Title: Good Times

Author: Tammie

Rating: Let's call it G now, it may change.

Disclaimer: I don't own South of Nowhere, but oh, if i did... Don't sue, I really have no money

Pairing: Spashley, duh!


I don't know what to tell you anymore. We've tried the whole honesty thing, that didn't work. Needless to say, lying didn't work any better. I just don't know what you want from me anymore. You say friends. Okay, I can do friends. Friends was working pretty well. But then there was Aiden and Kelly and Aiden and Aiden and Josie and there's always your mom and jealousy does not look good on either of us. This, I've learned.

But where we go from here, I'm really not sure. I know what I want, and I know that you know it too. But you don't acknowledge it, at least not out loud or at least not in front of me. So I pretend for your sake, as I do everything. But I can only pretend for so long, I mean, your mom's brownies aren't that good.

So this is where we are now. Quiet looks and soft touches, endless stares and toothy smiles. Perfect moments that let me believe I can die now and die happy. But I want more. Is that selfish? I mean, a best friend like you is a godsend to a person like me, so is wanting to take it further wrong of me?

But the thing is, sometimes I think you feel the same way. At least it's not out of the question anymore, what with you maybe liking girls now. So there's hope, maybe. No, there is. I know. I've seen you look at me. I see how you look. And I know what that look means. But until you work up the courage to stop looking and do something, I'll sit here and wait and look back.

"Ashley!" I hear, and by the way you say it, it wasn't the first time.

"What? Sorry I --"

"Wasn't listening?" you say with on of those all-knowing smiles.

"No, no I was just thinking about what you were saying, which was.…what again?"

"I said, I was thinking about coloring my hair. Maybe going darker, think I should?"

"No way, you look great the way you are." And then I smile and then you smile and blush a little bit which only makes me smile more. See? Good times.