Three days later found House and Wilson sitting in the study of the Cameron house with the male side of the Cameron family. Both had a cigar and a glass of scotch.

"So today's the day" John sighed, "You don't have any terminal illness?"

"Ah, not the last time I checked no" House grinned, "I will be around for awhile"

"Good because I don't think Ally could handle it again"

"Neither do I" House sighed

"Honestly I don't think Greg here could handle it" Wilson piped up.

"That too" House muttered.

"Alright, it's time for us to go and wait" John butted out his cigar and made his way to the door before stopping, "I'm glad she found you Greg, welcome to the family son"

Wilson stared in disbelief as House got up and walked towards John, "Glad to be apart of it" and hugged the man.


Cameron looked out the window, "He looks so handsome"

Cuddy looked out as well, "Well I'll be, the man does scrub up!"

"You don't think he'll take one look at me and change his mind?" Cameron asked smoothing over the skirt of her dress again.

"You look beyond beautiful Allison, he'd be stupid to take one look and run" Cuddy assured her. "However, when we go home in a few days, you are going to have to be careful, Stacey will go wacko on us all"

"I forgot about Stacey, I had actually forgotten how all this came about!" Cameron laughed, "Who'd have thought locking myself out of my car would end up with a wedding?"

"No one saw this coming, what actually happened up here?"

"I don't know really, Julia took to him like a duck to water, mum loved him, dad respected him after Greg tried for days on end to help around the farm, ending up with Monday" Cameron replied.

"We better get you out there sweetheart, he looks nervous enough as it is" Harriet called.

And so they walked, Cameron walked down after Cuddy, slowly all heads faced her. She felt anxious, there he stood waiting, grinning like a Cheshire cat as soon as she stepped out of the house. All she saw was him, and she could tell all he saw was her.

Only a short ceremony took place, everyone being mindful of House's leg. Tears welled over Cameron's eyes when they gave their vows; House's voice came out shaky as he said "I do". It was perfect for them, short, sweet and with friends. Their next problem would be returning back to Princeton.


"Greg, where is my blue shirt?" Cameron called from the bedroom.

"It's in here, you ironed it last night!" House called back, he had fixed them a small breakfast of toast and coffee.

"Thanks" She walked out to pull on the top, "You look nice" she commented.

"I'm a new man" he declared.

"Just don't start wearing your lab coat, you'll give the nurses heart attacks!" Cameron laughed.

"There is no way I'm that new of a man" House smirked.

"Good, I wouldn't have you any other way, so you ready to go then?" Cameron asked, taking the last mouthful of her coffee.

"Ready when you are" House grinned, "I'm not going to have to call you House now am I because that would be just too weird"

"I'm keeping Cameron at the hospital" Cameron laughed walking out the door, "Come on or I'll be late"

"Right you'll be late, because I'm not usually there until 10" House grabbed his coat and locked up behind them.

They arrived at the hospital for their first day as husband and wife, Cuddy, Chase, Foreman and Wilson had sworn to keep their marriage a secret until they arrived. Stopping outside House looked at Cameron, "So we doing this holding hands, arguing or you go in first and I follow behind?"

"It depends really; do you want everyone to know now, or later?" Cameron asked.

"Well we could keep them guessing all day and walk out holding hands and laughing, oh yes can we do that please?" House begged.

"Alright, alright!" Cameron laughed, "We can walk in together and be discussing the case we don't have and I'll make a comment about you being in early"

And so they did, no one questioned them or looked at them funny; they just walked in discussing a non-existent case and entered the elevator. They let out the breaths they were holding when the doors shut, "Phase one complete" House smirked.


"So how was the holiday?" Stacey asked walking in, "I've got papers for you to sign" she handed him papers.

"Holiday was great, just needed some good old fresh air and time to relax. What are these?" House asked looking over the papers.

"Someone's suing you, big surprise" Stacey replied.

"How can someone be suing me? I haven't been here for nearly a month" House exclaimed.

"It's an old one, plus there is the budget you haven't done and some legal papers you've yet to sign from before you left" Stacey separated them.

"Well Cameron's done the budget" House handed over the papers, "That's now signed, and figure out what I did to this patient before you bring it to me next time" House handed back the remaining.

"Are you still angry at me about our fight before we left?" Stacey asked softly, noticing the 'ducklings' in the conference room.

"Yes" House replied flatly, "Was there something else you needed?" House asked

"No, not really" Stacey turned to leave before stopping and turning back, "I am sorry Greg, for what happened between us"

"I'm over it Stacey, I got a bung leg but I still have a life. That's how great my holiday was, I realised I was still a human. So save your apologies Stacey, what's done is done, but that doesn't mean I'll forgive you" House rose and walked towards Stacey, "I have a patient, please leave"

Entering the conference room he smiled at Cameron who gave him a questions look, "Budget, lawsuit and papers" he explained, Cameron laughing softly.

Stacey walked into the conference room, "Sorry to interrupt"

"Then don't" House snapped

"Greg there was something else I needed to talk to you about" Stacey stated ignoring his comment.

