Discoveries with the Weasleys

Chapter One - Ginny

Ginny Weasley was having a good day, never had one better. Wonderful things were happening and she could not be happier. The man she loved had just proposed to her, and of course she had accepted.

Every since Harry and herself had got back together after the defeat of Voldemort, things had been brilliant. Harry had decided to put off becoming an Auror to focus on a pro-Quidditch career. Plenty of time for that after. Ginny was glad, he needed some time to relax and have some fun after the war. Now Ginny herself was a Medi-Wizard in training at St. Mungos.

Her and Harry were so happy right now, life was perfect. Lots of people were going to be thrilled by this news. Her mum would finally get of her back about marriage and kids. Dad would just be happy that she was happy. Then there was her brothers; over-protective as they may well be, they all liked Harry – he was like a seventh brother to them. Of course no man would ever be good enough for their little sister. But Harry was close enough.

Since Harry had just proposed last night no one knew yet, but there was one person that Ginny wanted to tell first. Hermione Granger. Over the years the two had become really close, Hermione being an only child, and Ginny being the only girl they were almost like sisters. So close that Ginny didn't feel any trepidation at all at apparating straight into Hermione's flat. After all it was nearly eleven, even on a weekend the girl should be up. Ginny however was not prepared for the shock of her life that came that morning…

Hermione was up. She was sitting at her kitchen table, her back was to Ginny. This in itself was not shocking; Hermione was snogging the daylights out of someone. Again this was not the shocking part. It was the bright red hair that shocked Ginny. Hermione was attempting to swallow one of her brother's tonsils.

Now the pop from her apparating was not enough to make Hermione and her mystery partner out of their snog. Neither was the polite cough. So Ginny resorted to the next level.


Now that separated them. Hermione jumped off his lap, attempting to fix up her bathrobe. Allowing Ginny to get a look at which brother it was. She was shocked, not entirely. She thought it would happen eventually. Judging by the expression on her brother's face (apprehensive but still very happy and satisfied), he was one happy camper.

Sitting herself down at the table, Ginny smiled at the worried couple.

"How are you two, this fine and glorious morning?" she smugly enquired.

"Uh…good?" Hermione replied, still unsure of Ginny's exact emotions concerning this new development. "Would you like a cup of tea?" Her manners coming back.

"I would love one," Hermione left to go into her kitchen. Leaving Ginny alone with her now nervous brother.

"How are you brother dear? Your very quiet, Crookshanks steal your tongue or was it Hermione?" Ginny could her the smashing of a teacup in the kitchen.

Hermione came back into the room to find a giggling Ginny and her brother. She decided to take charge.

"Ginny are you okay with this? I know it probably came as a bit of a shock, but we are both adults and I'm really happy – we both are. I just hope that you accept this relationship." She said really quickly, before she lost her nerve.

Looking between her best friend and her brother. She saw a glow in their cheeks, and a twinkle in their eyes and could just about feel the happiness radiating off them.

"Don't be silly, of course I'm happy for you two. Everyone deserves some happiness. And if you two found it in each other that's great."

Hermione squealed with joy and came and gave Ginny a huge hug.

"Oh, I'm so glad you're okay with this. It has been hell not being able to talk to you about this."

"So exactly how long have you two been sneaking around? Huh?" She enquired with a smirk.

"Two months." Her brother answered.

"Oh my god, you are both in such big trouble. Wait till mum finds out you've been hiding this from her."

"Please Gin, don't tell anyone just yet. When want to tell them when we are ready. Please?" Hermione begged.

Ginny goggled at her best friend; Hermione Granger does not beg anyone.

"Relax, you can tell them when you are ready. Don't keep it too long – you know I'm crap at keeping secrets. Besides I've got my own secret." She couldn't help but laugh at the eager look on their faces.

"Oooh a secret, what is it? Is it about you and Harry? What is it? Tell me!"

"I don't know, I'm really am hurt that you didn't trust me with this. I don't know if I can trust you with this news." Feigning hurt and annoyance. Looking at the looks on their faces, eager and bit guilty for their own deception. She caved.


All of them starting squealing and hugging like they were 14year old girls with their first boyfriend. Realising that the male part of the group hug was squealing as well. Both girls looked at him oddly.

Clearing his throat. Adopting a manly pose.

"Good news Gin, Harry's a good guy. He just better not hurt you, or he'll have six mad Weasley brothers and Hermione here of course to answer to." Taking on his role of protective big brother.

Laughing Ginny reached up and gave him a big hug.

"Thanks Charlie," adding the last bit in a whisper. "If you hurt her, I'll kill you and make it look like an accident."

"Sure Gin." He replied with a laugh.

Pulling away, she looked into his eyes meaningfully. He saw that she wasn't lying, he swallowed. His little sister was one witch not to be trifled with.

"Don't worry Gin, Hermione's safe with me. Wouldn't do a thing to hurt her."

Hermione came over, put her arms around him. Giving him a loving kiss on the lips.

"You're safe with me too."