Leia stood in solemn silence next to Luke in the Rebel cruiser's medical center. The past few days had nearly zapped the princess's strength. Han and her had been lead in to a trap, used as bait to capture Luke. And while Luke was still free, Han had been put in carbon freeze and sold by a bounty hunter. Her emotions had been on wires, she's admitted her love for the pirate seconds before he was dropped into the pit. Then hearing Luke's call, Leia was barely able to stand when the Millennium Falcon docked near the cruiser.

A medical droid moved from a wall of supplies toward Luke, catching Leia's attention. Since hearing his voice Leia felt a strange pull toward the young Jedi, if that he's earned that title yet. As of yet neither had spoken of it, though she knew Luke was feeling the same pull. Closing her eyes Leia placed her hand on Luke's shoulder as the droid began wiring in the new robotic hand. Lando had left the room nearly as soon as they'd arrived, claiming the need to check on the Falcon's repairs.

The whooshing of the opening doors turned everyone's head's. "Luke! Leia!" Cyrra's Lady rushed in with surprising control.

Leia forced a soft smile, "Lady,"

The woman looked over Leia's weary form, checking for injures. Satisfied her eyes moved to Luke. Upon seeing Luke's arm she choked, torn between covering her mouth, crying, and reaching for the boy. "Luke, what happened? Where is Cyrra?"

Sifting uncomfortably Luke tore his eyes from the woman, ""On Dagobah with Master Yoda." When Lady's face furrowed in confusion he continued. "I ordered her to stay, with a promise to come back and finish my training."

"You haven't finished?!" Lady's voice was accusing as she moved closer placing her hand on Luke's metal one. Leia frown ready to push the woman back. "What have you done?" Tears began to run down her face and her eyes became clouded in memory. "You done exactly as he did, just like your father…"

Both Luke and Leia looked at her in shock, Luke had just finished telling the princess of his newly discovered past before they arrived. What did this mysterious woman know? What then did the even more mysterious Cyrra know? "My father?" Luke asked softly.

Still in a memory cloud Lady rambled on, "He stopped listening; to the Jedi masters, to his teachers, to his best friend." She choked once more, "Even to me."

"Who are you?" Leia whispered, no longer feeling threatened by the woman she moved closer, staring into the suddenly familiar eyes.

Lady blinked as if suddenly realizing her mistake. She opened her mouth, closed it, licked her lips, and then opened them again. Still quiet she took a deep breath. "My name is Padme Amidala Skywalker." In the silence the two clicks of suddenly opened jaw was deafening. "And you are my children."


In the swamps of Dagobah a small green head snapped up from his sad meditation. "Changed the air has, Miserable One."

The dark haired woman in the trees hissed air threw her teeth, "She swore."

"Control them you can not. The future you change not." Wearily the Master shook his head. "Pain it would bring."

"Pain!" She was on the ground in one swift movement, "You know nothing of pain, Old Frog." Kneeling next to the once powerful Jedi she ground her teeth. "Nothing is right, and the galaxies scream in my head to be fix. Everything is broken and can not be repaired." Clenching her fists together Cyrra stood and walked into the woods.

Yoda shook his head, "Fixed they can be, Homeless Angel."


Sorry for the long wait... I do intend on finishing this story. It make take me along time and it might be choppy but I will finish. Thank you all for your patience.