Alright so I just got into this HUGE JohnnyRab mood and decided, well Andria, why the HELL don't you write a wee fic about them? So here it is, hopefully deserving a review or two. xD

Post-Rab's death and many other things.

How to let your mouth run off.


Some nights Johnny would lay awake in bed and wait until he heard Rab drop into place in his own. Some nights Rab came in late. He found he couldn't sleep a wink without matching his breathing to the elder boy's. And one night when Rab was away, Johnny still waited…but sleep never came.

His eyes were dry and lids heavy the next morning but he couldn't find himself able to shut them because of Rab's absence. Sometimes when he thought really deeply into it, he figured it was because he needed Rab more than anything else in the world. But then his heart clenched up and his brain let such words think in and he shook himself of those ridiculous thoughts.

The air was almost warm up where he slept, like breath against his face, and the "bed" below him so comfortable he would ease himself into it like an embrace. Anyone would have found it to their satisfaction yet still, Johnny could not fall asleep without his best friend near.

He denied himself the truth for the longest time, cracking huge grins at Cilla, taking up a lot of his spare time to chat with her and him and occasionally arguing with Rab. Alas he couldn't keep himself far enough from the dark-haired boy. If he tried for too long he would dream of Rab.

And most of the time the dreams were things he would never speak of until he lay in his grave. Things he could go to hell for dreaming of, he was sure.

So Johnny pushed those thoughts into the back of his mind, taking it all like a man. Yet he wondered what might be if he told Rab these things, if he would or he could what would happen? Might he receive the love of his life, pulling his smaller body into a lifelong dream or might he be discriminated against and betrayed?

Devoid of any thoughts one night when Rab came home late Johnny exploded. It was very, very dark out, shadows had engulfed every lantern and candle still bright and the blond had been laying in bed, staring up at the wooden ceiling and wasting away. All because of that vacuous Rab Silsbee.

When said printer boy returned and tip-toed into the room quietly, Johnny lifted himself from the bed and shouted in a hoarse and loud whisper about how he could not get a wink of sleep. His eyes narrowed dangerously, heart feeling more clenched than ever as his mouth rambled on to explain how he needed Rab their to sleep and how dare he leave Johnny like that. How he needed Rab. Period.

He didn't know what to do as the last few words flew from his tiny mouth so he stared at Rab with a horror-stricken look upon his face. Now angry at his mouth, Johnny's brain screamed "damn".

Rab blinked a few good times as if repeating what his friend had said in his own brain, flabbergasted perhaps. His blackish hair was unruly, lips parted with surprise and Johnny had never found anything more endearing.

Finally, recovering from Johnny's outburst, the tall boy took two strides toward him and frowned considerably. He reached out a hand and tangled it in Johnny's shirt, pulling him forward with no difficulty. The blond was frozen with fear as Rab spoke, "Why didn't you address this issue earlier? For example the first time you couldn't sleep?"

Johnny swallowed and then seemingly pondered this for a second. "Well, Rab, I didn't even mean for that stupid bunch of stuff to come out of my mouth just now." It was, really, the best he could think to say in reply.

Now Rab looked a bit bemused, one eyebrow arching, the other staying put. "What do you mean you didn-" His face softened. "Oh. Oh."…

The next thing Johnny knew his back was against the wall as Rab attacked his mouth with his own, soft lips molding into the shape of the other's. His eyes fluttered closed. "Maybe I should let my mouth run off some more", he mumbled against his best friend-boyfriend's lips.


Ahh we finish.