Game of life

Okay, from this chapter onwards this fic is now a complete AU story from the original Yu Gi Oh plot. Just to warn you. I'm not sure if they'll be any pairings in this story, but if there was it would be Yugi/Yami (sorry, but I can't see them with anyone else). If you can't stand the pairing though, don't worry, I'm not sure it will happen, it depends where the story leads. I only have a slight outline, but it's basically an alternative way of Yami coming out of the puzzle, and him having a different personality so Yugi has to protect him more. I couldn't resist it.

Anyway, this chapter is with Yami/Other Yugi, and he's not the sanest person at the moment, so if it doesn't make much sense, that's why. Fun to write though. It covers his view of the first three chapters.

bold - Sugoroku talking

italic - Yugi talking/thinking

Presence of me

He did not know how long he'd been here; he could not remember a life before it. Yet he knew he had it, knew there was meant to be something beyond endless darkness. Cutting chains. Taunting whispers. Who were those whispers? At times he thought it was the darkness itself, but how could that be? Where had the chains come from?

He often screamed out into the darkness, just to make sure he was real. But was it really him screaming? Perhaps the darkness was taunting him further into believing he was separate from them. He didn't feel separate, but he didn't feel he was part of it. He was just here. But why? Who was he? What was he?

The whispers were back. Always so near but taunting him. Taunting him, laughing at him, smothering him…

No escape! No escape! But what is escape? What would it be like? He didn't know. Couldn't remember it any different, couldn't understand what this was. What is this? Why was he here?

Whispering, whispering. His screams trying to block them out. It doesn't work, they're still there! Scream louder! Louder!

Sobbing. Was it him or them? They never sobbed, only taunted. They laughed at him as he cried in despair. Why cry at all? It never helped, it didn't stop them. Nothing ever changed, yet he cried all the same. Screamed until his throat was hoarse and still kept screaming.

What was this?

Why was this?

What was he?

Why was he?

They? What were they? Why wouldn't they leave? Why would they never stop?

Always dark. Always chained. Never light. Never free.



What are we..?

Light. It had to be light. He had never seen light before, yet he knew it was what this was.

Sound other than the whispers. They had stopped. They had stopped! They never stopped! But they had…because another sound drowned them out. Beautiful, beautiful sound!

Crying, crying! The crying of a newborn? Silent in any other place but here. Projected into the darkness. Into him. It was creating light around him. Light! So small, but still there! Beautiful, beautiful light!

He almost cried out, but didn't dare disrupt the crying. The sound of the baby. Light angel. His little light, light angel! He sat and listened, for once feeling a sane smile cross his features. A sudden shy smile.

But then it stopped. The light was gone! It was so so quiet. So so silent…He shook his head in denial! Can't be silent! Can't be!

"Come Back!" He screamed out, his voice now holding a strength thought lost. Words. He didn't realise he had them. "Don't leave me!" Not with them. Not with them! So silent. The whisperings would start again. He wanted them to stay away! Stay away!

He tried to move. Chains digging into his skin. Chains he could no longer see. No light! The pain wouldn't stop him. He wouldn't let the whispers come back. No, no, no! He needed the light. Beautiful, beautiful light angel! He couldn't let it die. No death, no more death!

…No more death?

Pain. Pain! Something leaking from him. Dripping…dripping! Noise! No, no noise! Need light, need angel light! Whispers would come back without light! Little, little light. Sweet, sweet angel. Come back! Come back!


Make it stop! Make it stop! Dripdripdripdripdripdripdrip….

Life fading…already dead…light fading…forever dead.

He couldn't!


"Beautiful." A voice boomed. Not a whisper, a voice. Strange, loud, loud! What was it? Why was something beautiful? So so dark here, nothing beautiful here.

"A perfect angel, perhaps too perfect for this world, too fragile for its harshness and cruel nature, but…"

Angel? His angel? Light angel! The voice was speaking to light angel! But light not here anymore. Could it hear the voice? Too fragile? He will protect it! He would protect light angel from anything! Even the whispers…he wouldn't let them hurt it! Just come back!

"My dear boy, you aren't really giving up that easily are you?"

No! nonononono! He would protect it! Light angel come back. Don't give up! Darkness will look after you! He will save you and protect you and love you and live you! No more death. No no no. No more death for light angel. No more death for him.

No more…no more.

"To be a Mutou you must a stubborn, and if you're anything like me you'll love a good game."

