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Miracle Cure

Chapter 1

"Uncle" Prince Zuko called, "Get out here now! The Avatar has landed on the island somewhere and I need to get going."

Iroh hobbled slowly out of his room, but found he could not walk any further. He looked at his feet, which seemed to have swollen to a tremendous size. He could not walk on feet that were in this condition, so instead he called to his nephew,

"Prince Zuko, I cannot go anywhere. My feet are twice the size they should be. I fear I will not be able to walk on them for days unless I get a special ointment."

"Stop playing around Uncle" Zuko barked, as he slowly descended the stairs into the ship. He stared in wonder at Iroh's grotesque feet, which, as he had said, were far too big to be used.

"Uncle, what did you do to your feet?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe they got infected with something on this ship. The point is Zuko; I am unable to go with you until my feet are healed. Perhaps you could go and retrieve some ointment from the nearest town. I am sure that my feet will return to their normal size if you did."

He smiled at his nephew, hoping he would do such a small task. Zuko's face twitched for a moment, then he sighed and agreed to get the ointment.

Why do I always give in to him? He asked himself as he walked back up the stairs and ordered the crew to lower the ramp. Zuko retrieved a small bag of money from his Uncle's room, stepped off the ramp and proceeded to the nearest town.

As he approached the gates, he saw a sight, which raised his hopes, slightly -the Avatar's Bison! Zuko crept towards the animal, but he did not see the Avatar anywhere. They must've left it here, he thought, which means they're in the town!

Zuko turned his attention away from the Bison and walked through the town gates. He looked around, but could not see any sign that the Avatar was there. The only people he saw were wide-eyed townsfolk, eyes fixed in his direction. Why are they all staring at me? Don't they know it's rude to stare! Then he glanced down at his attire. He was still wearing his Fire Nation armour and this was Earth Kingdom territory.

"Now see here young man. This here is our town, we don't want any Fire Benders causing trouble, so beat it!" A gruff, rather tall man in brown and green armour commanded.

Zuko looked up at him, smirked and said, "What are you going to do? Fight me? I'm staying, you weak, Earth riffraff."

"I'm warning you!" And four more soldiers appeared behind the man. Zuko analysed the situation and realised that he was slightly outnumbered. He couldn't beat five Earth Benders, but he couldn't leave this town while the Avatar was still here. Then he remembered, Uncle's feet!

"I'm not here to cause trouble." Zuko said truthfully.

The soldiers looked thoughtfully into Zuko's face. "Why'd do I find that hard to believe?" The first man said.

"I only came to this pathet- lovely town, because my Uncle is very sick and needs some medicine." Zuko half-lied, lowering his head to add affect.

Again the soldiers surveyed him, then the leader spoke out, "You may remain here for one hour. Go and get what you need, but do not attempt anything. The people of Sun-Su town do not take kindly to Fire Benders. And do not attempt to return here again, for we will kill you on sight." And with that, they let the Fire Prince pass, watching his every step as he proceeded to the pharmacy.

Zuko clenched his fist in anger for having to endure those morons. His fist started to glow, but he quickly unclenched it so that the soldiers didn't stop him.

He entered the building marked pharmacy and gazed around. Everywhere he looked there were glass vials containing liquids and pills. Some even had pieces of animals pickling in them. He didn't know what to look for, so he began systematically scanning the shelves and tables.

Every bottle had a specific and detailed label explaining the contents and what it did. So far, Zuko's search had proved futile. There was no ointment or cure for whatever was wrong with his Uncle's feet. Come to think of it, I don't know what exactly is wrong. This is ridiculous, he thought as he peered at yet another bottle that contained poison.

He began searching for the owner of the shop, in an attempt to end his search quickly, but like his current task, this too was impossible. He glanced at a doorway towards the back of the shop. Maybe back there? Zuko slowly approached the doorway, but stopped himself from entering when he heard a familiar and oh-so-annoying voice,

"Hey! Katara! I don't need you to tell me what to do! I can decide what I want to spend my money on without any help!"

It was that Water Tribe boy. Zuko edged up to the doorway and peered round the corner.

Yes, he thought, the Avatar! Now I just need a plan…

Zuko looked around for some kind of distraction, but found none. Then he saw a bottle marked 'miracle cure'. No I don't need to heal anythi- Uncle's feet! Again Zuko had forgotten the real reason he was there, so he picked up the bottle and then looked back at where the Avatar and his friends were. Zuko's face widened as he saw them heading towards the doorway, unaware of his presence. He needed to come up with a plan fast.

"Young man," an old woman called, "If you would like to purchase that, it'll be 5 copper pieces."

Zuko looked in the direction of the voice. An old, frail looking woman was standing behind him. She looked much older than 100, which surprised Zuko greatly. He handed her the money and told her to go away before she gave his position away. She cackled and replied,

"Your fiery temper will be your downfall, young fire prince," How did she know who I was? "But, that potion would restore your honour far better than capturing the Avatar. It can heal anything, cure anything and any scars that linger," she motioned to his face, "will vanish forever."

Zuko stared in wonder at the woman, but remembered that the Avatar would find him if he stayed. Then a thought occurred to him. He smirked at the bottle he held in his hand; a plan already formulated in his brain.

The Avatar and his friends don't know how I used to look. This would be the perfect opportunity to capture him.

Zuko marched out of the shop, just as Aang and Socca came into the front of the shop. Katara followed on behind, glaring at her dim-witted brother.

"Socca, why'd you have to waste the money buying that anyway?" She demanded; pointing at the jar that Socca had purchased.

It's contents were small pills, which apparently made you more skilled as a fighter when you ate one. Socca stuck his tongue out at his sister. He smiled to himself in satisfaction and hugged the jar lovingly.

These morons will be easier to fool than I thought. Zuko looked at the bottle he had bought with hesitation, before uncorking it and swallowing a drop. Instantly, pain ebbed through his face. He blinked and then looked around. The pain ended as quickly as it had begun, and Zuko felt slightly different.

He stared into the window of the shop to see if it had worked and found his entire face visible. The scar was completely gone, as though it had never been there. To add to his surprise, the hair that he had shaved away had grown back. He looked how he had done two years ago.

This is great! He thought as he began inspecting his left eye for any signs that it was still the same. He smiled, happy at the thought of looking normal again. Then he turned his attention back to the Avatar. All three friends were now sat on the fountain that was positioned in the centre of the town and all three of them were laughing.

Now how to make them trust me, he thought.

Again, another brilliant idea came to him.