In a studio,

/ Applauding sound/

Amano : Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to " Behind the scene of Be with you…always," I, Amano from Weekly Go, gladly present you an exclusive interview from the actor and actress from the movie. Well, please, welcome our favorite dead ghost and his student, Fujiwara no Sai and Shindou Hikaru!

/ Applauding sound/ Sai and Hikaru walked up the stage, Hikaru blew a kiss to the fan before taking the seat.

Amano: Hello, Sai, Hello, Shindou-kun

Sai&Hikaru : Hi, Amano-san

Amano: I'd like to start with Sai first, if it's okay with you, Shindou-kun.

Hikaru : Fine by me, Amano-san. ( Shrugging the shoulders)

Sai : It'll be an honor, Amano-san. ( Tilting her down a little)

Amano: Well, then….Sai, the first thing I'd like to say to you is… " Welcome back"

Sai: Thank you, Amano-san, it's good to be back too. ( Smiling sweetly)

Amano: So, how do you feel? I mean, to come back again.

Sai: Well, as you know, LittleNK always says that my work is done, that I deserve to rest, that she doesn't want to disturb me, that she wants a really good reason to drug me out the tomb.

Amano: And, here you are, does she have a good reason?

Sai: Actually, I'm the reason.

Amano: What do you mean?

Sai: Well, in " Fly me to Polaris" I only appeared in the last chapter so I kinda…complained to her a lot about that, I was like…. " Hey! You drag me out from my tomb just because you want me to babble into a monologue in the last chapter only? I wanna to play more I wanna play more!"

Amano: Ah-huh, so what happens?

Sai: What happens? She wants a revenge! This movie is 36 chapters length! And I'm in it for…like what 34 chapters! I'm so dead beat!

Amano: Haha, Just like they say, " Be careful for what you ask"

Sai: Yes, they're right though.

Amano: Okay, let's talk about your character, Tell me one thing, Sai, this is just me or you're overprotective?

Sai: …You got it right. ( Nodding)

Amano: Oh!

Sai: It's because Hikaru is a girl here, so I'm a bit overprotective here. Though I always call her as my little sister, I think unconsciously I consider her as my daughter.

Amano: Ohh.

Sai: You can see that in this movie, I've never scolded her or blamed her for anything.

Amano: Yes, I notice that too, Anyway, Thank you for today, Sai. It's really good to have you back.

Sai : You're welcome, Amano-san.

Amano : Great, let's talk to our next guest then, Hello, Shindou-kun. ( Turning to Hikaru)

Hikaru: Amano-san.

Amano: I notice that you don't dress in a girl's costume today.

Hikaru: Haha, what can I say? I want to be myself again.

Amano: Hmm, is that so? So, tell me about your character.

Hikaru: I'm a girl! What do you want me to say? It's very confusing, you know, especially when you have on a hair-piece on your head while you put on a short skirt at the bottoms. It's like….hot on the head but cold at the legs!

Amano: Haha! Sounds like you have some trouble in playing as a girl here.

Hikaru: Hell Yeah! But I have the biggest dressing room though, with a walking closet. ( Winking playfully)

Amano: That's great! So, is it true that LittleNK tells you to choose your own clothes?

Hikaru: Yeah, choosing the outfit is even harder than playing the movie! I mean, I have too many dresses! Polo shirt, Tee-shirt, Baseball-shirt, Tank tops, jacket! Long sleeve, ¾ sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, spaghetti strap! Name it! I have them all! Long skirt, knee-length skirt, short skirt, and jeans…dark wash, vintage, boot cut straight legs! And shoes!

Amano: Sounds like a hard work. ( Giggling)

Hikaru: Yeah! I remember I once showed up at the site with shorts on the day we were going to shoot a scene in Winter, LittleNK practically kicked me back to my room to change my clothes!

Amano: Haha!

Hikaru: That's how it happened! Really

Amano: I believe you, Thank you for the interview, Shindou-kun, I hope to see you again soon.

Hikaru: Ah, you mean " the continuation" don't you? I bet it'll take a while before I will dress up like a girl again. Anyway, Thank you for inviting me here today, Amano-san.

/ Applauding sound/ Sai and Hikaru walked down the stage.

Amano: Okay, then, let me introduce you to our next guest, The Touyas!

/ Applauding sound/ The Touya took their seats.

Amano: Well, Why don't we begin our interview with the liveliest member in the Touyas? Akiko-san.

Akiko: Nice to meet you, Amano-san

Amano: So, it seems to me that you're very popular here? How does it feel to be the most admired female support character in the movie?

Akiko: Honestly, I don't know what to say. I'm very flattered and very surprised in the same time.

Amano: Why do you think people like you?

Akiko: It's because Hikaru-chan, of course. I mean, I used to be a quiet woman who plays no part in her son's life but now I actually become a real mother, a normal one.

Amano: And you owe it to Shindou-kun.

