Ranma 1/2 : A Whole New Adventure.

This fic was inspired by Donny Chengs fanfic Another Time, Same Place. Credit where its due. My writing style may change during the course of this fic as iv never wrote a story before, not even when i was at school(i used to fall asleep at school alot :P )

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Ranma dodged another punch leveled at his head by the demon in front of him. Blocking was not an option as the said demon had rock hard knuckles and the power to put them through a tank. Fighting a seven foot demon was not as shocking to Ranma as who was fighting alongside him. "Yo, back off, i can handle this myself." Ranma shouted at Pantyhose Taro while throwing a Moko Takabisha at the demon. His usually over inflatted self esteem was not at its greatest, meaning its power was lacking any real punch as the demon just shrugged it off.

Taro who was picking himself out of the man shaped hole he was in just grunted at the order. He reached to his waist pulling out his water flask he carried at all times pouring the contents over his head triggering his tranformation. Rouring like the monster he now was he threw himself at the demon intending on inflicking serious badly harm on the creature now under him. It wasnt that he liked Ranma, but he wasnt going to let some monster come from where ever and kill the fem-boy. That was his job and he'd be damned if some ugly demon was going to take away his fun.

Under the combined might of both attackers the demon quickly fell.

Ranma stood next to Taro-bull looking down on the creature breathing in shallow breaths. He knew the thing was dying, he knew it was pure evil and got what it deserved but he still felt sorry for it. Death was not something that sat well with Ranma Saotome. Fingering his torn clothing he began to walk towards Akane, who stood waiting at the side of the war torn park. A now human Taro began to walk the opposite way that Ranma took. Each made it no more than ten steps from the hell sent creature when a powerful, loud voice boomed in both fighters heads. "YOU MAY HAVE BEAT ME, BUT KNOW THIS, YOU SHALL BOTH FACE ME AGAIN IN UNDERWORLD." The voice laughed menacingly in their heads.

Akane watched in horror as Ranma and Taro just seemed to dissappear as though they were never there.

Two bickering teenage boys make there way through the busy streets of Nerima's market district either ignoring the looks and discussions their fighting was causing or were oblivious to it. The slightly bigger built dark haired chinese boy was shouting at a laughing blackhaired pigtailed boy in chinese clothes while taking wild powerful swings at him.

"You stupid cross-dresser, why did you tell her my name?" Taro screamed at he grinning boy beside him. So bad was his need to kill the smiling youth that he was trembling violently. He hated it when he let Fem-Boy get to him like this, he was usaully the one laughing at the expense of others. Usually except when one thing was brought up.

"Sorry PANTYHOSE!" Ranma replied with a strong emphasis on pantyhose as he smiled at his irritated chinese companion. "She only wanted to know who her knight in shining armor was." he laughed going into his best love struck girly - girl impression adding to Taro's growing irritation. Ranma began to laugh as he thought about what had happened.

Ranma and Taro had been walking along the pavement argueing when Taro noticed an attrative girl half way across the road, not noticing the rather large fast lorry heading her way. He saved her just in time but Ranma knew Taro waited to the last minute to help. He could have got there alot sooner, he just wanted to look cool. Once safe, she asked his name, and Ranma was happy to help out his stuttering friend.

Thats what had started the whole arguement they were now in. Though if it was'nt that, they'd be fighting over something else he thought laughing while dodging punchs from the bull cursed boy.

"GET BACK HERE YOU SLIMY LITTLE PERVERT!" Bellowed a short girl with brown hair in pigtails wearing a Furinken school uniform. She was chasing hot on the heels of everyones favourite miniature martial artist with a look in her eye promising great pain and suffering to the pint sized master if she was to catch him. She ignored the looks of people as she followed Happosai across the rooftops.

Following right behind her was a slightly taller chinese girl. She had medium length pink hair pulled into a pony tail. "WAIT UP YUKI, I WANT A PEACE OF THE CREEP TOO!" She shouted at the other girl while trying to keep up, watching as they took the chase back down to ground level.

The brown haired girl Yuki nearly tripped over the wizzend old lech as he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Luckily, her martial arts training took over as she leap over the small man. She turned, pulling a large spatula from no where, bringing it down with all the power and speed she could muster. Now the old guy was going to pay, no pint-sized pervert felt her up and got away with it. The flat of the spatula slammed downward with a meaty thud just as the pink haired beauty landed gracefully next to her friend putting a pair of leather gloves on with steel plating over the knuckles. Best to make sure Happosai stayed down.

Yuki lifted her over-sized cooking utensil out of the ground to admire her handy work. Shock set over their faces. "Where the hell is HE?" Yuki cried. She really thought she had him.

"Ayia, there's the sneaky little demon." The chinese girl said pointing over the road to where happosai was now being attacked by two young handsome boys.

Yuki let out a loud growl "HAPPOSAI, PREPARE TO DIE!" She screamed her war cry and charged. She turned to her friend "Come on Sash." She said before plunging into battle. Her friend, Sash just followed behind.

"Are you sure this is Nerima, it looks a lot different?" Taro asked Ranma.

Ranma just shrugged. "How am i meant to know? You tell me bull breath!" He taunted the chinese boy. It was good fun trying to infuriate Taro, it was just too easy.

Taro growled but choose not to attack Ranma. He wished he had let that demon kill Ranma now, not only did they not know where they were but they had spent weeks in that other dimmension they had been summoned to. Just when he thought things could not possibly get any worse, he saw his worst enemy rushing towards them. Taro snarled in hatred at the evil master heading his way.

Ranma looked in the direction that Taro was staring hatefully in. "Hey, it's the old freak." He said without any menace. He had missed nearly every one when he was away for those few weeks, even Happosai, though he would not admit that to any one.

"RANMA, I KNEW YOU'D BE BACK, I NEVER ONCE GIVE UP HOPE!" Cried Happosai. He missed that snot nosed little puke. He was the only one who could give him a good work out, and he had a back bone unlike Soun or Genma, he respected Ranma for that. By the look on Ranma's face he looked pleased to see Happosai too. Good. "Look what ol' Happi got for you!" Happosai exclaimed proudly producing a powder blue lacy bra from his gi. He had saved for when Ranma would eventualy return.

