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Set: DBZ Movie 10 / 4 Years after Cell (No Videl)

Gohan's Theme - 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

Gohan's SuperSaiyan Theme – Metallica – No Leaf Clover

Gohan's SuperSaiyan 2 Theme – Disturbed – Down with the sickness

Saiyan Home world


Gohan glared at the insane Saiyan smirking at him, Brolly the supposedly Legendary SuperSaiyan had somehow survived and made it to Earth, his power already huge had increased to astronomical levels.

At least it would have been astronomical if they never had to deal with Cell, training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had put him on an equal footing to the Insane Saiyan, if you didn't count the Ascended level that is, but Gohan had no intention of using that yet … not until Brolly used the Supposed Legendary form.

Trunks and Goten were at his side, both at there full SuperSaiyan power looking more than a little beat up, he himself had yet to Ascend to even the first level


OOOO Play Gohan's Theme OOOO


Not taking his eyes from Brolly Gohan calmly said "Goten, Trunks Go to Korins tower and get some Senzu Beans" he new they were going to argue if he told them to just leave and this was only just better "I don't think we can take him without them so hurry" it was an out right lie but he had become very good at it over the years, after all do you really think his mother would let him leave the house if she new he was training … I think not.

"But" Trunks was about to protest but stopped himself and sighing tiredly "Ok Gohan, just leave some for us" he knew even as he blasted of that it wouldn't be happening but he also knew Gohan was giving them a way out of one hell of a beating without any real stab at there pride, and he was thankful, even if he didn't want to admit it he was trembling.

Goten wasn't much better and gave his elder brother one last longing look before blasting of after his best friend.

Brolly watched the two boys disappear over the horizon a twisted smirk still on his face "This is between you and me Brolly" Gohan 's voice seemed to cut through the now silent battleground.

The teenage Half Saiyan started walking towards the Pure Blood slowly, eyes narrowed and face impassive, emotionless, not giving one emotion away.

But it was his eyes that would be considered the most frightening to any bystander, they seemed to glow with a fierce determination few beings had ever seen … and all it was used on have been destroyed.

While still walking forwards rocks began to levitate into the air around the young Saiyan Hybrid "I'm putting you down Brolly" small streams of golden energy twirled around him as he continued his slow walk towards the Abomination known as Brolly.


OOOO Play Gohan's SuperSaiyan Theme OOOO


Almost unexpectedly the rocks around Gohan were disintegrated as his form exploded in a Golden fire before a cloud of dust hid him from sight.

Even as he was hidden his Aura could still be heard … the Golden Aura of a SuperSaiyan.

As he emerged from the dust cloud the changes were easily recognizable, Gone was his short spiky Black hair, in its place was slightly longer spiky Blond hair, a flame like Golden Aura and terrifying Turquoise eyes.

Brolly sneered at the sight thinking the Demi-Saiyan no stronger then when he fought him when he was 9, if he were able to sense Ki he would have seen just how wrong he was.

They were standing less than five feet from each other, Auras blazing and turquoise eyes locked on turquoise eyes "My farther beat you before Brolly, and I am much stronger than my farther" Brolly's reply was to laugh mockingly before spiting out "Your farther is was and always will be a weakling … and so will you Chi-Glaa"

He was cut off as Gohan's fist smashed into his stomach with bone shattering force making Brolly's eyes widened and a small amount of blood and spittle exploded from his mouth, the force was strong enough to lift the tall SuperSaiyan of the ground.

Brolly stumbled back a step before launching his left leg in an attempt to hit the young SuperSaiyan, a leg that sailed over Gohan's head by more then two feet as he had already slid into a powerful front sweep.

The effects on Brolly were immediate; he shot through the air spinning wildly for forty feet before stopping himself from smashing into a small bundle of rocks.

A lot of good it did him as before he could right himself he was struck solidly on his side, driving him deep into the rocky ground.

Gohan levitated higher into the air as he new what was coming next, and he wasn't disappointed.

The ground where Brolly disappeared into exploded in a greenish fire of energy followed immediately by an enrage scream and a dozen green balls of Ki.

Gohan defected the Ki balls and punched down jerked his body up and to the left, his hands shooting out and griping Brolly's Muscular arm before spinning half a dozen timed and smashing the Enraged Pure Blood Saiyan once again into the ground.

Said SuperSaiyan righted himself before he hit making the ground crater around him as he looked up at Gohan snarling.

Brolly had changed since he went on his trip into the Earth, his muscles were bulging abnormally while his hair was standing straight out in spikes and was tainted with Green, while his eyes had seemed to have lost everything but the whites.