Akiko: Certainly. I mean, imagine living with these two. ( Gesturing towards Kouyo and Akira) With these mute Go nerds! It's so boring! Then Hikaru-chan appears! She's like a spice of my life!

Amano: Sounds like you really like her.

Akiko: Yes

Amano: Is it because she is your son's girl…err….( Noticing Akira glaring at him) your son's friend?

Akiko: I think…maybe, deep inside, I'm afraid that my son will end up alone with no one to love him but Hikaru-chan is a Go player too, so I'm sure that she understand him and will love him for what he is.

Akira: Mother! ( Blushing into dark-red)

Akiko: What? Dear ( Smiling innocently)

Amano: Haha, what about you? Touya-Sensei, compare to the Anime, I note that your personality doesn't change much.

Kouyo: You're right. It's because I only appear to play Go against Sai, so I don't have much role here. LittleNK wants me to be the same respectable Touya-Sensei.

Amano: What about Shindou-kun? Are fond of her like your wife?

Kouyo: Let's say that I still consider her as a very talented young girl. But, honestly, I prefer Shindou-girl than Shindou-boy.

Amano: May I ask, why?

Kouyo: If Shindou is a girl, it means that my son doesn't turn gay in this universe, at least.



Everybody turns silent

Amano : Well, Touya-kun, how do you do? ( Turning to Akira and Faking a smile)

Akira: I'm perfectly fine, Amano-san.

Amano: There're so many questions I want to ask you.

Akira: I'm ready to answer any of your questions, Amano-san.

Amano: Great, so, where is the hostility? What about the competition between you two?

Akira: As you can see in the last chapter, the competition, the rivalry is still here, although it isn't as strong as the Anime but it's still here.

Amano: And the hostility?

Akira: ( Flushing and Looking away) xxxxxxxxx

Amano: What? I can't catch that.

Akira: I used to…err… but when I found out that Shindou is a girl….err…when I realized it again, I didn't hate him…I mean, her, anymore.

Amano: Ah-huh ( Smirking suspiciously )

Akira ( Still blushing hotly)

Amano: Let's talk about the continuation, it'll be about the Hokuto Cup, so it means that Ko-Yongha will be here too.

Akira : So what? ( Suddenly turns cold)

Amano: Can't you tell us about the next movie?

Akira: Sorry, Amano-san, I don't know a think about it.

Amano: Com'on, Touya-kun.

Akira: Really, nobody know anything about it, even LittleNK herself, she doesn't even have a plot.

Amano: Really? How so? She's already announced that it would be the continuation for sure but she hasn't had a plot yet?

Akira: Well, you see, there will be a competition between that Korean and I, so she has to be very careful.

Amano: Sorry but…I don't get it.

Akira: That Korean and I, we've already confronted each other in " I'll be back" and " He is back", if LittleNK isn't careful about the plot, the movie will turn to be the continuation of "Yongha, the series" instead. So, it'll take a while before we start shooting the next movie.

Amano: Ah! Now I understand, Thank you, Touya-kun, Touya-Sensei and Akiko-san.

/ Applauding sound/ The Touyas bowed and left the stage.

Amano: Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome our last two guests! Mitani-kun and Waya-kun!

/ Applauding sound/ The boys took their seats.

Amano: Hello, boys

The boys: Yo!

Amano: Well, I think what people want to know the most is why Hikaru-chan doesn't like a boyfriend, I mean, compare to Touya-kun who didn't meet her for years, the two of you have a pretty good chance, after all, Mitani-kun, you study at the same school as her, plus you're in the same club. And you, Waya-kun, you're in the insei class and in the same study group!

Mitani: Actually, I think it's because of us.

Amano: Huh?

Mitani: Shindou is very honest to her feeling and she expects the other to do so. But, we try to be good guys when we're with her. Maybe she can sense it, maybe, unconsciously, she can sense that this is not who we really are. And that makes her feel uncomfortable. That's why she doesn't have a romantic feeling for us.

Amano: What about Touya-kun? Do you think that they like each other?

Waya: Com'on, Amano-san, you know what we think, you know what everybody think.

Amano: So you think that they like each other too.

Waya: It can't be any clearer!

Amano: But it seems that none of them notice it.

Waya: What can I say? They're slow when it comes to their own business.

Amano: Tell me one thing, Waya-kun, doesn't their relationship bother you? Aren't you sad?

Waya: Actually, I'm surprised too that I'm not sad that much. Maybe I know it all along so I stop myself before I totally fall for her, that's why it doesn't hurt much.

Amano: Ah-huh

Waya: As you can see, during Shindou's disappearance, I started to accept Touya as I noticed how deeply he cared for her.

Amano: Thank you, Waya-kun and Mitani-kun too. I hope that you all enjoy watching this movie, Thank you for these 36 days, Thank you for all reviews and all pictures that you sent to us, See you next time, Thank you!