"Argh, fine, what is it?" House asked looking at her, she said nothing, "Oh come on you can tell me here, we're all kind of friends here"

"This is of a personal matter" Stacey whispered.

Cameron had had enough, "Oh out with it already" she snapped.

"I'm sorry Dr. Cameron but this matter is between Greg and me, not you" Stacey snapped back.

House was about to rebut but Cameron got in first, "If what you have to say pertains to House and his work commitments, then you need Cuddy present. If this is about Mark's treatment, then we all need to be present because we are all on your husband's case. However, if this is about you and House personally, then you should leave right now, because we have a case that needs our immediate attention"

"Dr. Cameron this matter does not concern you" Stacey replied, also dismissing Cameron's comments. "Greg we need to talk"

House looked between the two women, he could tell Cameron was beginning to get upset with Stacey, he could also see where Stacey's 'talk' was going to lead. Feeling the cool silver band around his finger he made his decision.

"Cameron's right, if this is on a professional matter Cuddy needs to be here, if it's a personal matter pertaining Mark's treatment they all need to be present and if it's about 'us' Stacey, well there is no 'us' you made that decision yourself" House stated calmly and without sarcasm. He was a new man.

Stacey turned and walked out after House's comments, she was obviously very pissed off. Moment's later Cuddy walked in, "So how's your first day back?" She asked House and Cameron.

"Oh you know, Stacey on a war path" House replied

"Already? Does she know?"

"Nope, I kept quiet but I was sure this one was going to burst, I never knew she had so much fight in her" House smiled, "I'm so proud"

"One thing I needed to discuss, Allison are you keeping Cameron or going with House? I don't mind which; it would just mean pages would have to be to G. House and A. House" Cuddy asked

"Well I was thinking of keeping Cameron at work" She looked at House.

"It would be a fun way to screw with the nurses" House grinned.

"Do you want me to be Dr. House?" Cameron asked

"It'll be confusing calling you House, but I think I can manage" He grinned.

"Oh no, not two House's" Chase sighed, "One's enough"

"Hey, I'm not as bad as him" Cameron grinned.

"No but he'll rub off on you" Foreman stated

"No chance, she's too nice for me to rub off on her, if anything she rubs off on me" House admitted.

"So I'm guessing you're going with House" Cuddy produced a new name tag.

"Do me a favour would you, when you put us down for clinic just put Dr. House, don't say A or G, at least for a little bit" House asked pouting.

"Fine but only if you an extra two hours this week, and I can do it at the same time" Cuddy grinned, "You're not the only one who gets tired with the nurses"


'Bring! Bring!'

"Hello" Cameron answered

"Yes hi, I thought it would be best to call one of you instead of House himself. He is rostered on and he is late" the nurse explained.

"Impossible, Dr. House has been in the clinic for the past hour" Cameron smiled into the phone.

"Well it has Dr. House scheduled here"

"I'll come down and sort it out" Cameron replied sweetly.

Cameron made her way to the clinic quickly, entering the clinic she looked at the nurse, "Betty, nice to see you" Cameron smiled, "Where's the roster?"

"Here it is" Betty handed over the roster.

Cameron looked it over, noticing that House has indeed been logged in for now, over an hour. "Well there's been no mistake, I must of forgotten, sorry" Cameron smiled, "Dr. House clocking in, please write that down"

House left his exam room just as he heard Cameron clock in, "Ah Dr. House, nice of you to join us down here"

"Give me a break House, I've been finishing off reports" Cameron smiled grabbing her first file.

And so the next two hours passed quickly for the Dr. Houses', the nurses were beginning to question whether or not House had double scheduled himself to make up for lost hours faster so they called in Cuddy.

"Yes Betty what's the matter?" Cuddy asked, Stacey in tow. As it seems Stacey and Cuddy were in a legal discussion about House.

"You said to alert you if Dr. House did something wrong. Well he double scheduled himself on today and Dr. Cameron came down and clocked in for him, even though he was already in the clinic" Betty explained.

"Betty, I don't see how House could've done that, I made up the roster, no one has changed a thing"

"But Dr. House was scheduled for two slots in the clinic overlapping each other" Betty exclaimed.

House and Cameron exited the exam room, "Dr. House clocks off 5pm, time to go home" House grinned, "Cuddy! Giving the funbags a chance to breath?"

Cuddy was going off at House when Cameron clocked off, no one noticing that she too clocked off as Dr. House.

"Afternoon Dr. Cuddy" Cameron smiled.

"Are you heading off now?" Cuddy asked stopping her arguing with House.

"Yea, long day" Cameron smiled, "You're still coming around for dinner right? I'm cooking"

"Definitely" Cuddy asked, "What time should I come and do you need some wine or dessert?"

Cameron looked at House before realising Stacey was still there, "Um, I think I can get some wine but dessert would be great"

"Can I interrupt for just a second?" House asked, pulling Cameron away, "Want to let them know now or on the way out?" House asked softly

"Up to you, either would be great" Cameron smiled.

"Ok I'll get your things, keep Cuddy talking and make sure Stacey stays" House smirked, "See you in a minute" House hobbled off.

