Title: Fragility of the Sakura

By: FrozyEmo (-Frozzy-)
Category: Action/Romance
Rated: T(M), because of graphicness in later chapters (violent and sexual content)
Important Note: If you find any mistakes in the chapter, as well as the whole story, then please ignore it. English aint my native language; it's only my second language through five years, so I'll be really grateful if you just can ignore it. Thanks.

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Summary: Itachi is desperate to get Kyubi, so he plants a certain invisible cursed mind-seal on a certain pink-haired kunoichi. The seal is to be physically activated by the touch of a male, but how can it be that problems arise, when the seal not only helps mind reading, but also creates emotional telekinesis… and is it really just one male that can activate the seal? ItaSaku & KakaSaku

Please give it a try guys. It may be slow in the beginning, but it gets better…

Fragility Of The Sakura
-By FrozyEmo

Chapter one: That Cursed Feeling

Oh, sure as hell we're close now. We were that days ago to, but just keep on walking. At some point we must be close, Inner Sakura mimicked her sensei in anger.

The mountainous landscape, covered with a thick white blanket of glistering snow, reached out endlessly in the horizon. Soft petals of snow fell gracefully down from the pale, grey sky hidden beneath the surface of dark clouds.

The female among four frames, was named Sakura. Her limbs were heavy and numb, having lost all their strength to the battle against the stinging coldness covering her skin, and digging down under the flesh in a relentless throbbing, her eyelashes were heavy with droplets of iced snow and her usually peachy lips held an unhealthy blue. Her slender figure was shuddering in the cold, her arms thrown around her body to warm herself. Her pink tresses curled around her frozen cheeks, and framed in her heart-shaped face. The jade eyes were hollow and empty from anything but agony. The pain from her stinging limbs was dizzying her head, and did nothing but fog her sight. Her slender fingers were stiff with cold and held an unhealthy pale color due to the constant low temperatures; they had traveled in these last couple of days.

The weather did everything but change. They hadn't reached anything, yet he kept encouraging them by confirming their goal was near.

The mission was plainly about catching up some apparently missing-nins from the Akatsuki organization, who stored valuable information about the Akatsuki headquarters… a typical a-class mission.

Blinking away the weight on her eyelashes, Sakura reached up to brush away a few strands of her hair from her vision with shaky fingers. Just the motion hurt her sensitive skin, as if the small piece it that was stretched, seemed to be miles. Her lips shuddering and her teeth chattering, she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder. Adjusting her head, her gaze averted up to meet a dark onyx one.

Flashing an assuring smile, she confirmed her state… keeping up the façade of course. How could it be they didn't seem to be in pain from the cold? Why was it her? Why was it always her? Why was she always the… the weak one. Sasuke had always been right. She was a nuisance to the team, even now, she was a simple chuunin and they were all jounins. She truly was weak. That was why she had given up Sasuke. He would never see her as more than just a hindrance to him and Team 7.

That was why she finally offered him freely to Ino, and they had finally gotten friends once more, yet Sasuke stayed firmly at the conclusion girlfriends was nothing but a hindrance, so Ino still had a lot to sacrifice to get the attention from him. Naruto had given up Sakura, and instead had turned to Hinata, who gladly appreciated the attention she got from the blonde-haired member of Team 7.

Naruto had never done anything else but worry about Sakura, and just recently, she had realized that, and had stopped being so unfriendly against him. Sure, he was dumb sometimes, but sometimes he could also be the very best supporting friend you ever had.

He had matured though, and you could feel it in his behavior. He still was rebellious and loud, but he knew when to take things seriously and listen.

A sharp wind cut through the silence, and hit her face as if needles punctured her skin. Placing her hands to cover her mouth, she coughed lightly and tugged the cloak tighter around herself. She did not need any of their pity. All she needed right now was warmth and shelter. Their food supplies were at a zero, and they barely had any water left. If they didn't reach that inn soon, they surely would end their days out here in the cold, far away from Konoha and their homes.

Tsunade had always told her to be strong, to hide her weaknesses and in that way gain the respect she longed so much for. All the villains they had stumbled upon at their missions had always taken her for a joke, not taking her seriously, underestimated her. Sometimes they even ignored her. She cried. Every night she cried. Cried to get out the hurting feeling welding up inside, delving deeper inside of her with each second passing by. She never cried for any wound that might cause her great pain, no… she suffered from the pain inside. She only cried for that. Only that.

She had listened to Tsunade. She never showed any weakness in a fight, but then the other issue came up. Femininity. Her being the only female on a thorough male team. Still underestimated. It didn't matter what she did. She would always be the weak one of them. Always.

Her throat suffered from lack of warmth and was nearly ripped apart, as another cough left her dry lips. She felt a hand on her shoulder, supporting her through the lighter coughs that followed. Swallowing down her feeling of unease, she turned her gaze to her swollen hands she had used to cover for her cough.