Ranma looked around wildly noticing all the women looking at him in disgust. That dirty little freak, making him out to be a pervert. He didnt miss him anymore. "SHUT UP" He roared taking a swing at Happosai once he was within reach. He missed. Taro throw a kick at Happosai which he deflected with the pipe he had pulled out of his gi with his spare hand not holding ladies unmentionables.

Ranma and Taro continued to throw punches and kick's at the small old man with out any success.

"HAPPOSAI, PREPARE TO DIE!" Ranma turned to the battle cry thinking it kind of familiar. He saw a cute brown haired girl with fangs charging towards them holding a familiar looking spatula held above her head. Just behind her was a slightly taller girl with pink hair.

As Ranma wasnt paying him any attention Happosai decided to take that time to hit Ranma in the chest with his pipe launching him backwards towards the girls running their way. The brown haired girl ducked the flying martial artist not even breaking stride as she raced towards Happosai. Unlucky for the pink haired girl she never noticed him until it was to late. Ranma collided with her leaving them both dazed on the concrete. Happosai decided now would be a good time to make good his escape. "See ya later Pantyhose!" He cackled jumping on to a roof top before taking off at high speeds. It wouldnt do to get caught by four skilled irate martial arts no matter how good you are he decided.

"GET BACK HERE AND CHANGE MY NAME YOU LITTLE FREAK OF NATURE!" Taro yelled jumping up onto the roof tops to give chase.

Yuki stopped to catch her breath. She had been chasing him for hours now and Happosai still showed no sign of tiring. She idely wondered how someone so old could be so energetic. She began to walk over to her chinese friend to check to see if she was ok. She watched as the tall boy in the red chinese shirt pulled himself of her friend. Lucky girl she thought jealously. A small blush rose to her cheeks as she pictured herself under the handsome pigtailed boy. She was going to have to find a way to get herself in that position with the handsome stranger. Except for the crashing into part. That would hurt.

Sash opened her eyes ignoring the pain in her head. The last thing she remembered was following closely behind Yuki. Then Yuki ducked under something which hit her knocking her on the ground where she was now. "Hey, you okay, i didnt mean to hurt you, it was the freaks fault." She looked to her side to see who had spoke. Kneeling next to her with Yuki standing behind him was a worried, handsome japanese boy. Then something clicked. He was battling with Happosai, she was ready to battle Happosai, he knocked her out. Only one thing to do.

"To you i devote myself!" Sash spoke lovingly before pulling a very shocked Ranma in for a kiss.

"W-w-what?" Ranma stuttered not knowing exectly what was going on but not liking the direction it was taking. Four fiancee was more than enough, he didnt want more.

Yuki just looked at her friend with flat stare. She knew about Sash's mother's rule that she could only date a man stronger than her but Sash just used it as an excuse to get boyfriends. "You're not serious are you? That amazon rule is so stupid and out dated and you know it." She said slightly angrily. She saw the boy first, she should have first dips.

"They are not stupid, they kept our tribe strong for over three thousand years i'll have you know!" Sash said standing to argue with her friend.

At hearing the pink haired girl was an amazon Ranma decided it would be good to get out of there, fast. He had more than enough trouble with amazons as it was, he realy did not want another 'crazy violent chick' chasing him. Unfortunate for him, running at high speeds with you're eyes closed panicking was not a very smart thing to do.


Yuki and Sash both blinked, then turned to looked at the unconscious youth slumped against the severely damaged lamp post.

"Well at least he's smart eh Sash?" Yuki asked barely containing her laughter at the idiot boy who knocked himself unconscious. She was glad Sash got such a stupid boyfriend, it might stop her bending her laws to catch every cute boy she meets. The laughter poured from her as she picked up the pigtailed boy heading in the direction of her friends home.

Ranma blinked his eyes open. He quickly closed them tight as the bright light hurt his eyes. "Where am i?" He groaned to no one in paticular. He heard a throaty laugh which he knew belonged to Cologne.

"You're at the cat cafe, sonny boy." She said in a mirthful tone. She could not believe the boy was still alive but that was not what shocked her. It was his age. He had not aged much since the last time she seen him. It looked like had barely aged at all actually. Alot had happened since the promising martial artist's disappearance. He would need to be informed.

"Did Akane get away from the demon alright?" he asked in a worried voice but not opening his eyes.

"I d-d-did, Ranma." Stuttered a womens voice. It sounded so much like Akane's but also so different too. She sounded like she was holding back tears.

Ranma turned his head to the direction the gentle voice had come from. He opened his eyes slowly to see who it was. After his eyes began to focus he made out the face of a older women with long raven hair in a pony tail pulled over her shoulder. She looked old enough to be his mother but he still though she was beautiful. "Who are you?" He asked quietly, a sinking feeling in his stomach.

The older woman smiled sweetly at him as the tears she had been holding back began flow freely down her face. She was struggling to to get her voice under control. "I'm Akane." She choked out bowing her head slightly to try and regain her composure.

Ranma shot up faster than anyone could follow. He looked around wildly. He noticed all his friends and family were present. He also noticed that the teenage friends he had grown to care about were no longer teenagers, but middle aged adults. Around them were teenagers he didnt know except two of whom he had already meet earlier today. He began to panick.

Nodoka walked over to her son. It was clear to her that he did not recognize her right away but when he did he seemed to calm down slightly. She took his hand and began to talk softly to him. "Ranma, i know you're somewhat shocked but calm down dear." She said soothingly.

"W-whats going o-on?" He asked in a scared voice. Whatever prank was being played apon him was not funny, not funny one bit.

"You've been gone over twenty years son." Nodoka cried as her calm finally snapped as the thought her son was really back sunk in. She launched herself at him in a back breaking hug crying worse than Soun on ever has. "Where have you been?" She asked him once she was calm enough to speak.

Ranma began to explain what had happened starting with his fight with the demon and ending with his meeting. All the while growing depressed at the fact that all his friends were now over twenty years his senior.

