Originally a drabble for a different series, made for mei marino. Haha. Tagal ko nang di nagu-update kaya nilagay ko na 'to.

Her Highness

And blessings on the falling out

That all the more endears,

When we fall out of those we love,

And kiss again with tears.

-Tennyson, The Princess

She likes it when he treats her like royalty. She claims to be high-maintenance, but only when in the privacy of his room. He knows, however, that she's satisfied with whatever he would come up with. She's that predictable, but it's still amusing.

He likes to call her 'your majesty' (more out of jest than anything else), and she would try not to laugh because it's just so weird to have he who had a devoted following call her that. He's that amazing, just as long as he doesn't open his mouth.

She knows with mute regret that he's her best friend and can be nothing more, and he knows with conviction that she's his closest friend and deserves nothing less.


Mimato rocks. Wahoo. :)