They shuddered violently; small white scars covered them like a thin layer of fine threads. If even possible, her face turned even paler than the cold performed to make it. Hurriedly she dried her palms in her black cloak as if to dry of the disgusting scars, before she turned her attention to Naruto, his hand still carefully supporting her, though she was well enough to walk on her own. That was what she thought, until she noticed, they had came to a halt, and suddenly realized how her knees throbbed painfully from being keeling down into the cold snow.

Gritting her teeth in agony of her knees, she tried to stand up on shuddering legs, but she immediately buckled underneath her weight, but was supported by Naruto. His bright blue irises held so much concern; they could almost burst open with emotions, as Sakura glanced at him. She held her head bowed in humiliation. Couldn't they just leave her, if it was too much for her? Instead of supporting her all way? It was hard enough as it already was, but… she wasn't helpless.

"Are you sure you have fully recovered from your last sickness, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked concernedly, and grabbed her elbow to help stand up on her own. She merely nodded a bit hesitant. Angered at her own weakness blossoming up so violently, she gained her untouched composure, and only held onto Naruto's shoulder for support.

She sighed and clenched her fist, feeling the light ache of pain in her chest after the coughs. It was just temporary. She had felt like this even before whole Team 7 got assigned to this mission. It was an A-class; partly that was why Kakashi was with them. Of course Naruto and Sasuke were jounins too, but Kakahsi had the greatest experience. Her herself, was only a chuunin. Why had she even agreed to come with them, not to add why she had been offered the possibility of a humiliation like this? She should've known, it would turn out like this.

"I'm pretty sure," she confirmed in a worried tone, not quite recalling the fact, why she actually had agreed to this mission. It surely wasn't because of Sasuke, nor Naruto or Kakashi for that matter.

"Sakura, if anything's wr-"

"It's not. I assure you Naruto, I'm fine," she quickly reassured him more confidently this time, and she let go of his shoulder, finding herself able to hold up her body… much to her luck. She noticed how Naruto hesitated, but eventually he let the trust in her get the better of him. Sakura thanked god, Naruto was this easy to make believe. Sasuke and Kakashi was a whole other case.

They needed as much assurance, as a baby craves for milk. Glaring up, she walked a few steady steps closer the two figures waiting for her and Naruto. As she reached them, she was prepared for the next assurances.

"You're vulnerable to cold Sakura." Sasuke implied emotionlessly, and merely looked at her while stating so. Inner Sakura wasn't about to yield so easily to Sakura's rationality, as she made a harsh remark in Sakura's mind.

Then stop bothering if my weakness annoys you so much

Visibly Sakura just shrugged, used to this treatment from her cold teammate. Her sensei was a whole other matter. Just because he never showed his concern openly, it would always affect his behavior, if not his voice too. It was exactly like now, when she locked gazes with that one visible onyx eye of his.

"You're ready to go on?" he asked in the usual lazy manner, he so gracefully performed down to last detail. Naruto stumbled up beside her and carefully examined her once more. How she hated this. Just because she had one single weak moment, they had to drag it out to eternity, yet she knew it never was just one weak moment. It was amounts of them… constantly…

Sasuke had his eyes glued ahead of them, slightly narrowing those dark irises of his and his lips quirked up in a determined gesture. He was eager to reach the inn, she knew that. Naruto and Kakashi took more care of, how much she could handle. They were softer around her than Sasuke was, but she didn't care anymore. He could even hit her, and she wouldn't complain. In a matter of fact, physical pain would even be a release to the entire mental one… How she longed to feel the sharpness of the cold kunai puncture her skin and see the crimson blood slide down her palm, easing the pain inside.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just tripped that's all", she quickly retorted, eager to leave this subject and move on.

Kakashi nodded, somewhat a bit hesitant, before Sasuke and he began taking the lead once more. Sakura in between them and Naruto as the last one. She vaguely wondered, if they had planned her being in the middle all the way long. She had been it after all, now she thought hard about it.

"Kakashi-sensei? When are we there", Sakura practically had to yell at her sensei. He turned his head to watch her shuddering form, and with gentleness he rarely showed, she saw the corners of his lips tug upwards in a smile beneath the fabric of his dark mask. He stopped walking and let her reach him, so they could be able to converse without yelling at each other. Sasuke took in the lead meanwhile.

"Soon Sakura, be patient," he chuckled at her, and absently he reached one gloved hand out to pat her head, but it stopped midair, as he suddenly realized her unusually pale face. Knitting his brows in worry, he let his hand brush her jawbone instead, finding her skin close to the temperature of hard ice. Sakura didn't acknowledge his rather intimidating touch, she merely kept her eyes straight forward, her jaw somewhat slightly tensed, whether from the cold or from determination Kakashi couldn't quite decide.

He felt bothered about how much cold seemed to affect his little female student. Sasuke had been right, commenting she was vulnerable to cold. He could have said it softer though, it had almost been as if he had been blaming her for that weakness.

Then again, it was no lie Sasuke hated weaknesses, yet Kakashi had been a firm believer, that he had gotten used to Sakura's lack in physical strength, but apparently it still annoyed him, she was that much lower than the rest of the team.