"Hmm." Cologne mused. "I'm taking it in this place you were in time was alot different from here. That would explain why twenty two years have passed here but you were only there for a couple of weeks." She explained her theory to Ranma who looked like the world was coming to an end.

Akane came forward with a sympathetic look on her face. "Hey, don't worry." She then brightened. "Things will be alright, here i'll introduce you to every one." She chuckled before adding "Well re-introduce in some cases!"

"You know Shampoo and Mousse." She pointed over to Shampoo with Mousse standing next to her holding her hand. She waved cheerily with her free hand. She looked mostly the same except instead of the exotic short dresses Ranma was so used to her wearing, she was wearing a long modest blue dress that made her look very motherly. Mousse looked alot different with his long hair pulled into a pony tail that flowed down to his waist. His usual thick bottle glasses were not there anymore instead he sported a small stylish pair that made him look intelligent instead of stupid. His white chinese robes had been replaced with a pair of chinese pants similair to Ranmas. On his top half he wore a white t-shirt with a small logo of a duck on the right of his chest.

Shampoo nudged Mousse who then pushed a young girl in front of him. He looked irated. "This is our daughter, Sash." Shampoo said gesturing to the girl. The girl stood smiling sweetly at Ranma. The girl wore a pink chinese style dress that went to just above her knee's but with a slit up either side starting from the bottom of her dress, going to just below her waist showing of her shapely legs. Ranma reconised the medium length pink haired girl as the one who had kissed him earlier. He blushed slightly remembering that.

"Oh, we already know each other mother!" She exclaimed smiling like a cat which had just caught its prey. "He defeated me already. Right baby?" She said directing the last comment to Ranma who began to sweat.

Mousse scowled at Ranma. "You are still the fiend you once were Saotome." He said quietly, his fists balling up.

"Hey, i didnt mean to, its the old freaks fault. Got that duck man!" Ranma snapped. It was bad enough that all this was happening, he didnt need the blind chinese man making it worse.

"Whatever." Mousse said walking to the other side of the restaurant.

"Sorry about him Ranma." Shampoo said in apology. She knew Mousse still held a grudge against Ranma which was intensified when Sash had explained that Ranma had defeated her. She was happy that her daughter was now Ranma's bride to be, Ranma was a good man, Sash didnt seemed to mind, in fact she looked pleased. The only one against it was Mousse.

Ranma scowled at Mousse from across the room. He turned back to Shampoo as she continued.

"I have another daughter, i dont know where she is though. Her name is Perfume." The middle aged amazon said in obviously very much improved japanese. Perfume was never a people person, she tended to spend most of her time training somewhere so it didnt surprise Shampoo that she would not be there.

"Oh." Was the only response offered by the time challenged boy. Things were a little hard to take in at the moment.

Akane saw this as an opening to continue. "You've also meet Ryoga and Ukyo's daughter right? Her name is Yuki." She nodded her head in the direction of the fanged girl. Yuki stepped forward with with a huge toothy grin on her cute face. "Hiya!" She said in a cheery voice.

Ranma gave a brief 'Yo' in her direction. He studied the girl. She wore a pair of tight denim shorts and a baggy white t-shirt that clung to her assests but ended loose just above her belly button. Not the type of clothes he thought the offspring of an insanely shy Ryoga would wear. He noted the brown haired girl with pig tails had the cute looks of Ukyo and small fangs that she had obviously inherited from the lost boy.

Ryoga stepped forward with a smirk on his face. "Hey Ranma. Long time no see. How about a little sparring match? You know, to see how you long you last against me." He taunted. No one could mistake the eagerness in his voice. Twenty years was a long time to wait to fight your greatest rival.

Ranma looked the directionally challenged man over. Ryoga still wore his yellow and black head band but his dirty yellow sleeveless shirt was gone instead he wore a loose fitting yellow jumper with grey jogging pants. Even through the baggy jumper, Ranma could tell Ryoga still worked out. It didnt bother him though, it actually made him excited, maybe Ryoga would be a challenge. "Sure, time and place?" Ranma asked in challenge.

"Now, now boys, save that for another time." Ukyo interupted inwardly laughing at how the two were acting like nothing had changed.

Ranma turned to look at Ukyo. She looked nearly the exact same as he remembered her except she was now slightly taller and he could tell she didnt wear any chest wraps under her usual chef uniform. He gave her a brief smile before falling slightly back into his previous depression.

Just as Akane was about to say something, Soun made his presence known. "Dont fret son, i have great news!" He exclaimed patting Ranma on the back.

"Really?" Ranma asked hopefully. Maybe he knew a way to send him back to his own time.

"Yes, unfortunately, Akane married Shinnosuke during your death, uh, um... i mean absence." He covered quickly not noticing the pained look that passed over Ranma's face. "Yet all is not lost!" He cried out dramatically pulling an attractive girl with blackish blue hair from behind him. She had hair kind of like nabikis but a bit longer. "This is Akanes daughter Yukari. The schools can now be joined!" He exclaimed as he began to cry tears of happiness.

"WHAT?" Akane, Shinnosuke and Ranma yelled out at the same time.

"No way, she is not marrying Ranma!" Akane told her father. Its not that she had anything against Ranma, she actually would be happy for the two of them. Years of wisdom now taught her what a kind heart Ranma had and how very protective he used to be of her. She just didnt want her daughter forced into a marriage. She had it done to her and didnt wish it on her daughter.

"Hey, you say it like there's something wrong with me!" Ranma complained. Anyone with the honour of marrying him was the luckiest girl in the world he thought. He was the manliest man ever. Akane should know that better than anyone.

Akane smirked at him. "What were you doing before you dissappeared for twenty years?" she asked sarcasticly.

"I was beating up a demon." He replied scratching the back of his head as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He wasnt going to say that the demon was winning the fight at the start. They wouldnt be interested he decided.

Akane smirk fell. 'I forgot how egotistical he was.' She thought but refained from commenting. "Exactily Ranma, fighting a DEMON. You're to dangerous for my baby girl to be around!" She felt bad for saying it but she had to, he was like a trouble magnet.

