See These Tears I Cry

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This disregards EVERYTHING that my Teen Titans sagas contain. Just a small note.

Summary: TxBB Life and death… What separates them but a thin line? One fought her way past that line… Should she run back to her old life? Or should she forget it all? She was given the chance, and She made a choice… Post Things Change.


"I can help you, child…"

"You can?"

"Yes. I can help you control your powers… but everything comes at a price."

A young blonde haired teen rolled in her sleep, sweating.


"You little…! I teach you all you know and this is how you repay me!"

The teen rolled even more in her sleep.

"Terra! No!"

"Beastboy, Leave…"



The girl's eyes shot open as she woke up with cold sweat all over her body. "Another strange dream… what's happening to me?"

"Tara, time for breakfast!" A woman called from a kitchen.


… … … … …

Beastboy walked through town, looking at everything that used to be. A lot has changed since they left to fight the Brotherhood of Evil. He was crushed that Terra didn't remember him, but happy at the same time. At least she had new friends and a family now, right? "Beastboy, we need you!" A voice called from nowhere. He took out his communicator and looked at Robin.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"We have some sort of sorcerer attacking the bridge…"

"I'm on it." Beast boy turned into a cheetah and ran towards the bridge.

… … … … …

A silver hair green eyed man blasted every car in sight, attempting to enter Jump City. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" The man found himself floating while glowing black.

"Meh. Mediocre spell." The man countered it with Dark Magic, which blasted Raven into a truck. Cyborg fired his sonic cannon, which was also countered. Beastboy ran in as a wolf and jumped towards the man. "A shape shifter… this must be the one Slade was talking about." The man said to himself. He kicked Beastboy into a car and stood surrounded by the Titans. "I have no time for this. I have very important business to attend to." The man slowly started changing, morphing into a large black and purple dragon. "Celestial Destroyer!" Everything around the man and titans froze and turned black and white. A white dome surrounded the bridge and exploded into black flames. Everything surrounded by the dome was obliterated. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… There's always time for a good laugh." The man disappeared into the city, leaving the Titans unconscious.

End Chapter