Naruto had never complained, and Kakashi doubted, he saw Sakura as weak. She wasn't weak, she was just weaker than them, but then she was much stronger at other things, they couldn't even perform the slightest bit of anywhere close to perfection. For instance she had intelligence they could only dream of, and she was able to heal, which none of them had never and never would be able to perform.

Another thing that bothered Kakashi, was that Sakura so easily had agreed to Sasukes harsh comment. Kakashi had never been able to read Sakura as good as the two other male students. Perhaps because she was female, and he was male.

A tug at his sleeve, made him look down into jade irises.

"You've told us we're close all way long. I know it's a way of encouraging us, but it's not fun anymore sensei", she mumbled just for him to hear. He narrowed his visible eye at her, nearly laughing at her sudden seriousness. He only grinned beneath his mask, barely containing his cool façade.

Did she honestly think a-classed mission would be fun? She surely was mistaken then, and this mission would show her the hard way. Hadn't he proved to his students that A-class missions often ended up with bad injuries and poor strength afterwards? Hadn't they seen him being close to dying enough times to realize that?


…Okay, he had never been that badly beaten up though, but then there were other Konoha shinobis that had been, who they had seen.

"Missions are not fun Sakura! They are though, and expect much of you, both mentally and physically," he explained lazily, not missing the anger in her eyes. It only amused him though. She complained this was everything but nice, which he of course understood very well, yet she managed to get furious about such a simple thing. She knew, what he was telling her was true, she just wouldn't admit it.

Sighing Sakura knew Kakashi was right to some point. Missions were never nice, boring maybe, but never nice, or fun for that matter. It was just… she needed something to cling onto at the moment. She needed to get a pent-up pain out by placing words, and complaining was the best she could come up with at the moment, since she was already annoyed as it was.

"You complain too much Sakura," Kakashi hummed cheerfully and moved his hand down his pocket, and drew out an orange book. The infamous Icha Icha paradise. Flipping a few pages through it, he found a spot he apparently preferred since the pages were all flossy and coarse, not to mention dog-eared. Sakura looked silently at him. Her tongue ached to confess her sadness to him, after all she trusted him, yet the pain inside would only develop, if she told him. She knew that. Feeling the familiar itching scratching in her eyes and the burning sensation of warm tears made her glance away.

She was weak. She knew it. She didn't have to get in confirmed, but she constantly was. She was constantly reminded whenever they stepped in front of her in a battle, and forced her to just look at the fight, but never act in it. They never just let her try, and then she could fail, if she wanted to. It was always her they protected. Kakashi-sensei always protected her and almost never Sasuke and Naruto.

They were always so silent whenever a battle had occurred, and she had just sat behind all the time. They didn't blame her… all because she was too weak, compared to them, to be any help at all.

With teary eyes, Sakura bit her bottom lip, and uttered the words ever so softly, silent enough for only her to hear.

"…because I'm the weak one…"

"Hey Kaka-sensei? Is that the inn you talked about?" Naruto yelled, waving back at them. Sakura's head shot up, and the burden having strained her shoulders, seemed to lighten at the sight of a dark shadow in the horizon, illuminated by lights. Hopefully she glared up at Kakashi. He had his full attention on an orange book in his hands, and merely glared at the inn, before answering Naruto.


Naruto yelled cheerfully and hooked an arm around Sasukes neck, bringing both of them down into the snow, yet he was practically thrown away by Sasuke, and ended with his head burrowed deep down the snow, while Sasuke glared at him with a wicked gleam in his eyes and a smirk. Sakura clenched her cold hands and brought them up to her mouth to warm them with her breath.

It wasn't that far now. Apparently Kakashi hadn't lied this time. Still it looked so far away, and how could they know it was actually true and not just some illusion to try coaxing them into a trap? She trusted Kakashi's judgment though, and right now at the moment, he seemed everything but worried the least. Especially with his eyes glued to that stupid perverted book… It had always lurked her curiousness, although she would never admit it. Kakashi always was so mysterious about that book. What was so special about it anyway?

"Ne Sasuke," Naruto said, as he had gotten on his feet. Sasuke closed his eyes.

"Better not be a challenge baka," he mumbled back, his head shaking almost invisibly. Naruto only grinned and placed his hand behind his blonde head and scratched lightly.

"Last one treats for ramen," he then exclaimed loudly and sprinted of in the distance, leaving dust of snowflakes behind him as a trail. Sasuke wasn't slow to follow after, and left an even bigger snowstorm. Sakura growled annoyed at their happy behavior. How could they actually be happy about this? They should be annoyed like hell and feeling just as bad as she did. Why the heck was she the only one affected so badly from this weather?

Turning her attention elsewhere, she suppressed the sigh threatening to leave her lips. This was going to be long mission.


They had reached the inn at last. Naruto and Sasuke were basically forced by violence from Kakashi's side into sharing a room. They weren't fond of it, but the last hit they received from Kakashi had made their options clear. Get beaten up or agree into sharing. They needed to get along like team members.