Yukari spoke for the first time since Ranma regained consiousness. "Its okay mother, its my duty as a martial artist. It would be an honour to do this for my school." She said calmly in a very Kasumi like tone while bowing slightly. If the stories her friends mothers had told her were true, she'd love to be engaged to the boy. She caught Ranma looking at her, causing her to blush a bit.

Akane looked at her daughter. She could see that she wanted this, and she knew if there was any trouble, Ranma would risk life and limb to protect anyone. Well, he had better anyways. She was kinda happy too. Ranma was a good man...or girl sometimes depending on how you look at it. "Alright." She relented turning to address Ranma. "You treat her good okay, Cause if hear that you tried anything perverted with her, i'll make you wish you never came back. You got that Ranma?"

Ranma was about to protest about another unwanted engagement when his anger suddenly seemed to deflate. An unreadable look passed over his face before he turned and fleed the restaurant.

"Ranma." Akane said quitely not knowing what to make of the young mans sudden retreat. She was worried. He looked hurt, that bothered her but it was the other look that had her the most worried. He had a look on his face she had only seen twice in all the time she knew him. It was defeat.

Nodoka followed out the door. She had missed Ranma for more than thirty years altogether. She was not going to loss her son again.

Ranma sat at his favourite thinking spot. Under the old bridge near Furinken high school. It was where he did his best thinking. Yet only one thought made itself known. The thought of everything he had lost. Nothing was the same anymore. All his old love interests where now married wiith kids his age. His old friends now old enough to be his parents. His parents old enough to be his grandparents. Everything he had taking for granted was gone, well not entirely. Just replaced with strangers. Suddenly seppuku wasnt looking so bad. He decided he would gather some gear together and leave. It was for the best, there was no place for him in nerima anymore.

"Ranma?" A gentle voice called from behind him.

Ranma turned around to see his mother looking at him with loving, concerned eyes. From the looks of her dirty clothing, she had some difficulty getting down the small steep hill that lead to the base of the bridge. Ranma keep his gaze on his mother as she tiredly made her way over to him. She had obviously ran to find him.

"Ranma? Are you alright dear?"

"Yeah...no...i dont know. I..they are...everythings different now." Ranma said not knowing how to put his feelings into words. He was never good with words.

Nodoka could see that Ranma was struggling for words. She may have only actually known Ranma for a couple of months before he disappeared but she knew he must be very upset. He had been pulled out of his time, away from family, away from friends into a future where he was just a memory of the past. "Its okay, everything will be alright. You'll see." She said in a calming voice.

Ranma looked at his mother. He loved her more than anything even though he had only known her awhile, that made what he was going to say even more difficult. "Mom, I-i think im going to leave, ya know, do some training or something like when me and Pops was on the road." He whispered just load enough for her to hear but seemed to sound load to both their ears.

"Why?" Nodoka gasped out struggling against her emotions. She had to keep it together for her son, he needed her know more than anything.

Ranma could tell his mother was putting up a front for his benifit. He was internally greatful for he knew that if she was to cry he would have a hard time not doing the same. "Theres nothin' left for me here. I'd just be in the way" He responded sadly.

"Thats not true!" His mother nearly screamed. "How could you think that, your father has missed you very much, he may have not said it much but he loves you very much. And" She took his hand and sat in front of him looking him in the eye. "I missed ten years of your growing up, and i have waited over twenty years more for you to come back, please..." Her barely contained tears spilled forth. "..Dont leave me again." She began sobbing.

Seeing his mother like that stopped any futher thoughts of running away. He quickly agreed. They began to head back towards her home. She would phone the cat cafe to let everyone know he was alright.

"Plus, your little brother would be very upset if his idol of a big brother left after finally coming back." Nodoka said while flashing her son a bright smile as she walked along side him on the pavement.

"I've gotta little brother?" Ranma asked practically bouncing up and down in excitement all other thoughts pushed to the back of his mind at the excitement of having a little brother.

Genma looked his seven year old son over. He reminded him so much of his other son, Ranma. "Kentaro, you want hear another story of your brother?" He asked.

Kentaro bounced out of his seat with a speed kids his age shouldnt have and flew towards his large father. "YEAH, OKAY!" He shouted in joy. He loved hearing stories about his cool older brother, though his parents usually didnt talk about him much. He may have only been seven but he could tell that they were very hurt that he disappeared.

Just as Genma was about to tell his son a story, he heard the front door door open. He decided to wait till his wife was not around before telling Kentaru one of his oldest son's adventures. "I'll tell you later when mommy isnt around, okay." He whispered to the disappointed youth before ruffling the boys hair.

"Genma, Kentaro. I have a suprise for you!" Came Nodoka's approaching voice from the hall. Genma could hear the footsteps of another along with his wifes.

Nodoka opened the slidding doors to the sitting area of her house and smiled warmly at her son and husband who were sitting at the low table. She noted that they must have fixed themselves a snack as the table was covered in dishes. "Kentaro, I have a young man with me who would very much like to meet you." She said with barely contained emotion.

"Wow, who?" Kentaro asked his mother excitedly. He watched as his mother stepped into the room and away from the door allowing him to see who it was. Kentaro looked at the strange teenage boy for only a split second before figuring out who he was. He may have never meet him before but he had seen pictures of his big brother.

Ranma stepped nervously stepped into the room following his mother. "Heya..." He said gazing towards his shocked looking father who had not changed much over the years, just a bit fatter, older and most likely, more stupid too. He looked towards the rooms other occupant. Sitting next to his father was a young boy wearing a black jumper barely noticable due to the blue overall he wore. He had jet black hair pulled into a small pony tail. Ranma smiled. "Yo...wee um, bro." He greeted hesitantly scratching the back of his head.


Ranma nodded at the young boys question. Just as he was about to say something more he found himself lying on his back with his new little brother hugging him tightly about the waist. Not knowing what else to do, he just clumsily hugged him back.

Nodoka looked on with tears in her eyes. She knew no greater joy than to watch her two sons but it was getting late. "Kentara, i know your excited but you still have school in the morning." She watched Kentaro about to protest. "Ranma will still be here in the morning." She said cutting him off before he could protest.

