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Chapter 15

Wilson massaged his temples, his face wrinkled up in pain. Carefully stretching out his legs he leaned back against his pillow and closed his eyes.

House limped over to him and touched his hand. "Headache?"

He nodded slowly. "When are these going to stop?"

House pressed the nurses' call button, using his other hand to gently stroke his friend's hair as he lay with his eyes closed.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, Dr. Wilson has a headache. Can you bring in two Midrin?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Wilson opened his eyes painfully. "Thanks," he said quietly.

A few minutes later Nurse Jackson entered the room with a small plastic cup containing two capsules. House poured some water into the plastic drinking cup, watching as she approached the bed.

"Here are your pills, Dr. Wilson."

"Can I see those please?"

Both Nurse Jackson and Wilson looked at House with puzzled expressions.

"Of course," the nurse said holding out the plastic cup for House to see.

Quickly inspecting its contents, he handed his friend the cup of water.

"Here's some water," he said, nodding at Nurse Jackson giving her his permission to administer the medication. Handing the plastic cup to the patient, she turned and left the room without waiting to see if he took the pills.

Wilson looked at his friend. "What was that about?" he asked, swallowing the capsules.

"Just being safe. Thousands of people die each year due to hospital personnel screwing up medication."

"Yeah, like that's going to happen," Wilson said, placing the cup on the bed table.

House lightly brushed his arm. "You want to sleep?"

"No. Just need to close my eyes until the pills take the edge off," he said as he laid his head back on the pillow.

House continued to lightly brush his fingers up and down his friend's arm, bringing his hand up to run his fingers through his hair and down his arm again. Wilson opened one eye peering up at his friend.

"You're doing this now while I have a headache?"

He shrugged. "It's the only time I can do it without you trying to take advantage of me."

"You keep doing that and damn the headache," the younger man said, closing his eye again.

"Stop, you're making me tingle all over."

Wilson smiled as he lay with his eyes closed.

Limping to his recliner, House rested his cane against the side and slid down into the seat, retrieving a copy of Motorcycle Magazine from the night stand. He settled back to do some reading.

Half an hour later, Chase walked into the room carrying a bag of food from the Carnegie Deli.

"How's he doing?" he asked quietly, assuming that he was sleeping.

"I'm fine," Wilson answered with eyes still closed, startling Chase.

"Brought you some breakfast."

He opened his eyes and slowly sat up, crossing his legs into his favorite position.

"How's the headache?" House asked, removing the food from the bag and placing it on the wheeled bed table.

"Floating around but not nearly as bad as it was."

"Good. Eat," he said, glancing over to find Chase still standing there. Frowning, he surveyed the food he had just taken out of the bag. "There's only enough for two here."

Chase looked at him with a blank expression. "It was twelve dollars."

"For two bagels with cream cheese and two coffees? Are the bagels diamond studded?"

Chase shrugged.

"Wilson, where's your wallet?" House asked, removing the lid from his cup and taking a sip of the hot coffee. "Good," he said, savoring the taste.

About to take a bite of his bagel, the young oncologist sighed. "It was in the Volvo," he said quickly taking a bite.

"Oh, yeah..forgot." House looked at the intensivist. "I'll catch you later."

"Yeah, sure," Chase said as he left the room. "Enjoy your breakfast."

"He doesn't think you're going to pay him," Wilson said taking a sip of his coffee.

"He's right. You are."

The younger man couldn't help from laughing. He was feeling better, House noted.

After they ate, House placed everything into the bag and tossed it into the trash can.

"What do you want to do now?" Wilson asked, absentmindedly playing with his good luck coin.

"What do you feel like doing?"

He eyed his friend. "I feel a lot better."

"Good to know."

"Come over here and sit by me."

"I love when you take control," House said, smiling as he limped over to the bed and sat down next to his friend. He glanced up at the clock.

Wilson scowled. "What…you have a date or something?"

"No, but you do."

"I have a date?"

"With an MRI machine in about ten minutes."


"Ooh, talk dirty some more."

Leaning forward, Wilson grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, lightly kissing him on the lips. "Hmm…cinnamon raison, he murmured against the older man's mouth. "Tastes good."

At that moment Nurse Jackson popped her head in, placing her hands on her hips. She cleared her throat.

Both men jumped. "I was just taking Dr. Wilson's temperature," House said, wiping his mouth.

"Uh huh. They're coming to take you down in five minutes," she said, smirking as she turned to leave.

"I told you she wouldn't believe that."

"You're the one who was picking bagel bits out of my teeth."

Wilson frowned. "That's just disgusting."

"In a kinky kind of way."

He leaned back against his pillow. "When is Dr. Roth coming back?"

"After he gets the results of the MRI," House said as he retrieved his cane from the side of the bed and stood. "He wants to give you another exam. Depending on that and the MRI results, he may or may not call in the neuropsychologist."

"Dr. Jensen?"

"Right. Dr. Thong."


House sat in his recliner as Roth finished his examination of Wilson, watching as the neurologist jotted down some notes in the patient's chart. The doctor looked up, obviously pleased.

"Well, you did great… I see a lot of improvement. That and the fact that the swelling has subsided means I'll be releasing you tomorrow."

House watched as the look of relief came over his friend's face, both men briefly making eye contact.

"When can I resume my normal activities?"

Dr. Roth closed the chart. "I don't see any reason why you can't go back to work on a limited basis. I wouldn't be making any major decisions for a while; you should take your time getting up to speed with your cases. Avoid as much stress as possible. You'll know when you're ready to take on a full load, but make sure you don't do too much too soon."

The neurologist continued with his lecture. "As far as sports, I'd prefer you wait at least a few months before you engage in any athletic activity where you can potentially injure yourself. You may not be as lucky this time. The fact that you've experienced second impact syndrome with resultant swelling, and that you're recovering without surgical intervention means someone…or something… has been watching over you."

House noted Wilson glancing at his partially melted good luck coin laying on the night stand.

"No restrictions on diet, of course," Dr. Roth went on. He opened Wilson's chart and scanned it. "I'll prescribe Percocet for your headaches. And as for sex…." He hesitated, glancing over towards House.

"It's okay… he's my social director," Wilson said. House smiled.

"Well, then as I was saying, you may engage in sexual activity but no swinging from the chandeliers." He chuckled at his own joke.

"What about ceiling fans?" House asked.

Wilson rolled his eyes. Dr. Roth smiled stiffly. He looked at his patient. "I'd like to see you in my office in one week." Wilson nodded.

"Any questions?"


"Good, I'll see you tomorrow." He briefly made eye contact with each man as he walked out of the room.

House watched him leave. "I was wrong about him. He's not an idiot."


"He has no sense of humor. Hard to trust a man with no sense of humor."

"Doesn't make him a bad doctor."

"True." He limped over to the bed and sat on the edge. "So, I get to take my boy toy home and really get to play with him now."

"Why wait?" Wilson said, his dark eyes shimmering.

"You want to risk Nurse Gossip walking in on us again? You do work here you know."

"So do you."

He grinned. "I don't care if she thinks I'm sleeping with my mother. It's you I'm thinking about."

Wilson closed his eyes shaking his head. "Thank you for putting that image into my head. You've managed to effectively spoil the mood."

House smiled, leaning in to kiss his friend gently, running his tongue teasingly along his mouth. "Just wait 'til I get you home," he murmured, sliding his tongue between Wilson's welcoming lips.


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