Why Kakashi had been so determined to make them share, Sakura had no clue about. She couldn't phantom the thought Kakashi wanted to share room with her of all people, but then… she was the weakest, and she was the one needing most protection. Sasuke and Naruto could take perfectly care of themselves, but she needed to be looked over, and wouldn't Kakashi, her sensei, be the best to do that exact thing?

Sakura sighed and let the brush run through her pastel locks, watching them being stretched, before curling around her face. With the years, her hair had begun to get a faint sway to it, and making the tips of her hair curl along her face, framing in her face and features.

The boys were still down the bar. Sakura had insisted on going early to bed. That headache and throbbing in her throat was making her all dizzy and heavy. The feeling of unease had only increased in strength, and she had a hard time focusing her gaze on the shapes in the room.

It was a chill night. The wind was crispy and brought a faint freeze with it. She cursed herself for not having brought anything warmer than her white nightgown to sleep in. Also the fact she was sharing room with Kakashi, and he was the last person she wanted to see her like a female, nevertheless she just had to face it. At least they didn't have to share any bed. Luckily there were two… Or else he would just have to sleep on the floor. Period!

"Kunoichi," a baritone voice echoed out into the silence. Sakura yelped in shock and spun around poised for fight, as she glared wildly at the source of the noise. In a daze of dizziness she openly let her eyes roam over the presence in her room.

The heavy black cloak with the red and grey pattern of clouds was familiar beyond comprehension. Black tresses of hair fell into the male's eyes and brushed softly against his pale skin in a caress of affection. His features were sharp, and his jaw rose in pride. A strange glow of pure supremacy clung to his body. No doubt, he was shinobi. A very powerful one that is.

Their eyes then locked. Sakura watched in horror, as the familiar deep onyx orbs met hers intensely.

Her breath hitched uncomfortably in her throat. Slowly the onyx sensually swirled itself into a deep crimson, as warm as hungering flames on dry wood. Fear lightened up her face, and a shaking hand came up to cover her lips in a gesture of shock.

"Sharingan… I-Itachi?" she stuttered in a fragile whisper. She blinked, and the hollow sound of the brush falling heavily onto the floor, seemed overwhelmingly loud in the silent room. His enchanting gaze of blood-red crimson created non-existent bonds tightening around her body, and kept her securely in place. As he stood still and only eyed her presence, she felt the bonds slack and her breathing went from rapid to near even.

Without moving a centimeter, Itachi suddenly stood mere inches away from her and towered threateningly above her. She flinched sharply, and knocked herself back against the desk, just as his hand reached out and enveloped her wrist. In shock, she stood complete paralyzed.

Gracefully Itachi slid slender fingers inside his cloak, and undid a little package pinned to the fabric of his cloak. He showed it to her in the palm of his hand.

She looked questioningly at it; still not fully comprehending Itachi was standing inches away from her, and his fingers gracing the skin on her wrist. Neither did she seem to comprehend the rather intimate position they were in.

"It'll help the pain. Don't overdo it," Itachi explained, while she carefully examined the little pack in his hand. It appeared to be of dry material, since liquid would have seeped through the fabric. Frowning she found herself unable to reach out and grab the pack. Itachi arched an elegantly shaped eyebrow in patience.

Hesitatingly, perhaps slight out of fear, Sakura opened her mouth, to question this act of care from his side, but her mouth clamped shut, the second she felt him move a bit closer.

It wasn't the closeness he now performed that made her wake up from her haze of shock, and then blush. It was the fact, she discovered what clothing she wore in his presence. The thin nightgown of pastel white, that hardly did anything but tempt.

But what worse was, when he inched forward to place the pack on the desk behind her, his cloak ground up against her, and forced the gown to follow its motions and slide up her thighs and baring her legs.

Suddenly panicking Sakura placed her trembling palms on his chest, stiffening at the feel of hard muscles and how they clenched at her touch, but harshly pushed him away from her with a flustered face. Shortly she had forgotten who it was, she dared to push at, a dangerous Akatsuki-member, not to mention a cold-hearted killer, and so she panicked and moved away from the desk and towards the door.

A broken gasp left her parted lips, as she was grabbed from behind and slammed down onto the floor, her shoulder connecting painfully with the hard wood.

The strap of her gown slid down her shoulder, and frantically she covered her chest with her arm in a gesture of insecurity. She still wasn't fond of her body. It still lacked in development. A major part in the fact she was still single, and this man crossed her spaces.

Panting from the hard fall, she glared up at Itachi, a few pastel locks covering her eyes.

"Why would you help me?"

It was odd. Somehow, she just knew, Itachi knew what was going on with her. Why she felt so weak physically, if not emotionally. Kneeling beside her, Itachi placed elegant fingers underneath her chin, and heaved her face slowly. She blushed at the familiarity he seemed to store for her, but forced the thought aside. Finally being the main character of something serious was lightening up her mind.

This was about her. Not Naruto, Sasuke or Kakashi. Furthermore it was Itachi. The one that surely should be after Naruto or Sasuke, taking in consideration kyubi and the past.