"Okay mom!" He replied defeated. Climbing off Ranma he turned to him. "See you tomorrow big brother!" He exclaimed happily before running off to his room thinking about all the fun stuff he could do with his returned big brother.

Nodoka turned to Ranma. "You must have had a taxing day son, you should get some sleep."

"Yeah, i am pretty beat."

"We will go over the details of returning you to school in the morning." She smiled at him.

Ranma bualked at that. "What?"

"Well, its not very manly to have no education is it?" She asked him innocently as she fiddled with the katana in her hand that came out of nowhere.

Ranma paled at that. "Y-your right...heh heh...night mom." He replied with a nervous chuckle before walking down the hall. He returned to the sitting area. "Ah, where is my room?" He asked sheepishly.

Ranma walked down the stairs in the morning after his fathers wake up call. Genma had jumped straight back into his trainer role after twenty years as if he had never missed a day. As he entered the kitchen he saw his mirror image but only half his size sitting at the table waiting for breakfast. His mini twin turned to him. "Hey big brother!". Thats when he noticed it was Kentaro, wearing a red silk chinese shirt with black kunf fu pants. He even had his hair in a small pigtail like his own. "Yo." He replied casually after the shock wore off. "What's with the get-up?" He asked already knowing the answer.

Kentaro had a huge grin on his face. "I look cool, just like my big brother!" He explained shifting his position to copy how his brother was now sitting at the table.

Ranma smiled broadly at the praise. At least his little brother had taste when picking someone to copy. Their just was no better role model than himself. "Yeah, i am pretty cool, aint i? Dont worry. You'll end up just as cool as me!" He exclaimed proudly earning an even bigger smile from the youngest Saotome.

Nodoka placed breakfast in front of her two sons as Ranma continued his very non-modest views of himself. Ranma may be manly, but his ego was big enough to fill a canyon. She smiled. "Where is your father?"

Ranma had to smirk at that. It was funny when pops had bust in his room, saying they had twenty years of training to do catch up on the others. It was funnier when he had twisted his pops up like a balloon animal leaving him lying in his room.


"Oh, sorry, he's in my room...resting." Ranmas smirk grew bigger.

"Okay, Kentaro hurry and finish your breakfast. You dont want to be late for school." Nodoka said to her youngest.

"Yes mom!" He whined. He just wanted to play with Ranma.

"Ranma , maybe you could go visit one of your friends until we get you back into school. Akane lives at the dojo still with Shinnosuke, and Ukyo and Shampoo still live where they used to." Nodoka suggested. It would be boring around the house for her eldest with Kentaro at school, Genma working at Tofu's clinic and herself doing the shopping and her part time job.

"Na, its alright. I'll just stay here and practice." He replied absently. He didnt want to just butt in his friends lives. They had there own things to do. Plus, he did have to train, no telling how good Ryoga and the others got in twenty years.

"Okay, well im going to get Kentaro ready for school then im off to work. Bye."

Ranma got up from devouring his breakfast. "Okay, see ya."

Mousse sat on the roof of the cat cafe fuming. When Ranma had disappeared, all the girls had their hearts broken. Thats when he noticed that Shampoo was not under Ranma influense, but actualy did love him. It hurt. He hated Ranma for that. Then after awhile, he became nothing more than a memory. A myth. It was the ones who were Ranmas friends and family that immortalized him. Telling stories of his deeds to whoever would listen. Ranma wasnt there anymore but still got all the attention.

Now Saotome was back, and up to his old tricks too. Hours after coming back, he had defeated his youngest daughter. He told his daughter that the laws of village do not apply here. Shampoo agreed suprisingly but still said it was up to Sash if she wanted to pursue the rule. Cologne had a hand in things most likely too, she had always thought to highly of Ranma. Wanting the low life as part of the tribe, part of the family.

Now all morning he had listened to his wife and Cologne talk about Ranma like he was the greatest guy in the world. How strong he was, how sweet he was, how kind he was. It mad him sick, his daughter lapping it all up like a dog. He trusted his wife...but a part of him just kept thinking. What if Ranma wanted Shampoo back? What if ... Shampoo wanted him back too? He wouldnt put it past the stinking snake.

Something would have to be done. To make sure Ranma was gone...gone for good.

Nodoka humed to herself as she dusted her house. The past week had been great. Ranma and Kentaro had became the best of friends. She always thought if Ranma came back, he might not have liked the idea he had a little brother. He might have thought he was being replaced but they were inseperatable. As soon as Kentaro finished school, he would rush home to see Ranma. Sometimes they played, sometimes Ranma taught Kentaro little things about the art.

The only thing upsetting was that Ranma had not left the house once since he came back a week ago. When he wasnt eating, sleeping or playing with his brother, he practised martial arts. Right till the point were he crawled to bed with exhaustion. The phone rang breaking her out of her thoughts.

She picked the phone up. "Hello, Saotome residence. Oh hello Akane dear. How are you?" She asked politely.

I'm okay...how is Ranma settling in? Akane asked over the phone in a slightly worried voice. She had been worried about him since he had stormed out of Shampoo's restaurant even after Nodoka had called saying she had found Ranma and he was alright.

"He's fine...actually...i think he is a little lonely. He has not left the house since he came back. He just trains in the garden everyday." Nodoka admitted.

Akane considered that for a second. Hmm, sounds like Ranma. Why not ask him if he wants to come to my house for supper? It would get him out the house and get him to know his fiancee better. She said stifling a giggle. Everytime time she mentioned the engagement with her daughter, it made her blush and stutter. Much as she used too when she was younger if she wasnt outright protesting it.

"What a wonderful idea!" Nodoka nearly yelled down the phone in excitement causing Akane to cringe away abit on the other end. She had been trying to get Ranma to visit Yukari all week. Ranma didnt seem interested though.

Okay, sent him round about five. Bye. Akane hung up the phone. She had food to cook and she was going to make it so good Ranma would regret he ever mocked her cooking. Now she just needed to find a way to rope Kasumi into helping her.

Nodoka walked into the back garden. "Ranma, Akane called. She wants you to have supper at her house tonight. She said be there at five."

Ranma facevaulted in mid-kick.

