Ayame watched in amusement as her youngest son pounced on his father. The black haired male fell in mock surprise before being jumped by two other children, one girl and one boy. They began to tickle torture the helpless male underneath them, and her laughter rang through the air. Four sets of eyes turned to her before the children renewed their torture on the ookami male.

It had been almost seven years since Kouga had brought her back to their home, and he'd never broken his vow. Many a woman had tried to catch his eye, but none could hold his attention. Only his mate could spark that instant heat with a smile or touch. He would whisk her away to their den for a few days, leaving the pups in the car of her grandfather.

When they'd finally rejoin the normal world, both would be happy, but exhausted. She couldn't complain. He'd given her three beautiful children. The oldest at six was Keiko. She had her mother's fiery hair, and equally fiery temper, but her father's raven hair. She was a ball of energy and was the one most often getting into trouble. Shio was the next eldest and could have been Kouga's twin in another life. He even acted like his father. The youngest, at only two, was Akira. He had his father's hair and mother's eyes. A deadly combination for the ladies when he grew up. He was the calmest of the three.

"What are you thinking about, mate," a husky voice whispered in her ear. The sudden noise snapped her from her thoughts as desire shot down her spine. Their sex life definitely hadn't settled down yet. Her progressively bulging belly was proof of such. Hell, all he had to do was whisper her name and she was ready to go. Smiling seductively, she traced a finger down his chest.

"How good you look without anything on," she murmured. The next instant found her crushed against a solid chest, her mate shouting at Ginta and Hakkaku to watch the kids for a few days before she was whisked away. Laughing, she idly wondered if not Miroku and Sango, but she and Kouga would end up with the twelve kids.