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Raven Revealed

A Teen Titans Fanfiction


A lone figure materialized in the sky above Jump City. The figure hovered for a few moments before zeroing in on the structure he was looking for. Undoubtedly the girl was inside. The figure swooped low towards the roof of the giant "T" that sat out in the harbor setting off proximity alarms, which registered through the tower.

"Titans GO!" Robin screamed as the alarm bells sounded through out Titan's tower. All five young people shot up and out towards the elevators leading to the roof. Raven dematerialized and teleported reaching the roof a few moments before the rest of them. She stopped abruptly as the figure turned towards her holding his hands over his ears. "I sincerely hope little one that your home is usually a great deal more quiet!" he shouted above the warning sirens.

Raven stood there agape for a moment as the rest of the titans raced onto the roof. Beast boy was already morphed into a tiger and Cyborg's cannon was already charged. Robin already had his discs out ready to hurl them at the intruder and Starfire was glowing green. The four titans converged on the intruder until a shout from Raven stopped them dead in their tracks. "STOP" Raven cried throwing herself between the titans and the figure, which had calmly turned to face their attack.

The resulting pile up was nothing short of comical. Cyborg stopped dead in his tracks and Beast boy careened into him followed by the rest of the titans. To his credit, Cyborg might have been able to keep from being knocked over if it hadn't been for Starfire. The titans looked up from the pile of twisted limbs and bruises to look at Raven.

"This a friend of yours, Raven?" Robin said dryly.

Chapter I.

"So this guy used to be your teacher?" Robin asked unsure of how to react to the middle aged man in gray robes walking around the living room looking things over.

"Not exactly. His name is Merlin. He's a friend of my mothers, and an ally of the monks of Azerath. He was the one who made my magic meditation mirror and gave it to my mother for me to use." Raven said looking at the newcomer to the tower.

"What's he doing here then?" Cyborg asked Raven as he walked in from resetting the roof sensors.

"Training." Came the answer from inside the living room that caused all the titans to jump. "You really shouldn't pretend I'm not here, it's not going to make me go away after all." Merlin said turning to look at them from across the room.

"Uh, just so we're clear, you're not the REAL Merlin are you?" Beast boy asked with a worried look on his face.

"The real Merlin?" Merlin asked looking at Raven.

"Merlin is the name of a powerful wizard who lived on this world several centuries ago." Raven offered.

"Ah, I see. No my little green friend, this is my first visit to your dimension. It is customary among the mages of our world to take a different name when traveling amongst mortals; it keeps things simpler that way. The monks of Azerath usually prefer bird names for some strange reason so I chose to be called Merlin. I wanted to choose Peregrine, but Raven's former tutor had already taken it. Could be worse I suppose, 'Canary' doesn't seem quite right somehow." Merlin said as he wandered into the kitchen area. "So Raven, where are your quarters? I need to be moving in shortly."

It was rare for the Titans to be so perfectly in sync but somehow this time they all managed to say, "Moving in?" in five-part unison. Raven could feel her heart sinking into her stomach.

"Yes, I promised Raven's mother I would continue her training and I'll have to be staying close by while its going on." Merlin said with aplomb. "By the way, do you kids honestly EAT this stuff?" Merlin said looking in the fridge.

"Whoa, I didn't think Raven NEEDED any more training!" Cyborg said emphatically.

"Yeah she kicks some serious butt as it is!" Beast boy chimed in.

"True Raven is powerful, due to her heritage, but she still lacks control and total mastery of her power. The monks of Azerath thought that if they were to school her too thoroughly in the uses of her power that it would have been that much easier for Trigon to destroy your world. Since his defeat however, your mother has asked me to complete your training and provide you with the necessary skills that you will shortly be needing." Merlin said rummaging around inside the fridge. "This will never do, where are all the vegetables?"

"That would be the green stuff." Robin said, too stunned to say much else.

"Tell me this is guacamole."

"No such luck."

Merlin grimaced as he shut the fridge door. "I think I'll keep my food separate." He said walking back to the group.

"I'll need a place to train Raven and a bare wall somewhere." Merlin said getting down to business.

Raven could feel Robin looking at her. She hadn't said a word so far and right now she found the carpet EXTREMELY interesting. Finally she looked up at Robin. "Robin you're the leader. It's your decision."

"If it's what you want Raven you have my support. All of our support." Robin said seriously.

Raven sighed. It was pretty much what she expected. "I'll show you to my room, master."

"Please, you can call me Merlin. I don't stand on the old customs as much as some teachers." Merlin said patting Raven on the shoulder. He then turned to Robin. "Since you are the leader of this group I will need to speak with you later once I am settled in. In truth, I would like to speak with each of you in turn. If it is agreeable to you all I would like to establish a brief mental link so I can determine the extent of Raven's progress on her own. I promise it will not be intrusive into your private thoughts, I will only be examining your past experiences fighting alongside Raven."

With that Raven turned to float out the door with Merlin floating along behind her. "So why did my mother decide to send you to teach me." Raven asked as she showed Merlin the tower.

"Your mother is concerned about you. There was a great deal left out of your training." Merlin said looking about the tower as they floated through.

"But why you?" Raven asked pointedly stopping in the hallway outside her room.

"Because she was afraid that she would not have the courage to train you in all the things you will have to face young one." Merlin said seriously. "I cannot lie to you. This training is not going to be pleasant. Quite frankly I don't think the monks of Azerath expected you to live through your father's plans. Otherwise they wouldn't have allowed you to go around loose without mastering more control over your power than what you have. I am going to have to expose you to some very intense emotions and you are going to have to learn how to function and control your powers while doing so. In truth the only reason your mother even agreed to this was that she hoped that somehow you might have a more normal life afterwards."

Raven looked at the older man for a few moments. "Are you going to come inside?" Raven asked opening the door to her room.

"No this bare wall right across the hall will do nicely. I recommend you refrain from meditating for a few days while I get to know your colleagues and find a suitable training area. We will begin once that is complete." Merlin said looking at the far wall.

Raven watched as a mirror appeared across the hall from her room. It was normal in appearance, but Raven knew that Merlin's mirrors were anything but normal. Merlin stepped through, and was gone. Raven sighed and turned to go back to her friends. Things were going to be crazy for a while.