"Are you supposed to fall when you do that kick Ranma?"

"Ahh...no, i just kinda lost my concentration." Ranma replied honestly. He wasnt going to tell his mother that he lost his concentration at fear over Akanes cooking.

"Okay dear. Remember to be there by five." She reminded pleasantly as she walked off to finish the house work.

"Like i could forget!" He mumbled heading for the bath room for a shower before he went to his death.

Perfume walked back towards her home, the cat cafe. If she had her way, she would live on the mountain that she practiced restlessly on everyday. As soon as she finished school, she went straight towards the mountains outside nerima to train. Its not that she didnt like her family, she loved them very much but she liked to be left alone.

Her training had been paying off though. She was most likely the best in her generation, well maybe except Mrs and Mr Tofu's son, Fugita. One day, she would beat him.

She frowned. One thing had been bugging her all week. Everywhere she went she heard people talking about Ranma Saotome, the legend. She never believed that he was as good as they said he was, no-one could defeat a god. Or the all powerful Herb of the Musk empire her great-great grandmother had told her about. She had been told how he could see a move once then be able to either use it or counter it. Too far fetched for her to believe.

Though she often heard stories of the mythical boy, the ones going round now were different. No impossible feats performed, no unbeatable enemies defeated. Just one story...he was back, the same age as her. She would have just shrugged the rumours off as idiots with nothing better to do with their time, if it wasnt for the fact her whole family was talking about it. Her sister was engaged to this fabled boy, her mother and father seemed to be argueing alot lately about his return and cologne was teach her sister ways to win/trap him.

She was so lost in thought that she failed to notice or react to the young boy with a red chinese silk shirt as he ran round the corner ploughing her over. "Watch wear your going you idiot!" She spat angered at both herself for not being aware of her surroundings and the boy who had knocked her over.


Perfume stopped dusting herself off and looked towards the boy who had spoke her mothers name. The boy had his ink black hair pulled into a pigtail. He wore a red chinese shirt with black pants. She had heard enough descriptions to know who the boy in front of her was. She just had to be sure. "How do you know my mothers name?"

The boy looked at her closely before deciding to answer. She looked almost the exact double of Shampoo except she had black hair with deep dark purple streaks. She wore a black and purple outfit similar to what Shampoo wore alot. No doubt the other daughter Shampoo had mentioned. He smiled slightly at her in greeting. "Hi. I used to uh...know Shampoo um, ah...a long time ago. Kinda." He replied scratching his head and chuckling nervously. Damn, this was confusing, is he supposed to say he still knows her or that he used to know her. The future was confusing.

Perfume glared at the bumbling idiot in front of her. No way this was the famous Ranma Saotome. Well, one way to find out. She picked up a rock and threw it hard at the japanese boy. If he was the real Ranma, he would easily dodge it.


Ranma picked himself up of the ground glaring daggers at the girl. "What the heck did ya do that for?" He demanded rubbing the spot between his eyes where the stone hit. As far as he knew, he had said nothing that would upset the girl.

Perfume allowed a small smirk in victory to creep on her face, obviously the boy was an imposter. A six year old could have dodged that. Now all she had to do was convince her family that he was a fake. "Out of my way weakling!" She said shoving Ranma aside walking away without looking back.

Ranma blinked. "...What the hecks her problem?" He asked himself outloud after a slight pause before brushing it off as the bahaviour of crazy amazons. He began towards Akane's house once more.

"Mom, do you think this looks nice?"

Akane sighed for the tenth time since telling her daughter Ranma was coming. "Yes Yukari. Like the last dress and the one before and the dozen before that, you look lovely okay! Ranma will think you look very pretty. Now help me set the table." She said turning to address her daughter to find herself standing alone in the kitchen. 'Where is she now.' Akane thought begining to get annoyed. Everytime she turned her back Yukari would run back upstairs to change into another dress. It was cute at first but now...well it was getting on her last nerve.

Akane was just about to go upstairs to get her daughter when she heard the door. She answered the door to reveal Ranma standing fiddling with the front of his shirt and scuffing his shoe of the ground. She could tell he was very nervous. "H-hey." He stammered in greeting.

Akane smiled brightly at him. "Come in, dont be so shy. It doesnt suit you." She joked trying to loosen him up a bit. It seemed to work as he looked less likely to run away as he smiled at her slightly. She heard foot steps running down the stairs.

"Do you think he might like this dress mom?" Her daughter asked unaware who had arrived.

Akane laughed a little. "Ask him yourself, he's standing right here."

Yukari looked up to see Ranma standing next to her mother. She blushed. A lot. "Oh hi Ranma." She smiled at him slightly with her head pointed slightly downward.

Ranma smiled at her causing her to blush even more if possible. She looked alot like akane, just less of a tomboy. "Yo, um...whats for food then?" He asked not sure what to say. He hoped to what ever gods would listen that somebody, anybody had cooked except Akane.

"Nothing fancy. It's not ready yet, why dont you and Yukari get to know each other better. You are engaged after all!" She joked amused at the bright red colour currently on her daughters face. If she went anymore red Akane thought she would have to wear sunglasses just to look at her.

"Mom!" Yukari said embarrassed.

Akane walked away leaving them standing together ingoring Ranma's mumbling about always getting forced into engagments.

Yukari was about to ask Ranma if he wanted at tour of the house but choose not to. Ranma used to live here, not much had changed in the house so she didnt want to sound stupid. There was a knock at the door. Yukari answered it. "Hey, Sash."

Sash threw a quick half hearted greeting in her friends direction rushing past her trying to find what she was looking for. "Hi Ranma baby!" She chirped in her sing song chinese voice.

"ACK!" Ranma replied intelligently as he recieved an amazon glomp that put Shampoo's greatest ones to shame. He quickly scanned the area around him to see if Akane had seen. Then he remembered that he wasnt engaged to her anymore so he didnt have to worry about a mallet beating. Unless her daughter had picked up the habit off her mother. He turned and looked at her. She didnt look angry. She just smiled slightly and closed the door.

"Sash, what are you doing here? We are about to eat." She asked politely but you could hear the edge in her voice. She may have appear okay on the outside but inside she was fuming.

