I've decided to screw with episodes 4 and 5!

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So it hadn't turned out the way Yoshino had planned. No, there was no way this could be happening. It wasn't to be this way. No, Yoshino was supposed to have surgery, make up with Rei, and recorver without a problem. She wasn't supposed to wake up to find out that the heart surgery had been a failure and that she was going die soon. Still life never has been kind to Yoshino. Nope, all her life had been Hell. She couldn't do anything she wanted to do, Rei was overprotective of her, and her cronic fainting problem were only a few examples of how life had screwed her over. So Yoshino had hoped, that just this once, life wouldn't hate her. Sadly she had been wrong to even think that reality wouldn't be cruel, very wrong.

So now Yoshino waited for the painkillers to kick in as she was dying. As Yoshino expected her now frantic parents were her first visitors. Her mother, who was losing her mind at the moment, tried to tell Yoshino that she'd be okay. Her father, on the other hand, kept telling his wife to be quiet. Yoshino's doctor assured them that they would do all they could to save her life. Yoshino knew this was a lie, she was going to die soon she knew it and there wasn't a thing that they could do about it. Then came the 'We'll keep your daughter comfortable' speech that Yoshino had been waiting to hear. If being drugged and having to wait till she was so out of it that she would forget that she was dying was comfortable Yoshino wondred what uncomfortable was considered.

About a half an hour later her hysterical parents left with the doctor to find out what had happened. As she watched them leave to go talk about her dying Yoshino waited for Rei to come in overly distraught. As she expected Rei soon came looking as though she would die. Yumi and the rest of the Yamayurikai followed Rei solemly inot the room.Rei took a seat next to the drugged Yoshino and held her hand. Yoshino realized the medicine had taken effect when she saw Rei's hand. She couldn't feel her cousin's hands even though they were there.

Yoshino thought of something as she looked into Rei's now tearfilled eyes. What was the point of giving her painkillers when the doctor's knew that she probably wouldn't last any longer than today? It's not like Yoshino had leukemia and to wait for days on end in unbearable pain to die. maybe they thought the less aware she was of what was going on the better. If Yoshino could have she would've taken the painkillers and thrown them at her doctor while telling to go away. Yoshino wanted to be able to feel the warmth of her cousin's hands. At least she could undrestand what Rei was saying. Or she would have been able to if Rei had said anything.

Instead Rei held her cousin's hand while trying to hold back her tears. She wasn't very sucessful though. Rei had a feeling that this would happen .That after she won the tournament she would go to the hospital only to be told that Yoshino would die. rei wasn't suprised this was happening after all things never went the way her cousin had planned. Still she wished it were nightmare. That soon Rei would wake up to fing that it was Sunday morning, that the tournament had yet to start, and that Yoshino wasn't dying. She knew it wasn't a dream. She knew that Yoshino was dying.

The Yamayurikai gravely looked on at the current situation. They each bowed and left. With the of Yumi who had to be pulled out of the room not wanting to believe that this was happenning.

Rei looked down at Yoshino who looked back up at her. The annoying constant beeping of the medical equipment only reminded the two of how little time they had left to be together. Rei leaned towards Yoshino her lips overlaping her now doomed cousin's. Yoshino couldn't feel a thing and Rei knew that she couldn't. When they parted the older decided that it was now or never To confess her feelings. "Yoshino," the said teen listened intently knowing what was coming ",Aishiteru." Rei tightened her grip on Yoshino's hand. "Aishiteruze, Rei-chan." the warmth was leaving Yoshino's hands.The warmth that comforted Rei everytime Yoshino fainted.Her vision blurred, it was time. Yoshino waited for the infamous flashbacks, but they never came. Instead all that came was a wave of darkness. It felt like she as fainting, maybe Yoshino would wake up to find that this was induced by her fear of surgery. She knew that she wouldn't wake up.