Wetting her lips Sakura was aware this truly was about her. Itachi had come to her. Why he had come to actually help, wasn't comprehendible, only suspiciously, but still. His business concerned her.

"I don't wish you harm!"

The husky words clouded over Sakura's mind, and suddenly a heavy cloak of warmth clung to her skin, and a shaky breath left her parted lips.

He was close… too close… He was… Itachi… The evil one. Her enemy. The one who destroyed Sasukes life. Her team-member Sasuke.

With great effort Sakura managed to jerk herself over in the right state of mind, the rational one. He had just said, he didn't wish her harm. Why not? Wasn't he supposed too, her being Sasuke's… comrade…? He had just said… he wanted to do this to protect her. Protect her. She was supposed to growl with fury, to smack him straight across that pale face of his, yet… somehow… she couldn't find herself to do it. Somehow… she didn't mind he wanted to take care of her. She… wanted him to take care of her. To be her protector. She had always hated Naruto and Sasuke insisting on protecting her. With Kakashi it was a whole other thing. She didn't mind, yet it was preferable if he didn't. But Itachi… she didn't… know…

Her body brushed against his, and a jolt floated pleasurably down her spine. She arched her back instinctively, and felt warmth radiate from his masculine form, as it gently enveloped her. With a warm flush on her cheeks, she could practically taste the muscles rippled beneath the damp skin of his, as easy as her body reacted to his proximity…involuntarily

He leaned in close, his inches from her ear.

"Hasn't gotten used to the touch of a male… what an innocence!"

Sakura visible paled. Her lips couldn't stop trembling. Whether from subconscious anger or fear, she couldn't quite figure out. Forcing them to close, she glared timidly up the missing-nin. It struck her how much he looked like Sasuke. She did never have a close look at him, but now that he was mere inches away from her face, she could paint out the sharp jaw and the high cheekbones, as if it was taken directly from Sasuke.

The only thing separating them was the eyes. Itachi preferred to leave the sharingan mostly on, instead of his real eyes. She wondered if they were just as dark as Sasukes. They ought to be. Anything else would shatter the familiarity between them.

Sakura frowned. If Itachi let charka flow constantly into the nerves of his eyes, then wouldn't that do damage on a longer period of time?

A sudden glister in the dark, made Sakura jerk back to reality, and face the state of shock. Itachi held an indeed very sharp kunai in his hand. A rather sadistic smirk crossed his face, and he raised the kunai ever so slowly. Then without further notice, he drew it all way up and with a flick of his wrist, it sliced of a lock of pastel pink.

Wide-eyed she stared at him, as he arched his brows questioningly. Had he just cut her hair?

That imbecile jerk, how dare he? Inner Sakura screamed outraged.

She opened her mouth to start yelling, a sudden image of Naruto flaring through her mind at that term, when two elegant fingers covered her slightly parted lips. At the touch, Sakura went still, her lips tingling. She looked up at Itachi, and was met by shock. His eyes were onyx. The exact same as Sasukes, yet much darker and… alluring… Sultrier if it had to be named correctly. Sakura blushed at the sudden though of how many women he had taken to bed.

Those eyes could enchant every single woman. She herself found, she preferred the onyx. They more like… comforted her, perhaps because they reminded her of Sasuke. Either way the sharingan only frightened her.

"Your eyes…They…"

Slowly he drew back, his cloak whizzing in the air. Just as he was about to leave completely into the darkness through the window, Sakura flung out her lithe hand and grabbed hold of his cloak.


The silence was overwhelming. He simply just stared at her, not commenting her trembling hold on his cloak. She still feared him. That much was obvious, but… Sakura arched her brows, as she felt something warm brush her fingers. Glaring at her hand grabbing his cloak, she realized Itachi's fingers were gently prying hers of his cloak.

She sudden realised, he probably didn't want her touching him, and with a gasp she stumbled away from him, or at least she tried to. Just as she was about to move backwards, his hand shot out and grabbed hold of her neck. Involuntarily she was forced to look up into his onyx eyes.

She watched in amazement, as the dark, almost black, color withdrew to the power of the molten crimson one.

"Keep your lips sealed, little kunoichi. What couldn't happen if you didn't?" he snarled at her.

With that… he was gone. She looked straight into empty space. Blinking dumbfounded she shook her head, and placed a hand on her fevered forehead. It had to be the lack of sleep. Never in life would she find Itachi… tempting…

He wasn't all that… frightening…



"Naruto, calm down. He didn't hurt me," Sakura snapped in annoyance. She had finally built up the courage to confront her team about her nighttime encounter with Itachi. Actually, she had pretty much forced them away from the bar and into her and Kakashi's shared room.

Naruto had, as expected, flamed up at the news, while Kakashi had tensed and furrowed his visible brow thoughtfully, though thankfully he remained silent, probably thinking. Sasuke reacted alike Kakashi, yet he also seemed… troubled…

"What did he want?" he asked, and Sakura stared blankly at him. Should she say… but then, she didn't want to admit her weakness. She didn't want to admit, she had needed an antidote to that pain in her chest. She didn't want to appear weak. To acknowledge she had been cursed or likely, without even having noticed.

