The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky, Aragorn sat out on the green lawn in Gondor's private garden, one arm looped over his wife's shoulder's, the other hand resting next to his best friend's. He was relaxed and happy, a gentle smile on his handsome face. For the fifth time his hand was moved to his wife's stomach, to feel the gently kicking of the baby who had slowed his life down. It was still hard for him to shed the ranger, and it was times like these the old Strider in him reared it's head, demanding attention. The musical laughter of both elves next to him made his smile widen.

"Estel, your child will not be born any sooner if you keep feeling it!" Arwen protested in a joking manner, swatting his hand away from her stomach. He reached his hand back but she gripped it, kissing the fingers gently.

"No Estel, leave it be," she said softly, leaning her head against his shoulder. The other elf smiled at his two friends, anyone else might have felt like a third wheel, but this particular group had known each other for nearly sixty years. The blonde elf reached over and put his own hand on her stomach. The Queen of Gondor laughed.

"Guards! Guards!" she called softly. "I am being attacked!' Aragorn smiled.

"I will save you O lady Queen!" he cried, pretending to attack an invisible dragon.

"Oh Elessar! My hero! But where, pray tell is that elf who is so much more charming then yourself?"

"Right here, Great Queen Mel!"

"All hail Queen Mel!" Aragorn chanted, kissing his wife.

"Oh, you make me feel young!" Arwen giggled, "You two haven't called me Mel… well since before the quest!"

"I know dearest, a mistake I assure you. Aragorn told her, kissing her hand again. The lady Arwen smiled.


The cries stopped, and Aragorn froze mid pace.

"Legolas!" he said fearfully, "She's stopped screaming!" The elf smiled and embraced the human.

"Hush mellon nin, she is fine. Soon you will have a beautiful Prince or Princess." The human smiled ruefully.

"I always wanted a daughter, maybe it's because I never had much of a sister…" he motioned with his head to Arwen's chamber. Legolas laughed and embraced the other being again. A small servant appeared at the door.

"My Lord, your lovely wife has given birth." He had barely finished the sentence before elf and ranger-or rather, King, had entered the room. Both beamed down at the baby in Arwen's arms.

"May I…" Aragorn seemed hesitant. Arwen smiled and handed the baby to him.

"It is a girl," she said pointedly, glancing at her husband, the man smiled and handed the baby to Legolas, who's eyes widened.


"We decided that you would be given the honor of naming my-erm, our first daughter, Legolas Prince of Mirkwood, I hereby name you guardian of this babe, and if any harm should come to us," he didn't miss the slightly frightened look on the others face at the thought of harm, "she shall be passed to you. You may now name the babe."

"Oh little Aragorniel, What shall your name be, your grandfather was a very wise elf you know, he would come up with… Elhael, wise elf, in honor of your mother, and my second father."

"Elhael, my beautiful daughter," Aragorn said fondly as Legolas handed back the baby. They left Arwen in peace and when the reached the hall Legolas embraced his friend with a grin, tears shining in his eyes.

"Mellon nin, that was the best gift I have ever received. Thank you."


(Or is it….)