"Im here to see my husband." She said as if it was obvious. She had called Ranma's house to see if he wanted to go on a date but his mother had told her he was at the Tendo dojo.

"Hey i aint your husband!" Ranma tried to say through his glomp.

Sash let him go and looked at him. "You know the rules, you defeat an amazon you have to marry them. You defeated me now were married." She explained as if she was talking to a small child. Her new husband was a legand and all but a bit stupid if he didnt know the law.

Ranma looked confused until he figured out what she was talking about. He didnt defeat her. He crashed into her. "I didnt beat ya. The old goat hit me and i landed on ya! That's all." He replied.

Before Sash could say anything else Akane walked back into the room. "Oh, hello Sash. We're just about to eat so could you come back later please." She said sweatly. She knew what the young amazon was doing, like mother like daughter.

Sash seemed to hesitate at first before nodding. She began to head to the door when she turned round jumped at Ranma giving him one last bone crushing hug before bounding off out the door. "Bye baby!"

"Come on, the food will get cold." Akane said ushering the two youths into the eating area.

"Where is daddy and grandfather?" Yukari asked now suddenly noticing their absence.

"Your dad is working a bit later today. He will be home before bed time though and your grandfather is at Ranma's house with Mr Saotome, he said he will only be away for a few hours." She seated them next to each other. "You're mother said that she will be coming round with Kentaro soon. She also said that you two are unseperatable." She said to Ranma sitting down opposite the duo at the table.

Ranma looked at her with a huge grin platered across his face. "Yeah, he's alot of fun! He even dresses like me." He exclaimed happily. He really liked having a wee brother.

Akane couldnt help but smile at her ex-fiancee. She had been worried for a while Ranma would do something stupid like run away, but he looked happy.

Yukari couldnt help but smile also. She was happy to be engaged to the handsome obviously nice boy sitting next to her.

Ranma couldnt be happier. Obviously someone else had helped Akane with the cooking.

"WHAT! ENGAGED TO MY LOVELY YUKARI?" Shouted a young man with short brown hair.

Cologne frowned at the boy. "Dont shout in my here. You'll drive the customers away." She said whacking the brown haired boy in the head with her staff.

The boy slapped down a large stack of notes down on the counter. "There! Thats for any customers i may have caused to leave. Now tell me what i want to know now you withered old reptile!" He demanded.


"Show some respect. Take your money and leave." She ordered the youth now lying on the floor.

"Im home great-great grandmother!" Sash called as she bound into the cafe.

"Where have you been? You were meant to be helping around here." Cologne scolded. Sash had no respect. Why could she not be more like perfume. Perfume always did as she was told.

"I was at the Tendo dojo with Ranma. Im going to see him when they have finished eating!" She exclaimed happy. She couldnt wait to spend time with her 'Airen'.

A battle aura sprung up around the already angry boy. "What? The fiend is with my love right now?" He asked in a low dangerous tone. He didnt wait for an answer as he speed from the restaurant in the direction of the tendo dojo.

Akane, Nodoka and Yukari sat on the porch talking as they watched Ranma and Kentaro playing in the garden. "So Yukari. What do you think of my manly son? Do you like him?" Nodoka asked proudly. Akane rolled her eyes.

Yukari blushed and mumbled something under her breath keeping her gaze downward.

"What dear, i didnt hear you."

Yukari bit her lip before repeating what she had said. "Y-yes, he seems really n-nice." Her blush doubled.

Akane smirked at her daughter. She was so shy it was unreal. She did act more like Kasumi than herself but even Kasumi never got as shy as that. That was Tofu's job she thought with a smile.

"Is this the fiend who dares steal my love?" A cold hard voice asked.

The three women turned to look at the boy standing behind them. He wore a fierce expression on his face like it was taking all his will power to stop himself shouting.

"Im not your girl-friend Shinji!" Yukari moaned. The boy never listened. Her mother told her Shinji's father was exactly the same when they were her age.

Shinji choose not to listen to her as he strode out into the back garden. Staring coldly at Ranma who still had not noticed the boys entrance. He was too busy having fun with his wee brother.

"Mom, are you not going to stop him?" Yukari asked her mother worriedly. She didnt want Ranma to get hurt. Shinji was one of the best fighters her age she knew except Perfume and her cousin Fugita. She had heard Ranma was very good but she thought alot of that might be just silly stories.

Akane looked at the worried face of her daughter. "Ranma's in a totally different class than Shinji. Not many people can beat Ranma." She said trying to calm her daughter down a bit. "You know, you should be more worried about shinji."

Ranma looked up from playing tag with his little brother when he heard someone walk up behind him. He turned round to see a boy about his age maybe a year older wearing a neat black gi. He had brown hair the same style as Kuno's. Now that he had a closer look at the boys face, he noticed that he looked very much like Kuno too.

"Are you Ranma?" He demanded but interrupted before Ranma could answer. "No need to answer, i can see in your beedy little eyes that you are the fool who would try to get in the way of true love." He declared in a high and mighty tone of voice. "For that i shall...PUNISH YOU WITH HEAVENS WRATH!" He struck a dramtic pose.

"Who has beedy little eyes?" Ranma asked angry. "And who the hell are you and what the heck are you talking about?"

The boy snorted. "I am Shinji Kuno, the supreme fist of Nerima. You have stolen my Yukari. I challenge you." Shinji declared.

"I didnt steal her! It was decided for us. I dont want to get married to no one!" Ranma shouted not noticing the hurt look Yukari had after hearing he wasnt interested in her.

Shinji just turned and began walking to the dojo. He knew he would win. The stories of Ranma were all false. His father had told him the truth of the woman stealing boy.

Ranma stalked after him intending to make the boy take back the beady eyed insult. His mother said he had nice eyes.

"Ranma, wait!"

Ranma turned to see Yukari running towards him. "What?"

"I'm not his girl-friend so you dont need to fight him!" Yukari exclaimed instantly regreting speaking so loud as all eyes turned on her. "Plus, the only boy strong enough to beat him is aunty Kasumi and uncle Tofu's son Fugita." She hoped that would change his mind but remembered Ranma lived to beat the strong.

