He can't die. Why, you ask? It's simple. I refuse to let him die. I demand that he live. All the doctor's say that he will and soon too. Dean says he's going to die. I have to have hope, I have to believe. I can't live without him.
He's my brother.

It's simple. I've always been the youngest, the protected, sometimes even the outsider. And Dean he's always the one who followed Dad, listened to him. He can be cocky and he listens to the worst music but, I love him. He's always looked out for me, always there. Even when I left for California to find what killed Mom and Jess, he's the one who called me. I know, I'm getting seriously chickflickey. But, this is an exception because Dean's dieing and if I was to ever have a chickflickey moment, it would be now.

If he dies that I'll lose myself too. You see were both differnt but,we fit. He makes up for what I don't have and I make up for what he doesn't have. Who will I be if I lose him. Not Sammy. Not a little brother. Just Sam.
That scares me.

Dean's always been the strong one so if he dies will I just break and wash away? Where would I go, what would I do without him? Who am I going to have to share dingy, cheap motel rooms with, who am I going to have insult fights with,or get annoyed with, or listen to crappy music with? No one.

Dean is all I have left. I've always been the one that gets rescued. Now Dean needs to be saved. I don't care if he is at deaths door but, I have the faith, the hope, the sheer desperation to think that I can save him. Please God.

Why, you ask? Why do I have this faith? Why do I have this hope. Why do I believe? Why can't he die?

It's simple.

Because he's My Brother.