Closing her eyes, Sakura stared blankly at her folded fingers nestling comfortably in her lap. Naruto was still fuming, but luckily Kakashi had a firm grip on his shirt, preventing him from jumping on her. He yet had to speak, and somehow… she needed his support in this.

"I… He just spoke to me that's all Sasuke," she finally muttered and earned a snort from Naruto, who fought desperately against Kakashi.


In that moment, inner Sakura flamed up, and consumed Sakura's rational mind. That´s it Sakura, tell that god damn bastard who the fuck he thinks he is

As if on cue, Sakura's eyes glazed over and in one swift elegant motion, she was standing up, towering above Sasuke with tears of rage wetting her eyes, though she stubbornly showed them back down.

Naruto had suddenly calmed and a worried expression of concern graced his matured features.

Kakashi had become apparent to the world around him, and had slacked his grip on Naruto, and instead keeping his intense gaze on Sakura.

They all glared at her. Sasuke from his position on the chair, where he sat with spread legs and crossed arms, Naruto from the position on Kakashi's bed, though he lay half-sprawled on the floor, while Kakashi had slung himself down onto the bed, leaning his back against the headboard, and stretching out his one leg, the other bowed, and his hands placed behind his head, blocking it from the hardness of the bedpost.

Sakura, wake up! Don't hesitate now dumb girl! Tell him god damn it

"It doesn't matter, Sasuke. What we talked about doesn't concern you, so you can be calm! Not everything about Itachi is your business. You're out to kill him, then stick to that, and don't bother about me talking with him."

…Okay, she hadn't meant it to come that way. She sure as hell hadn't expected herself to talk so… fondly about her and Itachi´s encounter. It was as if they were something intimate. In addition, as expected, Sasuke's head had shot up, though Naruto was faster to speak aloud his confusion: "Talking?"

Sakura bowed her head, her voice suddenly lost. She heard a low growl form Sasuke, and the sound of clothes moving, and as much as she hated to admit it, she awaited his rage on her… physically. A sudden gasp left her mouth though; as she instead felt warm fingers close around her chin, and lifted her head slowly.

She found herself glaring in her sensei's dark eye, and she visible shuddered and the firmness and seriousness in his gaze.

Naruto was behind him, grabbing a hold on Sasuske's sleeve, as if holding him back and leave her and Kakashi to speak. A warm glow had appeared in Naruto's eyes, and as they locked gazes, he smiled comfortingly. Inner Sakura bounced happily. …Naruto

Her attention was suddenly averted to Kakashi. He was standing in front of her, his gloved fingers still holding her chin. Somehow, she felt slightly uncomfortable. Kakashi-sensei was never one to show concern, or just emotions, that openly. Perhaps he was just concerned.

"If anything you will tell us, Sakura", Kakashi stated firmly, and at last he let go of her chin. She bit her bottom lip nervously.

"I-.. I can't, Kakashi-sensei. Just please stop doing this. Just stop…" she sighed and placed the pads of two fingers on her temple, rubbing the soreness.

Kakashi ran a hand through his tousled hair and grabbed her shoulder, just as Sasuke jerked free of Naruto and paced up to stand beside Kakashi, who let go of Sakura's shoulder.

"Sakura… Don't let him fool you. He's not worth your effort nor attention," Sasuke mumbled insistently, and avoided her eyes. She felt warmth throbbing inside of her, and her face flushed slightly. Hold it right there Sakura! You're over him remember? You freely offered him to Ino. Get a grip on yourself girl

"I've warned you once. I'm not going to repeat myself. If you mingle with him, you'll be in my way… I don't want to hurt you Sakura."

Sakura blinked in shock and disbelief. Did he just threaten her? Okay, perhaps she didn't have in mind ever interfering with Itachi, but that didn't give Sasuke the right to downright threaten her. Talk about justice! Sakura blinked once more, before she narrowed her eyes.


"Don't interfere in this. It's nothing for you to be pulled into-"

Once again the string snapped. Rage fired up her jade eyes, and in one single motion, she was pointing accusingly at Sasuke, who merely stared coldly at her.

"Because I'm weak that is? If that's your problem, then stop bothering me about it. I know, I have no bloodline or anything, nor do I have the skills a ninja at my age is supposed to, but please if it bothers you to always keep an eye on me, then don't. I don't care. If it's that annoying to protect me, then don't. Let me die if necessary, just leave me the fuck alone..." she yelled, her cheeks flushed with rage. Naruto was uncomfortably fidgeting with a kunai in the background, meanwhile Kakashi was holding Sakura's wrist.

In a quick flash inner Sakura appeared: Why does sensei keep touching me? but she was forced down into oblivion, as sadness overwhelmed Sakura's shuddering form.

"I don't need your pity," she yelled, and trashed wildly in Kakashi's arms. A chill of astonishment flashed through her. Had he encircled her waist with his arms? Her heart ached. Was he actually… comforting her in his own… weird kind of way?

