Donin Durshire, head of Auror Applications, ruffled his beard in an exhausted fashion as he set down yet another application. Really, it was becoming quite tiresome - He Who Must Not Be Named is gone, and suddenly people get delusions of grandeur.

"I was a star member of Dumbledore's Army at Hogwarts - trained by Harry Potter himself!"

"As you can see, my N.E.W.T. grades are quite good, I simply never got around to applying..."

"I took my O.W.L.'s - I simply had a lot going on before my N.E.W.T.'s"

"I have a perfectly good reason for dropping of the face of the planet for twenty years - I was number two on You-Know-Who's most wanted list, after the Boy Who Lived of course..."

"My whole life I've wanted to be an Auror - now that He's gone, I finally have that chance..."

It was sickening really. People wanted to save the world. Wanted to catch the bad guys. Wanted to be heroes... after the real bad guys were caught of course. Who would want to be an Auror under the reign of Lord Voldemort?

Durshire was rejecting another application as his assistant Colin walked in holding another stack of papers.

"Four more sir." Colin said, handing the applications to Durnshire, who skipped the introduction and went directly to the qualifications.

"Fairly well on the O.W.L.'s... nothing extraordinary... good gracious, he dropped out of Hogwarts before his seventh year?" he demanded. Colin shifted uncomfortably, glancing back towards the door.

"He claims there was too much going on in his life, sir."

"I'll bet. Practical experience?" he tutted, starring at Colin. "Let me guess, he was in Dumbledore's Army?"

"Yes sir, I believe so."

"Preposterous!" Durshire exploded. "How dare he apply here? Harry Potter couldn't get in with these records!" He threw the pile of papers at his secretary, who looked uncomfortable.

"Um... sir?" he questioned timidly, glancing at the door.

"What?" Durshire snapped, opening a case file.

"Would you like to know his name?"

Durshire rolled his eyes. "What does that have to do with anything? Just get him out of here, and into the muggle world where he belongs!" Colin nodded, and turned to leave.

Something tugged at Durshire and he looked up shrewdly. "Out of curiosity, why do you ask?"

Colin shrugged. "It's just that... it's Harry Potter sir." he stated, glancing at the door again.

Durshire grabbed his chest. "The Boy Who Lived? Is applying? Here!" It couldn't be... no one had seen or heard from Harry Potter and his closest friends in twenty years...

"Yes sir, he's right outside. Shall I give him the rejection?" He smiled softly.

"No, no! Are you daft? Tell him we accept without question!" Hish smiled, and left the room, leaving Durshire in a state of shock. "Harry Potter..."

In the waiting room, a redhead woman sat, bouncing a child on her knee. "Really, Harry, there's no need to be worried. They can't possibly turn you away."

Harry grinned, and kissed his wife. "I know. It's just so good to be back!" He clapped Ron on the shoulder. "All our dreams coming true, you know?" Ron grinned at him.

Just then Colin returned to the waiting room. "Potter, party of four?" He called, walking in their direction. Ginny stood up next to her husband, shifting her niece onto her hip. "I'm glad to anounce that you've been accepted."

Ron whooped, grabbing Hermione who sputtered. "They accepted us in a group? That's not regulation!"

"No ma'am." Colin grinned,"but in light of the situation, I think it's only fair. After all," he said, gesturing to Harry, "he is the Boy Who Lived."

Author's Note: I was trying to clean up my hardrive and found this little story I'd whipped up a few months ago - I'd totally forgotten about it. Just a bit of humor!

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