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Aruji stood stiffly within Dracula's arms, although she had to fight every neuron in her body to do so. She longed to simply melt back into his embrace, to join herself to him. But she had no idea what to expect from him, and she was terrified.

Why had he approached her? Was he trying to comfort her? Or was it something more sinister? She did not notice that she was trembling until Dracula turned her in his arms and cradled her to his broad chest. His right arm was around her lower back and his right hand was in her hair, to holding her to him.

Her arms had been held stiffly to her side but now she lifted them slowly to place her palms on his chest. She stood there for a long moment, content to stay within his arms for all eternity –except when she need share with her soon-to-be-sister, Aleera, of course- but she was apprehensive over his continued silence. She took a deep breath and summoning all her strength she pushed herself away from him.

Dracula obliged and opened his arms to free her, and as she stepped back she looked up at him she quickly took in the unreadable expression on his face. For a moment she felt a stab of guilt deep in her chest, afraid she had hurt his feelings. But then she remembered that it could well be that he is covering up his disgust or hate.

His deep blue eyes stared at her with an unwavering attention and she felt her face redden with a combination of mortification and simple fear. She found herself unable to met his eyes and she lowered them fearfully to the floor.

She flinched when she felt his cool fingers beneath her chin, coaxing her head back up. When she met his eyes again they were glowing with that hypnotic electric blue she found so irresistible.

But still he stayed silent.

But suddenly she found herself unable to care. She felt her eyes closing against her will and she felt her muscles loosening. She came to the abrupt realization that he was putting her to sleep; and the first thing that came to her mind was that he was going to give her up to the werewolves.

That realization hit her like a bucket of ice water and her breath caught in her chest as she wrenched eyes away from Dracula's enthralling own as she stumbled back away from him with a gasp. She hit the table the stone plant was sitting on and she twisted herself to the side and then darted along the wall before curling up in the corner, facing away from Dracula; her arms wrapped tightly around her knees and she did not notice that she was shaking like a leaf in the wind.

She squealed in shock and fright when she was suddenly picked up –as easily as if she were to pick up a doll- and cradled in strong, iron like arms. She looked up at Dracula, her face drawn and frightened. He looked impatient and annoyed and she flinched back; but was unable to do more because he had her held so tightly and securely against his chest.

Dracula turned and walked with his lithe and cat-like grace across the room and sat with her back down in his plush black armchair. Her eyes widened in trepidation and she licked her suddenly dry lips as she refused to meet his gaze.

"Aruji." He finally spoke, and his smooth, low voice caused her to jump and her eyes darted upwards unconsciously to meet his gaze. The moment she did his hand moved to cup her check and he descended upon her, his cool smooth lips insistent and coaxing against hers. She found herself unable to resist and she pressed herself against him and gave herself to him, her eyes closing in pleasure.

His hand trailed up her cheek to bury itself in her hair and his other arm secured itself around her waist as he pulled her against him. Her legs were both over his right leg and her upper body was turned to press against his chest and she slowly slid her arms up his chest to wrap around his neck as she pulled herself tighter to him, and she absentmindedly began to wind her fingers in his thick lush hair.

He pulled away from her very slightly and began to drag his lips along her cheek and down her throat, and everywhere his lips touched seemed aflame and she gasped as she leaned her head back to allow him better access.

His hand which had been stroking her hair now ran down the side of her face, her neck, her side, and settled on her waist. His other hand grasped the other side of her waist and he lifted her up off of his lap. His left hand then slide slowly and tantalizingly along her right thigh and her lifted her leg over his lap and then settled her back down; she now straddling his lap. His right hand was placed on the small of her back and his left hand was cupped at the back of her neck.

She moaned low in her throat as she pressed herself intimately against him. She felt more then heard his dark chuckle of amusement at her reaction, but could not find it in herself to be contrite or embarrassed.

