VFA: Villians for Armageddon Newletter Vol. 2 Issue 4
1. Why Not to Tell the Hero All Your Plans by Mr. Sinister
2. Egomania: It Can be Cured!(step one, do not scream you are the end of time)
3. Confesions of Apocalypse(or WHY I TALK IN ALL CAPS)
4. What to Do After Your 4th Suposed Death : special guest article by Horton
5. Relationships are For the Weak by Darth Vader
6. Becoming a Supervillainess by Candra and Lady Deathstrike
Edited by Mr. Sinister
1. Why Not to Tell the Hero All Your Plans-by Mr. Sinister
There comes a time in all supervillians lives when they find themselves on the pinacle of sucess. Their master plan is about to be put into effect and the so called hero is either dead or at the villian's mercy. At this point it would be to the villians advantage to carry out the final step of their aforementioned plan (pressing the big red button, killing the hero, blowing up the planet, etc. ad nauseum). Instead, the villian invariably will take the time to repeat their whole plan in excrutiating detail. This is usually done in the presence of the imprisioned hero or in some cases the hero eavesdrops on the villian while talking to a lackey.
Why does this happen? Is there something in the genetic makeup of supervillians to cause us to unceasingly repeat our great plans so that even the most ADHD hero could understand? After careful consideration, I have concluded that any villian with enough will power can control this insidious urge.
Supervillians are not like other people. We do not have to tell every detail of our lives to total strangers in order to boost our egos. Instead, why not try telling your lackey/cat/dog/savage monster from the nth dimension your evil plans? They are sure to want to hear and being totally loyal to you, cannot help but agree your plans. Why submit yourself to the criticism of some sniveling teenager who happens to own a magical sword?
I myself have resisted telling the heroes my plans for years and they still fear and despise me. I am always one of their top suspects, even when the extent of my evil plans only involves having a scone with my tea. Secrecy is the key. Any villain who remembers that can be sure to survive more than two issues.

Until next issue, dear readers, adieu.