Sasuke's eyes flashed, as he clenched his fists.

"God damn it, I just don't want you hurt Sakura, that's all, but I can't guarantee that if you get involved with Itachi. I have to kill him, do you understand Sakura? That's my purpose in life! I'm not going to let that slip away from me, not even for you. If you stand in my way, I will kill you!"

Time stopped. Every sound vanished. Sakura could only stare at Sasuke, and then her body went limp in Kakashi's embrace. Fortunately, he offered her the support she needed, and prevented her body from collapsing. Naruto was gaping openly, and if Sakura had been able to see Kakashi, she would acknowledge the pure rage on his face.

"Sasuke," Kakashi practically hissed at his student. Sasuke seemed to lose composure for a moment, before he grumpily crossed his arms and huffed.

In a matter of few seconds Naruto came to Sakura's defense, and was lounging against Sasuke, sending both of them tumbling down onto the floor, both trying to win the supremacy by getting on top.

Sakura was practically stunned. He would… kill her? Staring down she felt her eyes sting with tears of sadness, as they locked on her trembling hand. Barely above a whisper, she mouthed: "At this rate I might as well join Itachi!"

Moreover, once again, if she had been able to watch over her shoulder, she would've seen Kakashi's visible eye penetrate her shuddering form.


he bitter warm sake lingered down his throat and made it throb pleasurably. The crimson glare scanned the inn, and the drunken people leaning over the bar to catch the bartender's attention. The hoarse and dry laughter and the coughing caused by the thick smoke in the air, was annoying his senses restlessly.

The faster this was completed, the faster he could get away from this disgraceful sight of humanity. What was the point by rather being numb and careless, than alert and in control? If any shinobis were to attack, nobody in here would be able to protect themselves.

A grunt of disapproval echoed in his ears, and he turned his attention to his companion sitting calmly beside him with am empty glass of sake.

"Itachi… your eyes", he warned grudgingly, and nodded towards the table beside them, were a man was sitting and eyeing them in what looked like horror and perhaps fear. Itachi nodded his understanding and Kisame watched in boredom, as the crimson of Itachi's eyes slowly blackened out in a swirl of sensual flows to a dark moist onyx, dry as dust yet humid as the cold dew in the early morning hours. Itachi hid the process by letting raven hair shadow his features, yet a bit restrained by a forehead protector with a deep cut crossing its length.

"The kunoichi. Why do you need her?" Kisame asked lowly, as if not to gain any attention. Itachi heard him though. He smirked dryly.

The prey needs bait. The boy with Kyubi sealed inside him is fond of her; perhaps even Kyubi had grown attached to Naruto's fondness of the kunoichi, and being able to read her mind, will be the perfect opportunity to get to know, how to sweep pass that boys defenses.

Besides she'll make the perfect coaxing to get Kyubi close enough to capture, and since her, Naruto and my little brother received that a-class mission to find our missing Akatsukies, it'll be just the right moment to catch her… especially since their mission is going to end out futile… The missing-nins have already been taken care of...

"We should be chasing Kyubi instead", Kisame mumbled annoyed, and emptied the glass for the last drops of warm sake. Itachi didn't acknowledge his companion; he merely glanced down at the ring on his finger, moving it so it lightened up, then falling back into the shadows of darkness. If Kisame noticed that sign of boredom, he didn't say anything.

"What curse was it?" Kisame asked lazily. Itachi glared at him from the corner of his eye. Sometimes he wondered, why he bothered keeping such an inconvenience as Kisame with him, but then Kisame had shown himself worthy as a comrade several times on the combat field.

"Mind," Itachi drawled and let the pad of his finger grace the outline of the glass in front of him. Kisame arched one brow mockingly and leaned back in the chair.

"She's superior in genjutsu," he proclaimed. Itachi let out a short chuckle, and pushed away the glass with one smooth motion of his fingers. It slid across the table, and literally hung mere inches out on the edge of the table.

"But she lacks in knowledge," Itachi claimed while watching the glass in fascination, as it tipped on the very edge of its downfall. Kisame furrowed his brows, slightly bothered Itachi constantly talked in riddles. Perhaps, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was damn sure everyone encountering Itachi, would arch at least one eyebrow in confusion, at his riddling talk, though Kisame held his mouth shut, and fought back the sigh.

Itachi was never talkative. He talked, when talked to, but had never been one to lead a conversation, unless it was of important matter, which always meant gather information.

"What do you mean Itachi?" Kisame shrugged. Itachi turned his attention from the glass, and glared at his comrade. What had he expected anyway. That Kisame actually understood him?

"Her mind is far too young to handle this character of a genjutsu."

"Oh…So, basically through her we'll get facts about Naruto and… Kyubi?" Kisame said, as it suddenly dawned on him. Itachi nodded shortly, not deliberately bothering to answer him.

