This is my first attempt at humor

This is my first attempt at humor.  If someone's already done this, I'm sorry! I didn't steal your idea, I swear.  It was actually inspired by [     ]'s Final Fantasy VIII Bloopers (read them! NOW! They're better than mine.). But it's not exactly the same. It's similar in that it's like a movie is being filmed, but these are candid behind the scenes moments, not bloopers.

So PLEASE review and let me know if you think it's funny or not. If I get positive reviews I'll write more.  Otherwise I'll stick to my usual. Oh, and if you've read my other stories you know I like lemons. This is humor, but it's still smutty humor. ;) Or maybe it just comes off as juvenile humor. Like it or not, tell me!

=The First Day=

Lounge outside dressing rooms

SELPHIE: Who ate all the hotdogs???

IRVINE: -slinks up next to Selphie- I got a hotdog for ya, darlin'.

SELPHIE: Eeeeeewww! You perv-- -looks up at Irvine's handsome face- Oh! Tee hee. Hi! Tee hee.

IRVINE: -putting his arm around Selphie's shoulders- Did you know I have a hot tub in my dressing room…..

-Seifer and Squall are sitting on the couch, comparing weapons-

SEIFER: -sneer- Mine's bigger.

SQUALL: Whatever.  Everyone knows it's not the size that maters, it's how you use it.

QUISTIS: -looking on with interest- That's so true. –nods wisely-

-Rinoa stands, hands on hips, in front of the table of food-

RINOA: Where the HELL are my low-fat, no-calorie cellulose-burning diet drinks?  I TOLD them I have to have my diet drinks.  Those fucking morons can't get anything right! –pout- -whine- -foot stomp-

ZELL:-scarfing down the last hotdog on his plate- I can't believe I have to work with these losers.

On the set

DIRECTOR: All right, everybody.  Roll call!  Squall Leonhart?


DIRECTOR:-clears his throat, looks confused- O….K….. moving on….  Seifer alm-ASS-ee? Alm-uh-say?

SEIFER:-points his gunblade at director's throat- It's ALL-muh-see, moron.

DIRECTOR: -gulp- Sorry.

SEIFER:-lowers his weapon-

DIRECTOR:-still looking at Seifer warily- Selphie Tilmitt? –pause- SELPHIE TILMITT? –pause- Anyone know where Ms. Tilmitt is?


DIRECTOR: Zell Dincht?

ZELL:-jumps around punching the air- That's me!

DIRECTOR: Rinoa Heartilly?

RINOA:-flips her hair back- Fuck you! Where are my diet drinks you fucking idiot. I'll call my father. Do you know who my father—

SQUALL: -hits her over the head, rendering her unconscious-
DIRECTOR: Quistis Trepe?

QUISTIS: -talking to Seifer in best Instructor voice- You know junctioning isn't just good for battles.

SEIFER:-polishing his gunblade- Oh?

QUISTIS: Increased vitality has many uses.

SEIFER:-looks at Quistis and slowly grins-

DIRECTOR: Ahem. Quistis Trepe?

QUISTIS: -blushes- I'm here.

DIRECTOR: Irvine Kinneas? –pause- IRVINE KINNEAS! –pause- Hasn't anyone seen Irvine or Selphie?

ALL: -look at each other and giggle-

DIRECTOR: All right! Who is responsible for hiring a bunch of teenagers??

Short, I know.  If people like it I think I'll write more. I'm thinking of adding in some press interviews. But if I'm just not funny I'm not going to bother with more. Let me know. Bring on the flames!