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Mistress of Vampires
Summary: On a cold dark night in winter, a ragged figure running from her past finds her way to Dracula's castle, where much to her surprise she runs into Dracula and his only surviving wife, Aleera. Who is this strange girl, and why is she not terrified of Dracula?

This fanfic is AU, in that Van Helsing was never bitten, thus never turned to a werewolf. Also Mirishka and Verona(Are those the right names?)were both killed, but Aleera lives.The monster and Carl were both killed, So Van Helsing and Anna have no way of finding Dracula's lair.
Dracula has hiden himself away in his castle with Aleera, mounring the loss of his other two wives, and the loss of the monster, thus his last chance to bring his children to life.He is biding his time until he can make Gabriel pay.

In this first chapter the POV skips around from my character Aruji (Japanese for Mistress) ((This 'Mistress' being feminine for Master, and not meaning like...whore or slut. Ok?)) to Aleera, to Dracula. After this each chapter switches from Aruji to Dracula and back. Between point of views I'll have this (-A-R-U-J-I-, or the other character's name)

Chapter one: A Stranger in the night


In the dark of night, with a snowstorm blowing, a small figure cloaked in black ran hurriedly though a thick forest, jumping over logs and ducking low branches. The figure turned to look over it's shoulder, it's wide topaz eyes wide in suppressed fear. Upon turning, it's hood was ripped back, and a feminine face was reviled, toped with short, midnight black hair, snarled by the wind and caked in mud. Coming into a clearing she suddenly came to a stop, staring in awe at the huge castle in front of her.

"Aye…that is such a beautiful castle…and so …big! I could probably take shelter there until the storm is though…" The girl whispered to herself, pulling her clock around her tighter, and making up her mind sherushedthe last several feet to reach the offered safety of the dark castle.

Creeping slowly up to the large black, dingy doors, Aruji gently pushed them open, and found herself in a gigantic antechamber, with round basins filled with flames -on stands- in rows down the length of the room. Looking around nervously, she found the dark room empty of all life. Sighing in relief she rushed to the nearest flame, and warmed herself by it, before walking to the doorway at the end of the room -out of the frigid wind- and curled up in exhaustion.


Aleera woke up as soon as the sun fell beneath the horizon, as always. As soon as she opened her eyes, she felt a presence of something besides herself and her master. Fully awake now she dematerialized and rematerialized in Dracula's room, just as he himself was getting up.

"Master, there is another being present here." Aleera said at once. Dracula looked at her before closing his eyes momentarily and nodding.

"Yes. Let's investigate." Dracula replied calmly. Aleera nodded in response. The both of them swept quietly though the halls and soon came to the antechamber. Aleera saw a small figure wearing a black cloak huddled in the doorway. Aleera glanced at Dracula, and he smirked. Smirking back she dove at the figure, Dracula leaping with her. They had barely moved more then a foot when the figure jerked upright, turning to face them. Aleera saw that it was a young girl, withshort dark brown hair and wide topaz eyes. Upon seeing them the girl screeched and leapt to her feet, racing towards the exit.


Dracula smirked when he saw the girl screech in fear, leaping up to try and escape. He found her eyes interesting, and there was something inhuman about her. Chuckling to himself he leapt to block her escape. She came to a halt and turned on her heel, dodging past Aleera and racing down the long hallway, going deeper into the maze-like castle. Aleera shrieked and chased the girl, Dracula right behind her. He always enjoyed a good chase. The taste of fear always added so much to the blood.


Aruji opened her eyes slightly when she felt the presence if two people -no vampires- behind her. Oh no! And they must be strong! Feeling them move towards her she sat up and looked behind her. What she saw first was a young woman, with fiery red hair, and gleaming fangs. And behind her…Aruji's eyes widened and her breath hitched in her chest, but it wasn't out of fear. The man was the singly most handsome man, or vampire, that she had ever laid her eyes on. He had long dark black hair, and beautiful dark electric blue eyes. Gathering her scattered wits, she realized who he must be. Ahh! It's Dracula and his bride Aleera! Not good! Very bad! Letting out a horrified screech she scrambled to her feet and darted for the exit.

She had merely gone 5 strides when Dracula appeared in her path. Twisting on her heel she ran back the way she had come, and using her extraordinary speed she ducked past Aleera and ran down the hall, hearing the other two give chase. Twisting down a narrow hallway she ducked into a door that was slightly ajar. Diving under a desk and hiding behind some dusty boxes, she held her breath.

But her rest was short lived, for in the next moment, Dracula appeared before her, and Aleera behind. Aruji realized instantaneously that she was now trapped between the wall, the box, Dracula, and Aleera. Taking a chance, Aruji whipped around and tried to rush bodily past Aleera. She had just taken her first step when she was pulled up short, something -or someone- had grabbed her hair. Know that it was Dracula, Aruji snarled, and allowed her fangs to grow, as well as her claws, as she whipped back around and slashed at Dracula's hand. He was so startled that he dropped his hold on her hair, allowing her to dodge past him to the side and proceed out of the room and further down the narrow hall.


Dracula chuckled as he gave chase to the frightened girl. This was turning out to be much more fun then he previously assumed. He saw her duck down a hall, and followed, Aleera at his side. Seeing her dive into a room on the left, he gestured to Aleera, and the two of the vanished, appearing fore and aft of the startled girl. He saw her come to the realization that she was trapped between the wall, the box, himself and his wife. He did not except her to try and rush Aleera again, but reacted quickly enough that she had hardly moved one step before he grabbed her by the hair.

What happened next was the most unexpected thing he could imagine. As soon as he grabbed a hold of her short, tangleddark brownhair -which he realised was actually black, but encased in mud-, her heard her snarl, snarl at him. As soon as he grasped that she had snarled, she was facing him, her eyes blazing bright amber, and her fangs shining white. Wait, fangs? This girl has fangs? She is a vampire! He thought in shock, before she scratched him across the hand holding her captive. Still in shock his grasp on her hair loosened, and she whipped past him, running out of the room.

"Master…?" Aleera asked in shock, her eyes wide and disbelieving.

"Aleera, I do believe we have a vampiric guest on our hands, shall we make her comfortable?" He replied with a smirk. He saw Aleera grin back before she rushed out of the room. After a few moments he heard a screech. Walking calmly out of the small room, he saw Aleera holding a snarling young vampire.

Now that he could get a good look at her, he examined her closely. She was a good few inches shorted then Aleera, and thinner. Her hair came to her shoulders, but wasso knotted and tangled that it barely came past her chin, and was very filthy. Her face was smudged with dirt, and blood her noticed. Her eyes were blazing with anger, but he noted fear in the depths. Good, she's afraid. He though with a smirk, pleased with himself.

He then gave her clothes a look over, she was wearing a black cloak, ripped and torn at the hem, and was wearing grubby, tattered dress beneath it.

"I see you've had quite a time getting here young child." He said to her with a smirk, chuckling to himself when he saw her eyes widen in self-righteous ire.

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