Mutou? What is a Mutou? He wished to be one. He wants to be stubborn. Stubborn against the whispers. Stubborn against the death, the darkness. He loves games! Games sounding familiar. Why familiar..?


Yugi! Game! Light! Angel! Game! Come back! Come back!

"…I can feel it, you'll be a great game King, and you are destined for something extraordinary little one. something which will save the world."

He liked this voice. Light angel game! King. King? Game King? Him? No, light angel? Confused. Who was Yugioh? He thought it was him…

No, no longer him! Light angel! Game! Yugi! Yugioh come back! Destined to come back! Destined to help him! With what? He did not know! But he knew he was right. Light angel had to help the world with him. Save, save the world! Save, save him first! Sweet sweet light. Angel. Game. Come back. Give light back to darkness. No more whispers. No no more.

"How can an angel born on earth be fated for anything else?"

He laughed. Laughed, laughed loudly. How indeed? Light angel would come back! He would make sure of it. Laugh, laugh. Laugh! Follow laugh. Little light come back. Little angel come find me.

"An honourable King of Games never back down from a challenge, and I challenge you to a game! A game of life!"

Challenge! The word made his laughter stop. Challenge. It made him feel alive to hear it. He used to like a challenge. He felt he did. A game of life! He could accept this! He and light angel both! He would not stay here in death, no death, he would play game of life with light angel! Light angel would help him play; help him be able to accept the challenge.

"I won't lie to you, it will be far from easy little angel, but it will be worth it in the end, you will be loved dearly, and you heart will guide others to find their own strengths."

Guide him. His strength to challenge, to game. Little light could help him. Little light must come back.

…Little angel. Be loved dearly. Heart. End strength. Challenge. Yugi!

"You must live little one, you must."

Yes, yes, yes! Little beautiful light come back! The voice will help you. He will help you! Come back and play the game! Come back!

"I challenge you!"

He hurt now. It was painful being unable to accept it. Light angel must accept it instead! Light angel must come back…

A flicker of light…

"Yugi!" He screamed out, the light moving closer. "I challenge you too! Come back and find me! COME AND FIND ME!"

And the light became bright again.

More life, more light.

Destiny would soon begin.

He hummed lightly, feeling the light caress him, ease his pain of the chains still around him.

Little light always made him feel better. Light angel made the whispers go away.

But not silent. Only silent when light nearly went away again, when light nearly died. But he wouldn't let it leave for long. Little angel wasn't allowed to give up the challenge. He would make sure he didn't.

Not silent. Instead little angel could be heard around him. First it was crying, babbling. Incoherent noises. Thoughts that were just emotions. Baby angel light. Now angel light could speak, had thoughts in his mind. He could hear them all. It was a beautiful sound. He hummed when he heard it. He felt better hearing and feeling little angel, little light, little Yugi.

Sometimes Yugi would hurt badly, and he would see the light dim and cry. He would cry too. He didn't like hearing little angel cry.

He stopped humming, something was wrong. Little angel had been happy, finding a friend. Nice kind friend made Yugi happy. But now he was hurting. He didn't like this. He tried to hum and reassure little light. But it was hard. Little light was hurting. It made him hurt. He didn't like feeling Yugi hurt.

Little light sleeping now. He could tell when Yugi would sleep because the light would snuggle around him for comfort. He liked it when Yugi slept. The light made the pain go away, he felt closer to it. Felt Yugi was closer. But this time was different. Yugi was still in pain. Little light was crying around him. He wanted to comfort it. Snuggle him. But the chains made him unable to move.

Angry tears. He couldn't help little angel. He was still trapped. Useless. No life. He couldn't help. He couldn't do anything. He was just a presence. A presence of him. Presence of darkness. Presence of whispers…

Nonono! He was not! He was a presence of something else! He was separate from the darkness. He knew that now. He was not the whispers. They had gone. He was him. He was..?

"Daddy…I love you."

Little angel was crying again! So sad it hurt. He cried too. He wanted to help! The light wasn't snuggling him anymore, he couldn't do anything. Yugi couldn't feel him like he could feel little angel. He knew that. But it hurt. He wanted Yugi to know. If he knew maybe he'd see he'd never leave him. He didn't need this 'daddy'. He didn't need to be sad. He would always be here for him.

He was a presence here. A presence of himself and little angel. He was half a presence. But half presence what?

Presence of me.

The thought shocked him. Me? Single? Was he really? No whispers. No darkness. Just him. A me. A me and a Yugi. He thought this was odd. He almost laughed.

