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Chapter Six

School Rule #365

Hermione Granger, top student of Hogwarts School, Prefect of Gryffindor house, and three-time winner of the 'Most Organized Student' award, snuck along a darkened corridor and prepared to uphold Dorm Rule #12:"That a student will not remove from his or her dorm after midnight, unless holding Prefect or Head status."

Of course Malfoy would be exempt from that one because he was also a prefect, but Hermione was also hoping to uphold School Rule #365: "That the Astronomy Tower shall not be occupied by any student without permission, except for classroom-related activities." She didn't think that consummating love beneath the stars would be considered a classroom related activity.

At the foot of the Tower stairs, she paused and listened, wand out. She didn't want to be witness to anything unpleasant, so she had come half an hour early and was going to lay in wait until they started something incriminating. Which, in her books, was to show their faces at all.

A few clouds and the moon greeted her as she emerged into what was not an unpleasant night for the middle of Spring in England. The flagstones were dotted with the old Magitrix Stellascopes, providing good ground cover; Hermione chose a Stellascope in the shadows beside the door and tucked herself under it's protective tarp.

And waited.

After a time, she started to shiver and had to perform a mild heat spell. The moon was covered by an errant cloud – did she hear the door squeak? No, the shadows remained undisturbed. She checked her watch; both miscreants were almost half an hour late. The breeze died to a whisper; her bottom started to get cold despite the heat spells, and the thought occurred to her that they might have changed the meeting to another night, and that she may be waiting fruitlessly.

On the other hand, if she gave up and ventured down the stairs, she might run into them face first on their tardy way up. Indecision gripped her, the cold gripped her; a hand snaked under the tarp and also gripped her.

She screamed and thrashed around, making the heavy Stellascope rock dangerously. There was an expletive from her attacker as her foot connected with an unseen part of anatomy, and the hand let go. She squirmed out the other side and made for the protective shadow of the rest of the scopes, but heavy footsteps cut her off and she looked up at...Of course.


He anticipated her by seizing her wand arm and tucking it behind her back, not enough to hurt but enough to stop her from hexing him into the next millennium.

"Granger." He leant back to avoid her left-handed swing. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Let go of me!" She scratched at him until he grabbed her other wrist as well.

Effectively immobilized, Hermione looked about. "Where's Cho?"

He raised his eyebrows inquiringly. "Sorry?"

"Don't play innocent with me, Malfoy. I had reliable informants! You were meeting her up here illegally at midnight, and I..." She trailed off. "I must have fallen asleep. She's come and gone, hasn't she?"

"If Chang was up here, she certainly wasn't with me. Your informants, whoever they are, are not up to standard." This last with an inexplicable smirk.

"Don't fool yourself, Malfoy. You're here, aren't you? I'm going to report you to McGonagall first thing tomorrow."

"Funny, that was exactly what I was going to do to you."

They stared at each other.

"But I was here first!"

He squeezed her captive wrists. "But I have the upper hand."

Hermione felt pleasantly like she had entered a romance novel, where the attractive baddie had pinned the shivering heroine. She tugged at her wrists in an extremely half-hearted manner.

"You can't report me; I wasn't doing anything illegal."

"Alas, according to School Rule #365, you can't be here without permission, unless it's for a classroom-related activity. And I don't think hiding under a Stellascope is considered a classroom-related activity."

"You've read the rules too?"

"Only the ones I break on a regular basis."

She sighed. "Well, we can't report each other, that would be stupid."

"It seems we have come to an impasse," he agreed.

"I still want you to let go of me."

"If I let go of you, you'll hex me," he said, reasonably enough.

"My fingers are getting frostbite, I wouldn't be able to."

"You do feel rather cold..."

"Yes, and my toes – oi! What are you – put that away!"

He had transferred her wrists to one hand, and pulled out his wand.

"What are you doing?!"

"Casting a...Ow!"

He hopped on one foot, unfortunately not releasing her arms in the process.

"Don't point that thing anywhere near me!" She hissed, the romance novel fading. She was, after all, at the top of the tower where no one ever came, with her worst enemy and no access to her wand.