She loved the feeling of his body against her's and the feel of his hot mouth on her neck. He now moved his mouth to her collarbone and then up to the junction between her shoulder and her neck. She gasped in pleasure and arched against him, her lower body pressing tightly against his groin now and she felt his obvious desire for her and it enflamed her further. The knowledge that he wanted her so very much; when he had the beautiful and alluring Aleera to lay with; and when he had just seen her terrible power, was enough to make her faint with happiness.

But his insistent mouth would not allow her that escape, her entire being was afire with passion and she had never been more awake and aware of every nerve receptor in her body in her life.

She was finding it hard to breath at this point, but it did not really seem to matter that much considering. She never wanted Dracula to stop his ministrations; she had never felt so wonderful in her life. But she wanted more. Needed more.

She arched herself against him again, harder this time and Dracula gave a low and deep moan in response and his hands tightened almost painfully against her, but she relished in it.

He nuzzled her neck and then she started when she felt him lick the junction between her shoulder and her neck. She tightened her arms around his neck and pressed herself as tightly to him as she could manage.

She heard a hiss of indrawn breath, and the almost inaudible sound of Dracula's fangs elongating. She opened her eyes halfway –it was the most she could manage- and watched him with interest and bliss. She saw that he was intending to claim her as his own. If he did such a thing then he most certainly had no intention of turning her over to anyone. In fact, if he even let her near another male of any sort she'd be quite surprised.

She obliged him gladly by tilting her head to the side. He pulled her gently until her head was resting on his right shoulder and then he paused. She shifted her head and then laid a soft and loving kiss on his own throat. He shuddered and pulled her painfully tight to him; if she had not already been a vampire –and thus much stronger than any human- he would have broken her ribs. As it is she hardly noticed and she then licked his neck possessively, skimming her teeth along his skin. That proved to be his breaking point and he gave a low growl before releasing a hissing breath and sinking his teeth deep into the hollow between her right shoulder and her neck.

She let out an animalistic growl and her eyes closed tightly in reaction as she clung tightly to him and her body shuddered. She had been uncertain to how he would claim her –as usually when a vampire took a wife it was a female human whom he bit and claimed- seeing as how she was 

already a vampire; and especially considering she was a different breed of vampires entirely. She had been a little weary of the outcome; she had no desire to become a blood drinker, she rather preferred her current diet.

But now all her reservations were gone and she yielded herself to her husband. She felt herself weakening as he drank her blood, but he did not drink as much as he would have needed to has she been human. She spared a moment to admire his self control.

After what seemed an eternity he pulled slowly away from her, pausing to lick her neck possessively. He then pulled back entirely. She opened her eyes slowly to find him staring intently down at her.

"You are my wife now Aruji. You are mine." He told her in a serious and cool voice. Then he smiled and bent down to claim her lips once again, and though she was startled to taste her own blood on his lips she returned the gesture eagerly.

After a long timeless moment he pulled away from her, and cupped both of his cool hands around her cheeks, staring intently in her eyes.

"Now do you trust that I will never forsake you Aruji, my wife?" He asked her softly. She flushed but did not look away from him. She took a moment to gather her thoughts after his breathless ministrations and then spoke.

"Yes, my love." She replied breathlessly. She then flushed again at her bold words but Dracula gave her his infuriating smirk and she pouted. He kissed her once very gently and pulled away.

"You are very intoxicating my dear." He told her smugly. She batted her eyelashes coquettishly and smirked.

"That is good is it not, my lord?" She asked demurely. He laughed and lay his forehead against hers. She closed her eyes briefly and then reopened them, suddenly serious.

"How is it you can take so much in stride, my lord?" She asked softly, dreading the answer. Dracula was silent for a long moment.

"You need not be so formal with me Aruji." He told her gently. She began to think he was evading her question but then he spoke again.

"I knew there was something about you the moment I first saw you. And after I discovered you were Nashinichi I just grew more and more intrigued by you. Your abilities are amazing, and can be useful. They are a part of you, my wife, and I accept them as such." He explained with a small smirk. She found herself believing him absolutely and without an ounce of doubt. He truly accepted her, he was not afraid. She was elated and she threw herself against him, kissing him with all the passion she had in her body.

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