Yes, Josh?

Why are you lying on my sofa?

Because I'm tired. And you're not working.

Why my sofa?

Because you won't buy me my own. And it's not like I actually have an office to sleep in, is it?

Oh. Yeah, that makes sense.

Could give me a raise…

You're sleeping on my sofa! Isn't it good enough for you?

Yes Joshua. Because, as we all know, your slightly… well, old sofa... is so beneficial to my health…

Why wouldn't it be?



You're sitting on my sofa!

Actually, my sofa, so I think I have the right.… besides, you said it was unhealthy, and I'm testing it.

Y'know, if you moved over I could sit next to you…

Josh. I was, in actual fact, sitting here, comfortably, taking a five minute break until you got back from the hill. Then you come back and expect me to work?

Hey, you want a pay rise, you gotta earn it.

You don't do anything all day and yet you get a pay raise.

A little harsh, weren't we there Donna?

My sofa, Josh.


Actually the White House's. But it's my domain. You'd never survive without me.

Hold up…so it's the President's sofa?

Technically, yes. Do you think he'd allow one of his hard, hard working employees to take a little break on it?

I'll be sure to bring that up in staff.

And I'm sure I'll remind you about it tomorrow.

I look forward to it.

Oh. By the way, when you were gone, Toby called.

Now, that's precisely the information you tell me before I enter the room Donna, not after I make myself all nice and comfortable on this little sofa.

It'd be bigger if you weren't on it.

It'd be bigger if you moved.

Calling me fat now Josh?

What! No! Of course not… I'd say, more curvaceous. In a good way. Ow! No need to hit me.

I'm sure CJ wouldn't mind it.

Yeah, because the headline, "Assistant Beats Boss In White House" doesn't really look so good right now.

You think?

You don't?

No. I think it'd be a great story. "Assistants fight back against domineering bosses."

I'm sure we're domineering in more ways than one.

You want a sexual harassment suit to go with that?

Depends. Am I being sued before or after the sex?

Before. The White House Deputy Chief of Staff doesn't get sex. Unless you get it during your meeting with Toby, which, by the way, you are late for…


Yes Josh?

If I ask nicely, will you go back to work?

Are you capable of asking nicely or should I skip past this bit and get back to my desk?


That's a yes then… ok, now I'm working again. Damn it. No nap.

You have the memo for the thing I'm going to?

Desk, top left, under paper weight, with post it saying TOBY – MEETING on it.

Wow. How did I miss that?

Gee, I don't know…

I hate it when you're sarcastic.

And Toby hates you on a good day. And you're late.

I'm going, I'm going! Be back when I get back?

You're going down the hall.

I'm taking that as a yes.

Aren't I always?