His thoughts keep wandering to that pink-haired kunoichi. That power he had felt. It was almost frightening. It wasn't a power that was threateningly, but if he tried to explain that to Kisame it would take several centuries. It had more been… a soothing force. He knew, she was above average in genjutsu, but it hadn't felt like that element. If it was, his sharingan would have detected it. Whatever it was, he was now determined to figure out. If he was going to be the superior shinobi, he had to know every single bit of information about the powers in the shinobi-world, and that… Sakura-girl… was a wonder to him.

"I should've known. But how can we gain her trust?"

Kisame rudely jerked Itachi back from his thoughts and into reality, and he scowled slightly, yet Kisame didn't notice, since he was far too busy watching the glass, which still stood devastatingly close to the edge.

"She's weak right now. Her self-esteem is lacking, partly because of the seal, but also because of the fact she feels overprotected," Itachi bothered to respond.

"But she is-"

"-because my stupid little brother and his team never gave her the opportunity to develop the force slumbering within her," Itachi cut of Kisame of in a somewhat rude manner.

Lazily he slid up from his chair in a graceful and elegant motion, the heavy cloak whizzing in the air, and with a nod of his head, he motioned Kisame to follow his example.

Kisame stood up, a bit more clumsily, and pushed down the hat to cover his eyes. Itachi activated his sharingan, and pulled down his hat too. With a curt nod at Kisame, both of them slid away from the table.

The glass tipped over the edge of the table, finally surrendered to its destiny and cut through the thick smoky air, and cascaded out into small silver spikes around the floor with a shattering sound piercing through the air. Nobody heard, and neither did anyone notice the two Akatsukies leaving the bar.


hey stepped out into the fresh air, and immediately took of with a flash of chakra pushing them of the ground.

"So you say you can feel her full ki, when she's emotional?" Kisame asked as they practically sprinted through the cold and snowy landscapes, heading for their temporary headquarter which was literally just on old hut buried in snow. Itachi nodded at Kisame. Kisame frowned thoughtfully.

"How emotional?" he asked after some time. The cold snow hit his face like sharp needles puncturing his skin, and he wrinkled his nose. Itachi didn't seem bothered by the speed, they were traveling at.

At least their cloaks were able to keep out the cold.

A sudden jolt of chakra floated down Itachi, and subconsciously he heightened the speed. Kisame arched one brow, but tried his best to keep up with Itachi, who seemed oblivious to the world. Not to mention he hadn't answered his question yet. Just as he was about to ask once more, Itachi turned his blazing crimson gaze to his.

"As proved at countless encounters before, it does bloom when she's outraged and furious…" he exclaimed slowly.


"With positive emotions her ki blooms to exceptional heights."

His voice was low for some reason. Kisame wasn't stupid enough to oversee the fact, Itachi was bothered. But by what? Had it something to do with that dumb hussy from the Copy Ninja's team?

Another jolt of chakra and Itachi heightened the speed once more. Kisame felt his body start to betray him, but forced himself to speed up again, ignoring the sore throbbing in his body now, and the blackening of his eyes.

He very well knew, Itachi truly had an amazing amount of chakra gathered inside of him, and didn't want to be a hindrance, because of the fear he might abandon him to himself. Itachi had been the only one to ever actually see some potential in him, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let that slip away. It was just like with that kunoichi. Itachi was also the only one seeing the potential in her.

"…Why did you give her the antidote to the pain?" Kisame choked out. Itachi suddenly came to a halt, apparently realising his unintentional speeding.

Kisame gratefully felt the speed lack in power, and could see the outline of a little snowy hill in the horizon. Their headquarter.

"In the beginning the seal has to force her body to accept it. That's a painful process, and if she concentrates too much on her pain, her mind blocks out everything else, including the information we seek," Itachi explained, as he too eyed the hill of snow.

Kisame nodded.

"Oh. But its in the beginning then?"

"It will take a few weeks to get the body to cooperate with the seal," Itachi explained, as he gracefully looped down onto the snow, his cloak whirling around him, before nestling as a circle around his kneeling body.

Kisame landed beside him, just as Itachi steadied himself, his spine now straight. Itachi gestured for Kisame to start undoing the traps around the hut concerning several kunais and shurikens, supposed to keep uninvited company away, the time they were gone.

"How long does the antidote you gave the kunoichi last?" Kisame asked, as he undid the transparent thread, and Itachi easily dodged the kunais that were shot up from the snow. Pretty much carelessly Kisame undid another, and Itachi leapt away from it too, not seeming exceptionally bothered, as he undid another one himself, and made Kisame dodge it, though not as gracefully, as he performed himself.

"About five days," Itachi shrugged, and glared at Kisame, as he undid the last trap. Then he strolled pass him and pushed the door open, a heavy wind blowing through the little hut. Kisame entered right behind him, and closed the door, effectively suffocating the wind.

"Hn… Then you must seek her out once more," he stated the obvious. Itachi nodded.

"Will you activate the seal then?"

"I assume, if the seal has rested in her body by then, I will be able to!"

Kisame watched as Itachi walked over to their food-supplies and started sorting it. Kisame decided to join him. Now that they had found the pink-haired kunoichi, there weren't much else to do than just wait, until the seal eventually would be functional enough to be benefiting.

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