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"I wouldn't exactly call this resolving the issue!" Merlin said angrily as he looked at the three Titans while he paced around the roof. "I was able to quell most of Raven's power with my own and her focus on the stone helped, but this is not the kind of resolution I was hoping for."

Raven looked at Merlin smiling at the fact that the old mage was getting some payback for interfering in her life. Granted, the things he had shown her had given her some ideas about how to handle the idea of channeling some extremely powerful emotions, but she still didn't have to approve of his methods.

She and Starfire each had one of Robin's arms and smiled back blithely at the mage as he paced around. "What exactly am I going to tell your mother?"

Raven smiled as she stepped away from her friends to face Merlin. "You can tell her everything she needs to know. That I am now trained and able to focus my emotions and that I will be handling my own relationships from now on." Raven said seriously. "I'm accustomed to saying this to my father, but now I guess I have to tell my mother as well. Stay. Out. Of. My. Business. My love life is my own business."

Merlin shook his head in defeat. "I guess if that's the way you want it." Merlin said sadly.

"It is." Raven agreed.

"Then I guess it's time for me to go." Merlin said waving his hands. Without looking Raven knew his things had probably disappeared from the tower. "I'll be coming back to check up on you though in a couple of years."

"Why?" Raven said shortly.

"Well you're mother will want to know how your pregnancy is going." Merlin said just as shortly as he disappeared.

Raven's eye twitched. Her pregnancy? Her PREGNANCY?

Robin and Starfire were both slowly backing away from the dark mage. Raven felt a lump come up in her throat. Merlin was a renowned seer, but then he could have been just messing with her. Yeah, messing with her. That had to be it…

The End