A/n: Well this will no doubt be a long, complicated, angsty fic… but that's what I do best. It will also be GaaNaru eventually… at some point in time in the future. Anyway, every chapter will have its own little soundtrack. At the beginning of each chapter, there will be a song named that goes with the story; sometimes there will be places to get the song, sometimes not. It's not required to listen to the music (obviously) but it adds to the atmosphere I suppose.

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto I obviously wouldn't be writing fan fiction…

Song: Green Bird from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack (can be found at bestanime dot com, C, Cowboy Bebop, archive, music clips)

Itseemed like the first time. He was falling into darkness, but it was different this time. The darkness was embracing him. He felt like he was floating away in a sea of black, it comforted him somehow. He could see the light, but it was of no consequence to him. The light was just where he was from; the pitch black was where he belonged. The darkness caressed his skin and he closed his eyes. He was floating away, floating to a better place. The light was nearly gone now, when suddenly a hand was thrust through the small opening in the dark cracking the blackness. The hand was reaching for him and he had no idea why, he liked the darkness. This was when he realized that the darkness wasn't caressing him or embracing him, it was drowning him. He struggled, trying to get free. He tried to shout out to the hand reaching for him, he tried to reach out. All that happened was bubbles, a lack of oxygen and a realization that his arms were pinned to his sides. He could feel his strength ebbing away, he could feel that he would lose this fight, and yet he kept struggling, even as he fell away.