Yugi was feeling lonely. But he was thinking of something. He smiled. Yugi was thinking of him. Of the feeling he must find someone. This made him feel better. He hoped it was making Yugi feel better too.

Complete. Half of another. A me and a Yugi? It didn't matter. He didn't mind, as long as little angel was happy.

"Soon I'll find you. I promise."

This made him happy. Yugi wasn't giving up, so he wouldn't give up.

The challenge was still on. The game of life still going. One day he would join the game. He knew little angel would help him do this. He knew.

He was hurting. Hurting so bad. He hurt, and now Yugi hurt! Little light hurt because of him! Restless sleep because could not snuggle him. Hurting because he knew something was wrong. Something was wrong!

They were back! Back back back! Whispers! Whispering. Grabbing. Grabbing his chains. Pulling him away from the light. The little light, angel light, Yugi! Far away now! He screamed to be saved. No good. Yugi couldn't find him. He hurt because he couldn't find him. He couldn't stop the pain. He couldn't get away!

He screamed for them to leave. They wouldn't listen. Taunting him. Coming closer. Dragging him slowly away from little light. Back to darkness. Back to being them. No more being a me. No more being half of Yugi.

No more…

Words gone. No more words. Just screaming. Screaming! Sobbing. Hurting. Cold, cold cold! No light to keep warm. No light to feel alive. No more game of life. No more Yugi!

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt, ithurtithurtithurt!


Whispers. Whispers. Whispers. Whispers.

Getting louder. Getting closer. Hurting. Hurting. Hurting. Chains tighter. Cutting. Leaking.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

No! Little light. Little angel! Yugi make it stop! Make the pain leave.



Light almost gone. No more warmth. Only darkness. Cold. So cold. Light so far away. Yugi so distant. Barely feel him. Barely feel anything.

Whispers so close. Taunting. Pulling. Soon no light will be. Back to darkness. Back to them. No challenge. No life. Just darkness.

No little light.

Can't hear Yugi anymore, so far away. Another presence? Something familiar about it. Too far away to tell. Whispers too loud to hear it. Seems so familiar…

Mind so so cold. Feel so tired. No more struggling. No more reason to do so. Yugi wouldn't find him. Perhaps didn't want to find him. Too much trouble. A bad bad evil presence just like the whispers told him.

Nothing. Nameless. Worthless. Insane.

Not a me. Just a part of the darkness. No light. Never was light.

Punished forever. Punished for something he didn't remember. Yugi must know it. That's why he wasn't finding him. He knew he was evil. But was he? He didn't know. He didn't know!

Whispers, whispers, whispers!

Dragging, pulling, dripping…

Wait! LIGHT!


The noise made him lift his head, no whispers able to mask it. There he stood. The little light. Little angel light. Yugi. So beautiful. Eyes so, so bright! Such a nice colour. Perfect. Fragile. Little. He found him! He didn't give up!

But then he was gone.

He screamed! Screamed, screamed, screamed! He left! He saw him and left! Bad bad evil evil! Little light left, little angel hate him! Left him with the whispers. The light so far away, getting smaller and smaller…

Were they taunting him? Was Yugi ever real? Was there ever a game? He didn't know! He didn't know anything!

Who was he?

What was he?




Dripping again, dragging, hurting. Didn't matter anymore. Light gone, gone, gone! Only darkness. Punishment. Evil. Bad. Nameless.


No challenge for life. Not worthy of life.

Sobs. Sobbing for light. Light that wouldn't come. Only whispers. Always whispers. Cold.


No more hope.

No more light.

No reason.

Just am.



Light so far. One more tug and would be no more. He would be with whispers again.

It saved me.

Blink. Puzzled. Yugi? So faint, yet nearby. Like the whispers. Where? Where? Where? Had he come back? It he want to find him after all? But…


Not just little light. Flooded with light. The whispers shrieked in pain. Running away. Away from him. Leaving him alone. To confused to understand. Why did he feel Yugi again? Why did the little light grow so large?

"I've finally found you."

He grinned. Laughed. Cried. Screamed. Smiled.

And the chains broke.

This was what free was. He liked it.

Yugi found him! Maybe he'd let him play the game of life too. Someday.

He could wait. He could wait forever for Yugi. The whispers were gone.

He was free. He was a presence of himself. He was a me.

And he planned to stay that way.

No more whispers. No more darkness.

No more…