So, I have an announcement to make. And yes, I am using my fanfiction account to shamelessly promote my original work. I have posted a finished book called Legacy of the Gods on authonomy. com. If you are interested in original fiction, I would appreciate it very much if you went and checked it out (and perhaps even found the time to rate it). I promise you, it is of the exact same quality as the (new) stuff I have written on here, and it even deals with the some of the same themes and elements. If you have already read it on fictionpress, then I encourage you to read it again on authonomy. The version on authonomy is the revised and the finished version.

The link is: authonomy .com/books/39891/legacy-of-the-gods-/

(And, don't worry. I'm still working on Second Time Around and Narcissus!)