A/N: I do not own any part of Hogan's Heroes or MacGyver. The inspiration for Sarah is based on a real woman who fought bravely for the French Resistance during WWII. I believe this person is still alive and since I have no way to contact her to see if I can use her in my story, I have changed her name.

Chapter 1: Are You Crazy?

Colonel Robert Hogan sat on the bench in front of Barrack 2 watchingsome men participate in a volleyball game. Currently, Barrack 3 was beating Barrack 6.

His eyes drifted over to the tree line just beyond the barbed wire and thought about all he would be missing back home. Home. Lately, home has a couple of different meanings. If he was back home in Connecticut, he, Tom and George would probable be helping their mom with the garden.

Another definition for home is Stalag 13, where he was. Colonel Hogan wasn't any ordinary POW and Stalag 13 was not an ordinary POW camp. Colonel Hogan was not only the senior POW, but he also lead a small group of men in the ways of sabotage and anything else they could do to be a thorn in Germany's side.

Below the camp, there was a vast tunnel system that housed radio equipment, German and civilian clothes, laboratory, machine shop, counterfeit printing press and library. These tunnels had entrances into just about every building in camp including barracks, the cooler and the Kommandant's quarters.

Sergeant Ivan "Kinch" Kinchloe or Sergeant James Baker usually handled all radio communications with either the underground or London. Today was Kinch's turn at the radio. London needed to speak with Colonel Hogan concerning their next mission. Kinch walked outside and saw his CO taking it easy and watching the game.

Kinch sat down next to Hogan and made sure no German ears were around. "Sir, London is on the radio and they need to speak to you now. They said its urgent."

Without taking his eyes off the game, Hogan said "Did they say please?"

Kinch gave Hogan a questioning look "No."

"They want to make us do all the work and take all the risk and they can't say please. I don't know why I bother braking my neck for them."

"I think it has something to do with a court martial Sir."

"If I get taken in to be questioned by the Gestapo many more times, I am going to welcome a court martial from London." Hogan groaned as he stood up. His ribs were still sore from his recent "talk" with Major Hochstetter, head of the Hammelburg Gestapo and a royal pain in his side and everywhere else.

Kinch stood quietly and followed his CO into the barrack. Hogan went straight down to the tunnel, followed by the rest of the men in his group.

Hogan picked up the mike, "Goldilocks, this is Papa Bear. Go ahead Goldilocks."

"Papa Bear, we have an important mission for you. It is extremely dangerous. A leader in the French Resistance has been taken prisoner and is on her way to Berlin to be questioned."

Her? Tiger? No! Please God no! Hogan could not hide his fears as he asked "Is it Tiger?"

"No Colonel," Hogan let out a sigh of relief. "The Germans have code named her White Fox."

Corporal Louis LeBeau, a member of the French Resistance, and of Hogan's group and a gourmet chief, got excited. "I have heard of her before I was captured. She has freed many of my people who were captured and got them to Spain. She helped get weapons and radios to the underground. Sir, We have to help her."

Hogan motioned for LeBeau to keep it down while he finished talking with London. "Let me get this straight. You want us to go to Berlin and bust out Gestapo's most wanted and get her London."

"Yes Papa Bear, that's correct."

"How are we suppose to do that? Do you have any idea how far Berlin is from Stalag 13? How are we supposed to get there and not be missed from camp? Ask Klink for a pass? And considering that she is an important prisoner, they are going to bring in their best interrogator, Hochstetter. No matter what disguise I wear, he will be able to recognize me and there goes the operation."

No one really could blame Hogan for his hostility at what London was asking. When Hochstetter brought Hogan back after their last talk, he was in bad shape. Hochstetter had managed to break one of his ribs, sprained his wrist, gave him a concussion and many cuts and bruises. Hogan was barley conscious when he was carelessly tossed out of the truck. Hogan didn't want to go through that again and didn't want his men to endure that. If Hochstetter caught them in Berlin trying to brake out such an important prisoner as White Fox, no one would be able to hold him back from the pain he would inflict on them. There would be no Luftwaffe or Geneva Convention to protect them.

"What cost should be paid to get White Fox out?"

"Colonel, if they are able to get her to talk, the underground and French resistance will be through. Not to mention your operation there at Stalag 13. Yes Colonel, she has information concerning that also. So you see, your operation is at risk either way." There was silence on the other end. Hogan was too busy thinking and weighing the odds. "We will see what we can do about helping you. If we are able to send anyone, the recognition code is: I prefer liquid sunshine over snow except on May Day."

"Papa Bear received and standing by. Over and out." Everyone noticed how badly Hogan's hand was shaking when he set the mike down.

"Merci mon Colonel." LeBeau thanked cheerfully.

"So what's the plan Colonel?" Corporal Peter Newkirk asked lighting a cigarette. Newkirk was in the RAF and the resident scavenger, thief, safe and lock cracker.

"I don't know." Hogan paced for a moment and then sat down when his ribs started to hurt. I don't know if I am healed enough to go on this mission. Because of Hochstetter being there, I wont be able to go in with my men. This is making my head hurt. After a moment of silence, Hogan stood up and headed toward the ladder leading back to the barrack. "I will let you know when I come up with something."