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Those Sharingan Eyes.

Chapter 1: Inquiry



Something was wrong with Sakura.

He could feel it, see it in the way she had been acting latel; her silence coming at the most abrupt and unpredictable times, her unattentiveness during the middle of a mission, important or not. Though subtle, he would always catch those breif moments where her deep emerald eyes would transition around any area, almost frantically. There was no emotion flickering in their depths, that she was good at; but he only needed the habits to know that something was out of the ordinary.

That Sakura's behavior was out of the ordinary.

What had bothered him the most, or more to say caught his attention, was the fact that she had stopped with her fangirl antics; she had halted seeking to be with him every moment of the day, touch him whenever possible. Her large, emerald orbs wouldn't even wander in his direction to even look at him, only when it was deemed neccessary, and those moments were very quick, hurried glances. It was almost as if she was scared of him; it was clearly observable the fact that she couldn't stand being alone with him anymore.

His deep obsidian eyes glanced to his side as a small puff of a cloud invaded his periphreal vision; sounded by an all too familiar voice.

"Yo!" Naruto's cheesy grin reached ear to ear as he crouched, almost cat-like, balancing himself on the rail of the bridge they waited on, his location behind the Uchiha. His vibrant cerulean eyes gleamed regardless of the nearly opaque sky, a factor in representing his infamous cheerful mood. Sasuke did not glance at his overjoyous teamate however.

It was a very quick transition, his glance to Sakura.

Releif seemed to overwhelm her at the sight of their teamate, her shoulders greatly declining as she silently let out a large breath, reminiscent of a sigh.

It seemed to go in slow motion, the meeting of their gazes; deep obsidian clashed with emerald.

This view lasted a very minute amount of time before the form of Naruto's body obscured their vision. He was only passing in between them, his impatient footsteps leading him close to the end of the bridge. His gaze mimicked an annoyed on as his cerulean orbs stared ahead past the road that took its foundation from the bridge. It seemed his dissapointment came from the absense of someone.

When Naruto had passed them, Sasuke looked back to Sakura, to see that her gaze was now averted, intentionally, determinedly as she looked down to her feet.

It was early evening, and the sun's setting had created clashes of oranges and blues and purples in the broad sky. It was a bit windy, enough to move the crisp, colorful leaves that had fallen from the trees due to the presence of fall.

Gazes were transitioned yet again as another puff of smoke occured nearby.

"Yo!" Kakashi's cheerful voice sounded their ears.

In one hand was his fantasy book, the other held up in showing of his watch.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Solely sounded was the voice of Naruto, whose tone was more annoyed than angry, accostumed than suprised. Missing was the usual reprimanding tone of Sakura's. She seemed unbothered by his lateness.

"Actually you guys were early. I could have sworn I told you all to be here at-"

"Save it." Naruto dissmissed with a wave of his hand, moving his body to lean against the rail of the bridge as Sasuke was.

"Well then, I wanted to ask that you all come here early tomorrow morning, earlier than usual."

"Like that'll be a problem." Naruto muttered under his breath.

"Oh?"Kakashi started, his voice mocking. He lowered his "Icha Icha Paradise' booklet to look at them all. "If you all get here before me, I might consider letting you have the day off." He gave a small salute before dissapearing in the same puff of smoke that had announced his appearance.

"He can't be serious. Of course we'll be there before him right guys?" His cerulean gaze looked to Sasuke and Sakura only to scratch in his head in slight embarrasment when they said nothing. It took a few moments of silence before his harsh intake of breath sounded the area. He had grabbed his head in disbeleif.

"Iruka! I forgot!"It took no few seconds before had already dissapeared, it also seemed to have slipped his mind to say goodbye to his teamates, not that they really cared.

Sasuke let out a small, hardly discernable sigh before using the momentum of his back against the rail and his feet's distance to handlessly push himself away from the railings. Hands still in his pocket, he started to walk to the other end of the bridge.

He was stopped in accordance to the very light, subtle tug of his deep blue shirt. Letting his onyx orbs travel to his side, he followed that hand that was still timidly grasped in his shirt.

It was Sakura.

"Sasuke-kun," Her voice was very quiet, yet drawing. The tone laced with her words was very uncomfortable, yet seemingly desperate. "Could you walk me home?" Her inquiry seeemed forced, yet pleading.

The Uchiha's gaze transitioned down to the portion of the shirt that now both of her hands were clenched in.

"...Sakura, you live in the comple opposite side of town from-" He paused in his words as his gaze rose to the kunochi's face.

Deep writhing worry. So intense it was the emotion etched into her face that it could transcend into fear. If there wasn't already a bite of coldness to the air he would have depicted her slight trembling as resultant of this emotion of hers. Behind her eyes this same..fear flickered, as well as her pleading. There was also a sort of calmness, noticeably feigned as those same emerald eyes glanced behing them, darting to a lone tree that protruded out from the rest of the forest surrounding them. This was almost subtle as her large, bead-like eyes refocused on him.

The urge was rolling off of her it seemed, the want to add a "please" to her inquiry, but for some reason she didn't. For some reason she didn't want to force him.

He didn't know what it was that overcame him, but a small fluttering in his gut almost burned. It was curiosity, but much deeper than that. For some reason it was almost like a type of anger flickering. Discontent at what had caused Sakura to act in such a way.

"What's wrong,Sakura?" His voice, his inquiry was abrupt. His gaze never left hers, even as she nervously looked to the ground before them.

"G-Gomen, I was just wondering if you could take me- at least half the way."

