Auld Acquaintance 5

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The buzz of his phone as it vibrated across the top of his bedside table woke Grissom. Groggily he rolled over and smacked a hand down on top of the offending object. He pulled the phone to him and squinted at the caller ID. He flipped the phone open and rasped a greeting.


"Crap! Grissom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

Grissom glanced at the clock, startled to see that he'd slept for almost ten hours.

"S'all right," he slurred, rubbing his eyes to wake himself. "What's going on?"

"Mel and I were going to," Sara paused and changed direction mid-thought, "were wondering if it would be okay for her to come in with me tonight."

"If she feels up for it, I suppose it's only fair that someone from San Francisco crashes our lab after all." Before his tired brain could think better of it he spoke again. "Sara, have you guys…would you like to…have breakfast with me."

"Uh, sure. Where?"

"The diner, an hour before shift?"

"All right, we'll see you there."

Grissom pulled the phone away and started to hang up get dressed when he heard a faint voice.

"Hey Griss?"

Her use of his nickname sent shivers racing down his spine as he brought the phone back to his ear.


"Thank you for yesterday."

"You're welcome Sara. I'll see you in a little while."

This time he did hang up. He showered and dressed quickly; he had one more errand to run before he met them at the diner.


Grissom sat in a booth in the back of the diner with another man, a few years his junior. Both men had angled their bodies so that they could watch the door while studying each other. Grissom hadn't formed a strong impression of Gary Thomas when he'd first met him as Sara's supervisor years ago, but what he'd seen of the man since picking him up at the airport reminded him of Brass. This man would run his lab with a strong, even hand, unlike some directors Grissom could think of.

He hadn't expected Gary to fly out to Vegas as Mel hadn't been seriously injured; he had merely made a courtesy call to confirm Mel's identity and to inform her supervisor that she wouldn't be in for the next few days. But Gary had insisted on coming out to make sure Mel got home okay and had left a message a few hours later with his expected arrival time and a request for a ride to wherever he could find Mel.

The men had finished quietly sizing each other up a while ago and now they were both staring at the door in anticipation.A horrendous crash came from the parking lot. The shouts of confusion that followed brought both CSIs out of their seats and rushing towards the front door. A small sedan had backed straight into the path of a black Denali. Fear twisted in Grissom's gut. He reached the door just before Gary and pushed through just in time to see Mel stumble out of the passenger's side of the Denali.


He couldn't see anyone on the opposite side of the SUV, and the tinted glass windows made it difficult to see inside, but as he ran around the vehicle the driver's door opened. Sara was still fumbling with her seatbelt when he got to her. He slipped an arm around her shaking body and helped her ease herself from the Denali. It seemed to take most of her concentration to find the ground and plant her feet solidly. As she swung to face him he noticed a small cut near her hairline, trickling blood.

"Oh, honey, that doesn't look so good."

Sara, who had been watching the ground, snapped her eyes up to his, as if realizing just in that instant who was holding her. He smiled gently at her and, keeping his arm around her waist, began to lead her around the car over to the steps leading into the diner.

"Come on; let's get you out of the way."

As they rounded the hood of the SUV, Sara scanned the parking lot looking for Mel. When she spotted her friend a few feet away from the vehicle, huddled in Gary's arms, Sara sighed and laid her head on Grissom's shoulder.

"He came," she whispered amazedly, her breath washing over Grissom's neck.

"He was worried, just like I would've been." He bent and laid his lips lightly on the top of her head.

Sara twisted in his embrace so that they were facing each other and looked up at him contemplatively.

"You would have come?"

The quaver in her voice when she asked the question, even the very fact that she had to ask stung, but the stunned hope in her eyes soothed him. He answered her by brushing her hair back from her face and gathering her in close to his body.

"I will always be there for you when you need me."

Sara's eyes fluttered closed and she shivered at the emotion in his voice.

"Griss, I…"

But she never got a chance to finish her thought, because right there, in the middle of a public parking lot, directly across the street from the lab, with people milling about and sirens wailing in the background, Grissom kissed her for the first time in years and it was perfect. Her arms, wrapped tightly around his neck as she opened her mouth for him, told him of her strength and determination. The trembling of his hands as he grasped her hips told her of his fear. And the love, hope, and peace in her eyes as he broke that first kiss let him know that it was not too late for him to make them both happy.

Grissom didn't know how long they stared at each other before a familiar voice broke their reverie.

"Damn! It's not like I had a chance anyways, but it was still nice to dream."

Sara blushed furiously and as she buried her face in his chest, Grissom angled his head to glare at Greg.

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