"Wells without Water"

by Acey

Note: A set of twenty-nine drabbles done to twenty-nine themes on Kyouya/Tsukiko, all involving a kiss (not necessarily between Kyouya and Tsukiko). The thirtieth theme is up on its own and can be found on my profile—"Turn-Down Day." All I can say is that no, this wasn't my idea. At the rate I'm currently doing these, it looks like I'll die trying, but we'll see. –grin-

Theme: kiss
Title: Loyalties

"There's no point in trying to be a hero, Kyouya."

She laughed quietly as she said it, rocking one foot on the side of a bed still covered with pink lace. He was in the gray computer chair in front of her.

"What makes you think that I would?"

A sleepy smile, negligent, almost disarming.

"Because you know too much, and you're not telling any of it." Matter-of-fact, precise. She took a hairbrush from the vanity, and started to pull it through her hair. "Maybe you'd join those boys if you thought they could do more than spit in the Diabolo's face."

"I'm not that stupid. In my book damnation's an improvement over a pathetic attempt at martyrdom. Remorse over a soul you've already lost is pointless."

"Maybe you are remorseful and you'd just rather not admit it." She put the brush down.

It was a joke they'd had since he'd arrived two months ago, as dry and tasteless as old bread. He knew that technically, she suspected him on principle, out of the knowledge that he was terminally ill and that dealing with the devil did not extend life.

She wondered about his motives, wondered how to make him slip up and admit that the Diabolo's cause and his cause weren't one and the same. So before she could air any suspicions, he made it a joke, which he knew infuriated her, but she went along with it anyway.

She knew what was coming up as well as he did.

"You're questioning my loyalties, Tsukiko?"

He leaned back in the computer chair with a tiredness that he didn't have to feign. Tsukiko only grinned in return, still somehow amused with how the game was going along.

"Not yet."

She kept talking, surprising him.

"But you must have some kind of guilt complex. You're too decent a general. That's what's wrong with you, Kyouya." Teasingly she picked up a stuffed animal from the shelf and held it in the air before she let it drop to the floor. "Even when you're halfway to hell, you won't even fraternize with your comrades."

The chair was uncomfortable, and he moved it closer to the bed for all the good it would do.

"I'm afraid of demotion."

"Are you?" and she leaned over and kissed him.