"Just let go!"

She threw her whole weight backwards, the way toddlers do when they want to break free, and he was jerked forward. She kicked him in the shin again.

"Ow! Granger!"

She twisted so her elbow could bend and tried to smash him in the face – he was too tall, damn him – and then actually reduced herself to biting at his hand where it closed over hers.

He responded by lifting his – and her – arms over her head where she couldn't reach them with her mouth.

"Granger...You are the most..." She looked up at his face. He was laughing at her.

He was laughing at her, the twonk, and her fingers were going to fall off at any second.

She resorted to her final, most trusted weapon, and scythed her knee up towards his groin. Apparently those sort of painful tricks didn't work twice, however. He twisted his hips aside easily, and, getting fed up, pushed her into a wall. Which involved his whole body being pressed up against hers, Hermione noticed.

"Well, isn't this familiar," he purred, right into her ear.

"Familiar?" she squeaked, her brain having gone haywire.

"Just like on the train," he said.

"Or on the lawn," she heard herself say, then chomped down on her lips to prevent them from moving without her permission. The movement brought his eyes to her mouth, where they narrowed slightly.

"The lawn...Yes, that's right. When you jumped me and expressed your overwhelming desire for my wonderful physique. Yes, it's all coming back to me now."

"I DO NOT DESIRE YOU," she said, speaking a little louder than she had meant to.

He winced. "For Christ's sake Granger, way to ruin the moment."

"I..." She said, appalled that he'd actually acknowledged that there was a 'moment'.

"What was I saying...Oh, yes, that you desired me." He smiled. "Do feel free to continue in that vein."

Still pinned into submission, she glared at him. "I would never say I desired you, Malfoy. Not even if I was being tortured with the unforgivable curses." She tended to get dramatic when she was stressed.

He kissed her neck.

She gasped and jumped like she'd been struck with lightning. Ignoring this, he kissed her jaw, then the sensitive skin below her ear.

"There are many different..." He kissed her earlobe, then bit it gently.

"...types of torture." He slid her cloak away from her shoulder and kissed slowly, maddeningly across her collarbone to the base of her throat.

Hermione felt like she was in one of her own daydreams; exactly the way they played out in her head. She held still, and concentrated on Draco's sensitive tongue, currently dipping into the hollow at her throat. Any minute now...

He straightened. She breathed in and out, saying nothing, eyes fixed on his mouth. Then, just like the perfect script, he leant down; their breaths intertwined, and her eyes slid shut.

But no kiss came. Her eyes flew open as she suspected a prank, but there he was, hovering a few inches from her face. She held her breath for a second, confused, until she realized what he wanted.

In a significant deviation from her script, he wanted her to kiss him; in a non-verbal admission of desire. All it would take was the tilt of her head, but this time, she wouldn't be able to plead intoxication if she got caught. Still, it wasn't like she was admitting her undying love; it was easy enough to admit to lust. Eyes still open, she tipped her mouth up to meet his.

He had won the first battle.

There was a brief power struggle as they kissed; neither closed their eyes. But he was better; she had no hope of winning. He used every trick, kissing aggressively, toying with her. She relented, twining her hands around his neck and letting him press her against the wall.

The cold air skimmed their skin, the moon bestowed it's frosty enchanted glow, and the two entwined figures on the tower became, for a moment, part of a tableau as lovely as the one Hermione had gazed jealously at the day before.

Hermione felt her daydream become complete reality as she tilted her head upwards to demand another kiss - and received it. They kissed until they ran out of breath, then pulled apart, panting and filling the shadows with their warmth. It had gotten late, and the night had deepened into a piercing, cloudy cold. She shivered and looked at him wonderingly.

Draco, still holding her, could barely see her face in the darkness.

"Light..." he muttered, and was about to let her go to get his wand when someone obligingly raised a lamp. He read her face with satisfaction. Ha! No-one could resist his charms!

Hermione gasped in horror and Draco belatedly realized that someone had to be holding the lamp.

"Well, I never," said Filch. "Two prefects canoodling on the forbidden tower! Just wait until Severus hears about this!"