Epilogue Beastboy's POV

It's been a year since Slade's death, and no real trouble has arisen in Jump City since, and we may finally have found our peace. Robin and Starfire got together, as did Terra and I. Raven finally expresses her feelings, and Cyborg, well he hasn't really changed much. I'm glad the fighting has stopped… I finally have time for my personal life. I've changed quite a lot in a year, my voice has changed a bit and I no longer cling to my past. I've settled down a bit and I have more time to myself again now that everything has practically stopped. But sometimes I wonder… is it really over? Or is this a temporary victory? What awaits us in our future? I don't really know… but one thing I do know is that now, I'm ready for anything that we may have to face in the future. Whether it's Slade, Trigon, or someone totally new, I'll be ready. No matter what happens, I'll be ready.

Normal POV

"Well Fate?" A blue-cloaked man asked. The now yellow-cloaked man named Fate turned towards his brother.

"Well what, Destruction?" Fate asked.

"Aren't you going to test them?"

"Eventually." Fate answered the straw-cloaked man next to him, Pain.

"That's the thing with you men," a red-cloaked woman appeared. "It's always "eventually", or "all things will come in time" with you."

"Hope." Fate said, greeting his sister. "I must test the titans soon… before our banished brother is free." Fate said. "Those chains won't hold Chaos forever."

"Not even my power can hold my twin-brother for long, he has grown far to strong!" A white-cloaked man said.

"Order." Fate greeted. "It's time. Those chains are breaking, and he will be free this year. Time is not on our side, brothers. Last time, the titans failed without their green one. Teamwork is an important part of their victories."

"My twin will separate them, brother Fate…"

"I know. I shall separate the titans tomorrow and challenge them one by one. Either they live, or they die."

"Agreed." Pain said.

… … … … …

A heartbeat was the only sound in a black room of nothingness. A black void with a single locked door and a chained monster was all. The monster looked as if hadn't eaten for centuries and it's bottom half had withered away. But the chains holding him to the wall were starting to break. 'He'll be coming soon… he always does…' The being thought. Order opened the door and checked on his twin. "Chaos."

"Order…" Came the dry voice. "I need… something…" Order was hesitant but answered.

"What?" The being looked up. It's dry gray hair started to crumble as he did. He had no eyes, and he had no nose, just to holes for each. He had purple wrinkled flesh and no teeth, and its hands were dry and his nails were sharp.

"Your… soul!" It said. It's eye sockets flashed yellow and order was the withered one chained to a wall that wasn't there. Chaos looked at his newly restored body. He had bluish-grayish hair and Purple flesh with gray eyes. He had sharp teeth and claws along with an eye in his chest, revealed by a hole burned in his black cloak. He also had two purple skeletal dragon wings. "Thank you."


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