Game of life

Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh, if I did, Yugi would be given more credit than he does in the dubbed series.

Note: i haven't seen a lot of the series (dubbed ones, that is) and I've only read manga No.1,2,3,4,6. so not sure if this is accurate. anyway, enjoy!

The baby was lifted up slightly so its grandfather could view the tiny being. It was not a pretty baby, but red and small, unnaturally so for a normal healthy life to be. But it was not a normal, healthy baby. He would never be a normal life.

The baby was crying silently, its little mouth open but no sound escaping. The old grandfather instantly fell in love, desperately wanting to protect this little angel.

"Would you like to hold him?" One of the nurses asked, smiling kindly. Sugoroku Mutou held out eager hands, not able to mask his surprise at how light the bundle was and how so small it seemed to be…

"Hello there." The aged man chuckled, watching the baby pause its silent crying and belong soothed by his voice. "I guess we've met a little earlier than expected, just as stubborn as a Mutou should be." He chuckled.

The baby's eyes had yet to open, but he let out a small moan like noise, as though agreeing. The grandfather chuckled again, stroking one impossibly soft cheek with a finger; a finger which appeared to be the length of the baby's head, so small he was.

"So small." Sugoroku sighed, a smile never leaving his face. "But that doesn't matter, because you'll be loved dearly your whole life."

The small baby seemed to contemplate this, its lips moving silently, eyelids flickering but not quite opening to greet the world. This caused the old man to chuckle once more.

"Don't be afraid little one; I'll protect you from any hardships; at least until you are ready."

The small baby, however, seemed to have other ideas. Its silent murmuring stopped, its eyelids no longer battled to open. Its breathing missed a take, then another…

It took the grandfather a few moments longer to understand what happened, and even then he could only blink in shock. Such a small, fragile being…did it not want to see this world? Wasn't it able to?

"L-little one?" Sugoroku questioned, shaking the baby ever so gently in his arms. "Nurse! He's not breathing!"

The nurse who'd been checking on the baby's mother rushed over to take it, laying the fragile body onto the table. It was only then, as Sugoroku saw the little angel on the cold surface that he realised how pale it was.

A doctor was acting now, trying to revive the tiny being, but Mr. Mutou could not even acknowledge what was happening. That little angel…had it given up so easily? Was it really not meant for this world?

Sugoroku shook his head angrily. No, it couldn't be true. The tiny, fragile baby had almost lived…it wasn't fair the life was snatched away before eyes were opened. It wasn't right.

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do. Shocking him would only damage his body, he's that small." The doctor said, watching the mother begin to cry, gazing at her dead child that had lived for only a moment.

The now ex-grandfather could only stare at the tiny body being wrapped up. It hurt his very heart to see the angelic face being covered up.

"Please, can I..?" The old man begged, holding out his hands for the bundle. The doctor seemed to consider it for a moment before giving into the request. He could not deny the former grandfather that.

The bundle was as light as it had been when alive, and this face caused a sob to escape Sugoroku. With shaky fingers he uncovered the young face, gazing down at the angel that could have been.

"Beautiful." The grandfather murmured, tears shining in his eyes. "A perfect angel, perhaps too perfect for this world too fragile for its harshness and cruel nature, but…"

The face looked so peaceful, but not content. Forever frozen with the expression of self disappointment at not seeing the world. Suddenly the old man began to laugh.

"My dear boy, you aren't giving up that easily are you?" to be a Mutou you must be stubborn, and if you're anything like me you'll love a good game."

"Sir…" The nurse began, worried over the man's denial. Sugoroku ignored her.

"…I can feel it, you'll be a great game King, and you are destined for something extraordinary little one. Something to which will save the world." He laughed again. "How can an angel born on earth be fated for anything less?"

"Mr. Mutou…"

"An honourable King of Games never back down from a challenge, and I challenge you to a game! A game of life!"

"Please, let me take him now…" The doctor began.

"I won't lie to you, it will be far from easy little angel, but it will be worth it in the end. you will be loved dearly, and your heart will guide others to find their own strengths. You must live little one, you must. I challenge you!"

It was at this point the baby was taken from him. Sugoroku didn't resist, too overwhelmed with sobs to stop it. The mother was almost hysterical now, not wishing to hear such talk about a child already thought gone…

But perhaps the grandfather spoke the truth after all, for the baby's small soul felt a soothing presence. It was one of power, but one that was protective and kind. The baby knew it had yet to meet this spirit, but meet it he must. And to do that he had to live.

I challenge you!

The words registered in his soul and the baby struggled against the present, needing to return to his pre-destined fate. He had to accept this game of life.

The cloth was just about to be replaced over the baby's face when his eyes opened; shocking the doctor so much he almost dropped him. Beautiful violet eyes gazed up at him, unfocused but very much open.

"Nurse! Quickly set up an incubator, he's alive!" The doctor laughed in disbelief. The nurse paused a moment to gaze at the fragile baby before snapping into action. If they didn't work quickly the small angel may be lost again.

"I knew it." The old man chuckled through his sobs. "Another stubborn Mutou; and a true gamer!"

An hour later saw the old Mutou in a chair, watching over the tiny angel of his grandson concealed within the incubator. The mother was having a well-earned rest, but not before agreeing to Sugoroku's request and letting him name her child. After all, he had brought the baby back to her.

"Yugi." The grandfather whispered now, a smile on is face. Yugi: game. The perfect name for this little angel; the fragile creature who would soon achieve so much. "I know you'll make me proud."

Yugi blinked up in agreement before beginning to snooze lightly, already hating the tube down his delicate throat. But he would live through it, he had to. He had been challenged, not only by his grandfather, but by the presence he'd briefly sensed, now already forgotten.

In seven years time he would feel that presence again, and eight years after that, the spirit would finally unite with him.

Their destiny would soon begin.