"So where were we? Oh yes dessert" Cameron smiled walking back.

"What was that about?" Stacey asked

"House just wanted some of the results for the new patient, how's Mark doing?" Cameron asked, "I haven't had a chance to see him since I got back"

"He is doing great thanks, actually that's what I needed to talk to Greg about" Stacey muttered.

"Well I'm sure he'll be back soon" Cameron smiled, "Why don't you wait?"

"I might just do that" Stacey sat in a vacant Clinic chair.

"So how was the first day?" Cuddy asked when Stacey and Betty were out of ear shot.

"Weird actually, never realised how many people didn't like House until I was called about Dr. House this and Dr. House that. I actually forgot about my clinic duty because I'm not used to the name change yet" Cameron laughed, "He is finding it hilarious, we decided on the way in this morning that we would leave it until going home for people to know, also I was supposed to be keeping my last name at the hospital…but this was just hilarious"

"House does like surprising people" Cuddy smiled, "So how was your extra two weeks?"

"Fabulous, we went to the beach, Disneyland…I love Disneyland! I couldn't believe it when he blindfolded me and we arrived outside Disneyland" Cameron sighed.

"Speak of the devil" Cuddy smirked as Stacey began to get up.

"Hey" Cameron smiled.

"Here are you things" House handed over Cameron's laptop and bag.

"Greg I need to speak to you quickly" Stacey stood.

"Thank Greg" Cameron smiled again taking her bags.

"Ok, make it quick we want to leave" House deliberately said 'we'.

"Oh ok, hang on we?" Stacey asked

"Yea, me and Allison" House was trying to keep a straight face, "We have guests coming over for dinner, as you heard just before"

"Since when have you and Dr. Cameron been a 'we'?" Stacey asked

"Oh about two weeks now wouldn't you say Ally?" House asked looking at her

"About that yea" Cameron replied smiling.

"So you're dating Dr. Cameron?" Stacey asked wide eyed.

"See that's the problem with people today, they always assume people are dating" House replied nonchalant.

"So you're not dating but you're a couple?" Stacey questioned.

"Greg, let me" Cameron stepped in, "I don't like being called names"

"Names? I'm not calling you any names Dr. Cameron"

"There you've done I again, I'm not Dr. Cameron" Cameron snapped.

"Then what are you?" Stacey pressed.

"Dr. House of course" Cameron replied as if it were common knowledge, "Greg and I've been married for two weeks, I thought he told you?" Cameron faced House and winked, "I thought you said you'd told her Greg"

"I guess it slipped my mind, besides it's our first day back since the honeymoon, thought you'd like to settle into the name first" House smiled down at her.

"Remind me to take you to the parent's more often, you come back all refreshed and if I may say a little kinder?" Cameron queried.

"No, it's all you, always has been, you're parents are just bonus" House kissed her gently.

"Ahem" Stacey cleared her throat, "You weren't dating when you went on holidays Greg, what happened?"

"I'm still not sure myself, but whatever it is I'm the better for it. You know when you get that feeling that everything fits nicely and your world is complete?" House asked, philosophical, that's a first.

"Yes" Stacey replied.

"That's what Ally is for me Stacey, she's my missing piece, the light bulb that finally got changed and you can see again. I thought you of all people would be happy for me, getting over my injury and having a life. I guess that's too much to ask of the person who did it" House spoke, "Come on Ally let's go pick up the wine, I'll see you later Cuddy. Drs. Greg and Allison House signing out" House wrapped an arm around Cameron and walked out.

For once he felt it. For once he was privy to the most wonderful feeling in the world. The day Stacey made the decision that would change his life, he never though he would be able to get anywhere near that feeling again. Dr Gregory House finally saw how the other side lives. The side that gave a damn, the side that saw something good inside everything, well OK, maybe he didn't go that far. But he achieved something that went beyond what he thought he would achieve. He found the one thing that kept him going, the one thing that he could obsess over and be obsessed back. Work, puzzles, they were all things he would eventually get sick of or solve, but Allison Cameron, she was a never ending puzzle, the last piece to his, the part of work her would never get sick of. To Dr. Gregory House, Allison Cameron had become his breath, his guiding light.

Allison would remain his final piece until the day his baby girl would come into the world, and then Dr. Gregory House would find that his guiding light was brightened. He would stay the same man, harsh, never doubting and sarcastic; however, he would change just a bit to incorporate Allison and Catherine. His world was no longer circling Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, but around his two women.

The most painful thing to do is to deny love, which is why Dr. Gregory House chose to marry Allison Cameron. She gave him love and she believed in who he was, that's all that mattered anymore.

Please don't shoot me; I know you all wanted a longer ending, a longer ceremony. I just thought dragging it out any further would be too much, so I'm ending it here. If anyone notices, the last paragraph mirrors the first paragraph in the fic, by going on about the most painful thing. I thought it was a nice way of tying in the beginning and end.

To all those who have been around since the first post, thank you for continuing to read even though there were gaps between the updates as big as the wall of china. You're support and encouragement meant a lot to me. Thank you also to those that have joined in later, as above you've all meant a lot to me.