-cough- ok, everybody, i'm real sorry about my millenia long hiatus, but i'm back, you can put your pitchforks down:D

... Guys? I said you could put 'em down...

-climbs up a tree-

OKOK. Listen, I was rereading this story and I got to thinking. It was TOTAL crap. I HAVE to redo it or i'll DIE ok? O.K.
I've got a bit of a new plot idea, Serah and Mort are still gonna have a baby, don't worry. But the story will be much more exciting and adventurous then I originally planned. So heres a quick run-down.

Serah and Mort are having a baby, while excited, and worried about what will become of the child, they face another problem. Where on earth are they going to have it? They can't just go to a hospitol, and nobody in the Brotherhood is qualified for this. They have only one place to turn to. The X-Men.

And since I still hope to make this story longer then the other two (not combined mind you.) but I want it better, bigger, and more detailed then the last two. I want to dig a bit deeper in Serah, and into Mort's past. So you know, this'll be over some time.

Anyway, I will reward your great patience with me, by giving you the brand new chapter! ENJOY!!!!