He wasn't quite sure how to react, usually when she would ask him to walk her home, her eyes would be flashing and she would have a bright smile on her face. So of course he would say no. But this was different. She didn't seem to be asking him from the desire of a teenage school-girl. It was something much more serious.

"Ah." He muttered.

He didn't say anything else as turned from his original direction, and started his casual pace towards the opposite side of the bridge, opposite from where he lived. Though he kept his senses flared to make sure Sakura caught the hint and followed him. Her quick, hurried steps helped her next to his slow stride.


None of them had spoken a single word as they continued to walk along the empty stone-cobbled road. Sasuke's laconence was resultant of the fact that he normally was with few words, but also due to his current annoyance, its roots stemming from Sakura. Annoyance that her worried emerald gaze continued to transition all around them, her uncomfortableness was rolling off of her in waves, her body rigid and unrelaxed.

He had noticed through his rounds of continuous watching. It was slightly ironic, though, had Sakura not been how she was now, she would have been ecstatic about that gact that he was looking at her, for a prolonged amount of time. But now, she hadn't even noticed. It seemed her only concern with him was having her body tuned into where he was so that she stayed close; her mind wasn't on him in any way.

She looked like a child who was afraid of some monster that would lurk up behind them in the darkness. But Sakura wasn't any child. She was seventeen years old, a kunoichi of Konoha. He knew she couldn't be afraid of monsters. But when he would see the expression on her face, it would give him this sense of foreboding as if, there was some kind of monster. Watching. Waiting.

They rounded the last corner of the now deserted street, and homed in on the house that was in sights distance. A few more bated moments led them to her door step. And it was then that Sasuke moved in front of Sakura, stopping her progression. In suprise she bumped into him, but his strong sturdy chest nearly bounced her off, and he didn't budge and inch. His gaze was serious as as he looked down at her, and she finally, yet timidly, met her gaze.

"What's wrong Sakura?" The same inquiry as before.

She quickly pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, avoiding his gaze. "Nothing!Nothing..don't worry." She had replied a little bit too fast. She was smiling, but he already knew she was faking it. Sakura hurried past the unsatisfied Uchiha, almost clumsily inserting her key into the door. As she opened it she quickly faced him muttering a quick thankyou before shutting the door behind her.

She left Sasuke standing, dumbfounded on the dark street.

He glanced at her door one last time before sighing, turning and silently walking away with his hands in his pockets.


"Ohayou Sasuke-kun." Sakura's very soft voice tickled his ears as he took his first step onto the bridge, its lenghts overlaying the cystralline waters below. His deep obsidian orbs breifly transitioned to her, noticing her averted gaze. As he moved himself to lean against the wooden railing of the bridge he let his gaze travel to her again.

She was paler than usual. And that same paleness laid sight to the opaque rings resting below her dull emerald orbs. As if she noticed his gaze, as if self-concious, her body spun, almost two quickly in the other direction before she casually leaned her upper body over the rail of the bridge. Her elbows position on its width, her hands cupped under her face as she gazed at the continous stream below. It was obvious she tried to feign a calm action, but she made the mistake in letting her entire body remain tense, unrelaxed.

He said, nor did nothing. It wasn't his business, and through one attempt he was already annoyed with trying to figure out what was going on with her. A missed nights rest wasn't anything serious, it didn't imply that she was in any mortal danger. It didn't concern him.

His gaze had long since transitioned away, his cool, monotone demeanor intact.

"Naruto's later than usual." Her soft voice once again broke the silence. "I'm kind worried for him."

"Why?" His simple reply came slow, resultant of his nonexistent desire to have any conversation at all whatsoever, and his slight pondering as to why his female teamate would be worried over such a small occurrence, unusual.

"I kinda want to go check on him.."She slightly paused in her words as she stepped away from the railing, turning to face him, almost hesitantly. "Can you come with me?"

Sasuke remained his his position, his gaze not traveling to Sakura.

"Please?" Before he could have said anything she had added in the small plea, casual and sweet in her saying, but with slight urge behind it, the reason to which she had added her small word. She didn't want to go by herself.


Sakura slightly paused before taking a step towards Naruto's door, and raising her small hand up to knock. Sasuke was to her side, leaning his back against the wall slightly by the door, his hands in his pockets as he watched her.

She let her fist rythm of locks lightly tap the door.


The let her second rythm of knocks moderatley thump the door.

There was still only silence that greeted them.

"Naruto?" She continued knocking on the door, to occupied with that, with a slight emotion rising up into her to notice how quiet Sasuke was, or to even look at him. Only when she looked at him for guidance on what to do did her eyes slightly widen.

Sasuke's arm was positioned slightly above him against the wall as his head rested against it. His breaths were very long and slow. It seemed to come from nausea. Nausea at a smell only he seemed to inhale, and memories.


"Open the door." His words almost cut her off as his head remained hidden against his arm. She looked at the Uchiha with slight worry a moment longer before obeying and slowly twisting the nob. Only when the nob had halted in its ability to turn did she apply pressure against it, sounding the large, creaking noise as it began its opening.

Sasuke lifted up his head, still remaining in the same position.

It was only then that Sakura seemed to notice the smell as it came wafting to them. She slightly paused before taking her fist step into the lightless space. "What's that smell?" Shei nquired more so to herself than anyone.

Sasuke had just pushed himself off the wall when Sakura's shreak sounded his ears. He bolted from his position to find himself inside the place, his eyes resting on Sakura, who had fallen next Naruto, sprawled out on the ground, covered in blood.

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