn thing couldn't move faster. Finally, it was nearing two o'clock in the morning. Hurriedly, he turned on his television. His body began to sweat as time continue to walk, but there was no sign of Omi. Furrowing his eyebrows, he tried to think of a reason of why would Omi be late… why?

Jack froze, dropping the remote in the process. Could it be? Chase Young would not do it. Omi was too young! Angry and frightened, Jack rapidly donned a special outfit that would make him invisible. Grabbing a pair of combat boots, he ran out of his house. Pressing a button on the exterior part of his footwear, he felt himself rising into the air. Making sure that he was indeed invisible, Jack rushed to Chase Young's lair.

He heard… nothing. No screams… did Omi leave early? No. Chase made sure the water-user stayed as long as possible. Grabbing his newest invention, he placed the thick shades over his eyes. Twisting a small lever that portruded out of the left side, Jack smiled triumphantly as his machine burst into action. Goggles with x-ray vision… it was a difficult task to make them… but he had succeeded.

Floating around the castle, he cursed as he forgot about the cats guarding the stone chateau. A pack of lions and tigers stared into the empty area, smelling a trespasser. Rising higher into the air, Jack searched his pockets for anything that may help him with his predicament. However, he spotted Chase's room. He stopped, inspecting the simple but elegant interior design. Then he noticed the small lump on the bed. His eyes grew wide… It can't be! No! No! No!

Maybe it's not him, Jack reasoned. After all, Chase probably had a harem of sex slaves. As the red-haired genius try to think of reasons why the lump couldn't be Omi, the small figure groggily sat up. The blankets fell off, revealing the bare chest of the Water Dragon. Jack bit his lip, trying to not to scream. Chase, that monster! As if on cue, the half-dragon entered, holding a tray of food with a satisfied smirk.

A loud howl echoed through the night, frightening even the mighty cats. How dare he! How dare he use Omi like tat! Jack vowed that he will make the creature pay. In his rage, he did not notice the bright smile Omi wore.


Sorry for late updates. Very very very sorry.

Anyways, I did not like this chapter. Although I have the plot figured out, and how this is going to end, I needed something to spark Jack's "insanity."

Before you start asking questions, rejection (in my opinion) can be something that shows you that you'll never be with the person you love, instead of being told by the person directly. (My sister was argueing with me about this) Also, the reason why Jack jump to the conlusion of Omi's virginity being taken away is because he's frantic and he's thinking the "worst possible thing" that could happen. Also, the reason why Jack thinks it's Omi's first time (you can decided whether it is or not) is that he thinks Omi is too pure for that.