Fallen Angel
By The Steel Angel

Authors Note - What if, instead of rendering Shego useless at the end of "So The Drama", something more drastic happened? What effect would it have on Kim, and everyone connected to her?

Chapter One
So Easy

The stage was set.

It was dark with storm clouds. Rain was pouring down on them. Doctor Drakken's evil Diablo Monsters were flying overhead, responding to the giant spire, which seemed to glow in the dark background. But somehow, none of that mattered right now.

She couldn't hear the screams of the people on the streets. The menacing laughter of Doctor Drakken. Even the voice of her oldest and best friend, Ron. No, all she saw, was a woman clad in green, standing before her. Her fists were aflame with green light, but that didn't matter. Not anymore.

For years, she'd been a thorn in Kim's side. Doctor Drakken was nothing, but Shego was different. She was smart. Cunning. Ruthless. Agile. Reckless. An experienced fighter that only Kim herself could match. But above all, she was annoying. She took every chance to break off some witty retort.

"Not anymore." Kim growled softly to herself, putting her hands up in a defensive posture. Her blue and white super-suit seemed to light up whenever a bolt of lightning struck, making her as visible as a neon-orange traffic cone in someone's headlights.

"Kim!" A voice yelled from behind her. Kim whipped her head around, to see Ron. He drew his arm back, and threw something toward her as hard as he could. With a squint, she could make out what it was. The toy gun that Wade had modified. The weapon that would take this entire plan to the ground.

She timed her reach perfectly, and shot her hand up, grabbing the gun. She whirled, and pointed it toward the spire, and fired the one round that she had. Her, Shego, Drakken, and Ron watched in either horror or hope, as the round closed in on the spire. "Noooooo!" Drakken cried.

But then a hand shot down. Grabbing the wrench-like bullet inches before it hit the tower. Kim growled when she saw who it was. Eric. The boy she'd trusted. Even liked. The boy who'd been tricking her the whole time. He'd just been another one of Drakken's stupid plot devices. "So sorry." He said condescendingly. Kim looked around for a few moments, and then smirked, looking up at the spire.

"You know, Rufus did not appreciate that crack." She said, realizing that the Mole Rat was no where to be seen on the building's top. Ron chimed in from behind her.

"The little dude holds a grudge." He said. As if he was on cue, Rufus popped out from under Eric's leg, and bit into it, causing the green life-giving goo to pour out from the Synthodrone's body. As he fell backwards, the bullet came into contact with the tower, completely shorting it out. Both Kim and Ron watched in joy, as the massive Diablo monsters turned back into toys, and fell harmlessly to the ground below.

Kim looked over at her best friend, who was dealing with Doctor Drakken. She turned her attention back on Shego, her eyes looking as cold as ice, but her lips pursed in a smirk. "Do you know what I really hate?" She asked Shego. The woman in green put up her hands in a defensive motion.

"Thaaat... your date melted?" She said, not a hint of remorse in her voice.

"No. You." She said, and then spun, and planted a kick squarely in Shego's chest. It was one of the most perfect kicks she'd ever landed. The heel of her foot connected solidly enough in Shego's chest to break a couple of ribs. She watched Shego fly backwards, screaming, as she crashed into the spire.

She watched calmly, as a hundred thousand volts of electricity ran through Shego's body, as her body twitched spastically. Her hair ignited. Her clothing bonded to her skin. She heard Shego's screams of pain. Agony. But she didn't care.

Kim took a few steps over to the edge of the building, as a maniacal grin swept over her face. She watched, almost in glee, as the spire began to collapse. She kept her eyes glued on Shego the entire time. The rain quickly quelled the dust, and she could see her body.

It was unmistakable. She leapt off the building, doing a couple of back flips in the air before landing on the ground below, bending her knees to absorb the shock of the impact. She slowly walked over to the rubble, until she was looking directly down at Shego.

She was still twitching slightly. Her hair was gone. Her clothing was melted. Where she could see flesh, it was blackened. She looked at Shego's face, then at her chest. It was rising and falling softly. She was still alive. "K...K..." She heard Shego say. "Ki...Help..." She whispered.

Despite the situation, Kim began to laugh. "Help? You want my help? After all the countless times you've left me for dead, and tried to kill me, you've got the nerve to ask for MY HELP!" She demanded, kicking Shego visciously in the side. The kick seemed to have no effect, but she could hear Shego wheeze with the blow.

"Ki... please... help... me..." She whispered again, and then closed her eyes. Kim bent down, and cradled Shego's head gently in her arms. Shego opened her eyes halfway. "Please..." She whispered again, her eyes watering. "I... don'... w...want... to d... to die..." She said.

In that one moment, all Kim could think about was Shego. The teasing. Mocking. Fighting. Endless, endless plans to try and kill her, or people she cared about. All it did was fuel Kim's rage. "You don't want to die..." Kim whispered. "Mercy is one of the things that the good guys have, that the bad guys lack." Kim whispered, and then leaned down so that her eyes and Shego's eyes were only inches apart. "But not this time." She said, and then whispered into Shego's ear. "Have a nice stay in Hell."

Shego's eyes opened widely, but it was too late. Kim tightened her grip on Shego's head, and jerked it sharply to the right, effectively snapping Shego's spinal cord. The woman fell limp in Kim's arms. Kim released her, and let her head fall hard onto the concrete. She stood up, the smirk from before finding its way back onto her face.

"Kim! Kiiiiim!" A voice cried from behind her. She turned her head, to see Ron running out of the building's doors. She turned to face him, with Shego's body at her feet. Ron finally stopped running when he was within five feet of her. "Oh man, I was, so worried, when I, saw you, jump off, the building," Ron said, in between deep breaths from running so fast.

"I'm fine, Ron. I can do anything. You should know that by now." She said, smiling genuinely at the presence of her best friend. Ron smiled, and took a few more deep breaths, finally beginning to breathe normally again.

"I already called the police, and..." He said, and then he noticed Shego's body behind Kim. "Is that...? Oh my god... is she...?" He asked. Kim looked behind her, at Shego's unmoving body.

"...She's dead. Must have broken her neck in the fall." She said, without remorse.

"...I... don't know what to say," Ron said, as he stared at Shego's body, almost in disbelief. The two of them stood there in an awkward silence, until the police van showed up. It wasn't long before Doctor Drakken and his other henchmen were cuffed, and thrown into the back of the van.

The police investigator slowly approached Kim and Ron. "It seems we have a casualty," He said, and looked down at Shego's body. Kim and Ron didn't say anything. They just stepped aside and let the investigator through. He sighed, and drapped a black sheet over her body, covering her face. Ron just watched, looking like he was going to be sick to his stomach. He almost didn't react when Kim grabbed his hand.

"You know Ron, we'd better hurry." She said, her attitude changing from stoic, to almost coy.

"Huh...? Hurry where?" He asked. She giggled slightly.

"You'll see." She said, and began to drag him in the other direction. He just stared back at the body and investigator, his mind wondering how Kim could possibly giggle at a time like this.

"She must be emotionally drained... acting on adrenaline," He thought to himself. "Yeah... that's it."

To Be Continued...