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-o-O-o-O-o- Prologue: Mercy and Judgment -o-O-o-O-o-

Death-kissed white angel—encaged by bound wings,

Robed in your doubt and your blood-tainted things…

The kindness of anguish— hard-shattered by sin

Corrupts the stone soul that cries out from within!


His haunted eyes stare forth—blank—glazed with grief

And even fair torture brings no hateful relief.

His master, the doom creature, yawned and then sat,

"Who killed the small children, Imp! Whose crime is that?"

The mocking shroud jumped up and before him danced,

In angel's spilled penance-blood he—glee-filled—pranced.

The Angel of Grace's soul, it gives no moan,

No cry of pain screamed out to echo the Throne.


He sits in his silence, and turns then—deliberate.

"I'm Angel of Mercy, but the crime is to give it?

I killed no poor children, my conscience is pure.

My spirit is fallen, but I won't be demure!"

And he strikes the tormentor—soon his chains rattle free

"If I am the culprit, then the curse is on me…

If I am the sinner, then I am doubly blamed—

And am doubly branded, and am doubly shamed."


He eyes his white fingers—all trembling with wrath

"If I'm Angel of Mercy, then grace is my path…

If his body is broken, but his heart's still in place,

I'll wander blue planet, calm…to just see his face

So less wracked with his anguish, his judgment and strife—

Leech that plagued his pure heart for his whole accursed life!"

Thus he wandered so boldly out to Israfel's cell

To save Judgment's Angel from his own private Hell.


He found the young angel, half-painted with blood

The tears bid to drown him, in penitent flood.

The Angel of Mercy rushed quick to his side,

When asked what he had left, the boy's response: "Pride"

The Angel of Judgment eyed sorrow-torn wings,

He asked Mercy's Angel if the sword of death brings

Out relief to the heart that seemed shattered with past.

Mercy smiled softly and released him at last.


Earth-bound soft creature—confused by his wings,

Robed in warm solace and puppet's steel strings…

The clouds of his miserable shattered red sin,

Corrupts the kind heart that rips scars from within!


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