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Epilogue. In the Beginning?

Hojo watched as Kagome went towards the old well house. She was looking for Buyo. Hojo looked away as she went inside. She wouldn't be coming out for a while. He sighed and then started to reposition his telescope to point out into the sky from his observatory. The young girl behind him heard the sigh and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"A penny for your thoughts old friend." Tsubame said seriously.

"I never really realized just how much I miss her." Hojo said sadly. There was a brief 'poof' of fox magic and Soujiro sat looking through his telescope.

"Well, don't worry. Soon she'll stop coming back from the past and you'll be able to move on. We'll arrange a car accident of something and Hojo will only be a faded memory and Soujiro can get on with his life."

Soujiro nodded. "Yes, but it doesn't make it any easier. Besides, you're one to talk. Didn't you say yesterday that you couldn't wait for Yahiko to be reincarnated so you could finally be with him again? It would be a little awkward for an eleven year old to be jumping a young boy and tearing his clothes off." Tsubame actually blushed. Even after all their adventures together, she still had the blush.

"Kids are starting younger and younger these days." Tsubame said defensively.

"That's usually part of your 'The trouble with kids today…' speech." Soujiro said snidely.

"Be nice." Tsubame said gently. "Anyway, what are you looking for in your telescope?"

"I saw an object heading towards the Earth. With all this buzz here lately about killer asteroids I thought I would keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, it's travelling much too fast to be a standard asteroid and it isn't rotating. It is about a mile long though." Soujiro said finally zeroing in on his target. "In all honesty it looks like some sort of spaceship."

"Really Soujiro, you've been reading too much manga." Tsubame said testily.

"No, I'm serious look." Soujiro moved aside to let the little girl look into his telescope. Finally she whistled and moved back.

"Did Kagome ever mention anything about aliens to you?" Soujiro asked seriously. They had been able to get by on Kagome's future knowledge before but now that was quickly running out and they were in uncharted territory.

"Well she once told me that she stopped going home when Sota and his family got killed in some sort of cataclysm. I don't think this is it though. She did mention something one time about something crashing into the Earth from outer space. She said she had an uncle who had gone to study it because he was a scientist."" Tsubame said uncertainly.

Soujiro thought for a moment. "That's right her uncle IS an astrophysicist. He may be sent to study this thing when it falls to Earth. The only problem is that I won't be able to leave here for a while. Now that we've resurrected Madame Centipede to pull Kagome into the past, Hojo has many more appearances to make."

"Don't worry about it. Doesn't he have a daughter?" Tsubame said smiling.

"Yeah, I believe so. She's a bit younger than Kagome if I remember correctly." Soujiro said uncertainly. "Why are you going to go back to work as a music teacher?"

The young girl gathered her powers around her transforming into a young beautiful woman in her early twenties. "Might as well. This way we can get close and see if we can't stop this cataclysm from happening." Tsubame said smiling.

"I thought our only responsibility was to protect the jewel." Soujiro said getting a large grin on his face.

Tsubame snorted. "Yeah right, like we've ever needed a reason to meddle and save the world. Let's just hope that young Minmei likes to sing…"