He looked corrupt, like a Monster.

Brolly screamed out a barely controlled "You, Will, DIE, KAKKAROT!" before blasting towards Gohan.

Brolly's Legendary Transformation unlike the Ultra SuperSaiyan form didn't drop a good amount of speed, at least it didn't seem to, what it did do was give what at the time seemed like insane amounts of power.

But it also seemed to send the user, Namely Brolly into a mindless, insane bloodlust, all directed at his farther Goku or anyone who looked like him … Namely one teenaged SuperSaiyan Gohan, and now was the real test of his training.

Gohan charged the charging Brolly.


The fight was mostly even, Brolly had increased in strength by a good 40 Percent and his speed seemed to go up by about 20, that put him a little above Gohan in pure power but below in speed.

So it was Brolly's Power and constitution against Gohan speed and skill … have I mentioned Gohan spent most of his time working on his Skills?

Every punch, every kick was dodged, blocked or reversed and while Brolly didn't seem to be getting any stronger he seemed to have a limitless supply of Ki.

To bad the same could be said for Gohan.

Using a revised version of the Multi-form Gohan created an all but Ki less clone, it was a technique he had seen from some Ninja Anime, good if you need to make an escape, or good if your enemy can't sense Ki.

As expected Brolly took the bait, not knowing the difference until it was to late, Before he knew it the Clone seemed to pop when he made contact and he could hear a distinctive "Me HAAAAA" from behind him, he spun and desperately tried to get his arms up to block.

It proved to be a waste of time as the Ki wave dissipated harmlessly of his arms 'Another Fake!" he was able to register the Teen yelling before his body was enveloped in pain.


Brolly hit the ground with a meaty smack, his body was bloody and smocking in more then one place and Gohan could feel that his power had dropped, if only a little.

The area around Brolly exploded as he once again charged Gohan, now in a blind rage he attacked over and over again, he relentlessly pounded at the Young Demi-Saiyan defenses, and putting everything he had into each blow.

This time Gohan had it much harder, while he could hit Brolly quite easily as the deranged Pureblood wasn't even trying to defend, it was however harder to not get hit himself, and Brolly was moving just a little to fast for him to dodge everything and blocking tended to send him reeling, setting him up for another attack.

So it was down to a street fight, no time to think, no time to breath or plan just work on instinct, Punch block, kick, dodge, Ki blast, on and on until one of them got a lucky hit, or one made a stupid mistake.

Part of Gohan was tempted to go to the second level, but another, much bigger part was just paving fun, plain and simple, no time to think and plan something sneaky just fighting in its basics, his Saiyan blood was SINGING in his veins.

His pulse was racing; his blood was pounding in his ears and a predatory smirk on his lips.

Once again Brolly found his home in the ground and Gohan sucked in a deep breath.

Brolly pulled himself to his feet with some effort, his cloths were in rags, his body was bloody and burnt, his left arm was broken and bending it an unnatural angle, and something that had never been in his eyes before was present … Fear.

Gohan was floating his clothing in tatters, a trail of blood from side of his mouth to his jaw, a small cut on his left temple … and that was it, other then a few scrapes and numerous bruises he was uninjured.

The only thing on Brolly's mind was 'what is he … I am invincible, the ultimate warrior, the Legendary SuperSaiyan' he backed away "Just what is he?" 'Was he not the Legendary, or was it really this boy this CHLD, so young and yet so powerful'

Gohan let out a "Humph" before gliding to the ground "Me?"


OOOO Play Gohan's SuperSaiyan 2 Theme OOOO


"I have been told I'm a lot of thing," the ground started to shake "A Child" Gohan Aura started to become more violent "A Friend" his hair started to flick up words "A Demon" blots of blue electricity began dancing around inside his aura.

"But like Vegeta says," His Muscles bulged as the ground around him splits and cracks "I'm a Saiyan Warrior!" and as the dust settles Gohan could be seen in all his Ascended SuperSaiyan splendor.

And as Gohan destroyed Brolly with his fathers signature move, something happened, something nobody was expecting.

His Energy wave hit a just reactivating Dragon Ball.

And the collision of two types of immensely powerful Energy, One Ki the other Magic, and a rift was formed.


What may don't know about Rifts, Unstable Portals, and gateways is that they always try to repair themselves, how they do this is they Pull Mater and energy through them, they take that matter and they assimilate a good portion of it to used for said repairs.

Gohan caught unaware and powered down, was easily sucked into the rift, and so was a good ten miles of the surrounding mountains.


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