Ranma just looked confused. "I aint fighting him for that. Its your own business who you go out with." He said to Yukari who had a hurt look on her face. She must be sad that he was going to fight her boyfriend. Akane must not like her daughters boyfriend if she was letting them be engaged even though she has a boyfriend."He challenged me. I have to fight him. And the day i lose to a Kuno is the day i give up martial arts!" He turned and headed towards the dojo.

Ranma stood across from Shinji. He never took a stance or shifted in position. He just stood watching Kuno junior from across the hall as he began to warm up. "Yo, we gonna do this?" Ranma asked bored.

"Indeed we will Saotome. Today i will win back Yukari from your clutchs!" Shinji answered anger begining to creep into his voice. Ranma could not go unpunished for stealing his love. No one steals his girlfriend and gets away with it, not even the famous Ranma of legend. Shinji took a loose defensive posture.

"Look, i already told ya, i aint interested in h..."

"SILENCE!" Shinji bellowed cutting Ranma off. He brought out a pair of tonfa from the inside of his gi. He shifted his weight only slightly to his left foot so Ranma would not notice. He drew his hand back and threw one of his tonfa in the direction Ranma was. The second it left his grip, he pushed of using his left foot closing the gap following right behind the flying object he just throw.

Ranma easily dodged the tonfa aimed at him then turned his attention to the attacking youth moving at an incredible speed towards him. Ranma began to dodge the combination of feet, fist and tonfa strikes which were beginning to get far to close for comfort. Ranma re-thought the boys skill level. He was obviously very good. If Kasumi and Tofu's son was supposed to be the better of the two, he would really like to meet him.

Ranma was so intent on dodging the tonfa weilding boy in front of him he never noticed the tonfa he dodged only seconds before bounce of the wall, heading directly back towards the back of his head.


"OWW!" The pigtailed fighter yelped in pain, a bit dazed by the blow. He failed to react in his stunned state as a foot connected with the side of his knee, dropping him down. He brought up his defense again to block a tonfa strike with his arm. "OWW!" He yelled again deciding he didnt think solid hardened wood against bare arms were a good idea of defense. He dodged the follow up attack by jumping from his low position on one knee to the wall behind him, using it as a spring board to catapult himself over Shinji landing in a low crouch, ready for the next attack.

A cocky grin plastered Shinji's face. "Ha, the tales about of you seem to be lies of the greatest, you are not worthy to wash my feet." He exclaimed thinking victory was soon to be his.

"What? You got lucky s'all!" Ranma yelled back beginning to feel his temper rising.

"Luck has nothing to do with it, women stealer!"

Ranmas fists balled up in anger. This guy never listened, just like Kuno. "I already told ya, i didnt steal nobody. If you would open your stupid ears you might understand." Without waiting for the next attack, Ranma jumped towards the weapon weilding boy throwing a flurry of punches. He pulled them of course, it wouldnt do to seriously damage the boy, he just didnt know what he got himself into. To his suprise not one broke the young kuno's defense.

"Surely you dont expect to win with such a feeble attack!" Shinji growled angrily,he could tell Ranma was pulling his punchs. He demanded to be taken seriously. "YOU HIT LIKE A GIRL!" He yelled infuriated at having his skills mocked by a commoner. He was part of the great Kuno family, all should respect him!

Ranma glared hard at him. All thoughts about going easy on the boy were now lost. He wouldnt go all out but he would be sure to show the arrogant jerk it was not smart to mess with Ranma Saotome. "Fine, you want a fight for real...YOU GOT IT!" Ranma yelled.

Shinji watched as Ranma gave his battle cry. Good, that meant Ranma might fight for real. He smirked at Ranma who...just disappeared! The next thing he knew was he was off his feet from the punch Ranma hit him with before feelling the hard ground under him.

"WOW, what happened?" Kentaro asked Akane amazed. His brother disappeared then a second later he was standing in Shinji's place as Shinji went flying up in the air. How he wished he was like his brother, he was just so cool.

Akane looked a little stunned, even an extra twenty two years of martial art training didnt help her...she couldnt see Ranma move. She knew the fight with Saffron had boosted his abilities but had no idea he was this good. If only he had not disappeared and had trained for the past twenty years it would be scary to see how powerful he would be. "I-i dont know..." She stuttered finally, it was amazing at the same time as being scary. What was Ranma really capable off?

"You could not follow his movements then Miss Tendo?"

Akane turned to the voice. Cologne, when did she get here? "N-no, did you?"

Cologne smiled. "Yes, i did...but he is still holding back a lot i think. How much i...do not know." Her smile faltered as she watched Shinji pick himself up rubbing the back of his head where it bounced of the ground. The boy was seriously out classed here.

Chalking it up to good luck, Shinji calmly retreived his other weapon that sat on the ground. Not bothering with waiting for an opening, he threw himself into the attack. Ranma had some serious speed, maybe it was time to step things up a notch. Gripping tightly onto the handle of his tonfa, he used the move he had been taught from Sash's Great-Great-Grandmother when he had difficulty defeating a rival. "KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!"

Ranma was shocked, dropping his guard slightly at the shout from the dark haired boy. His shock only lasted a second. He began to block the tonfa strikes his hands at a speed rivaling the amaguriken. Shinji may know the attack, but his speed didnt rival Ranmas when he used the move. 'This is how its done' he thought to himself. "KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN" He shouted. His fists blurred as he punched back at the attacking tonfas with roughly four times the amount of punchs Shinji threw.

Shinji jumped back from the exchange after noticing his speed still paled greatly in comparison to the fiend before him. Not a single strike got through. He looked at Ranma then to his weapons in disbelief as the wood suddenly started to crumble away. Ranma had not been blocking but attacking to disable his weapons, which he done with ease. Shinji began to sweat. 'Live to fight another day. No dishonour in the tactical retreat!' He concluded. He snorted at Ranma. "I will win back my love another day." He growled before running from the dojo intending on training for the future rematch.

Ranma frowned at the back of the youth. Did no-one have the honour to stay and fight a lossing battle to the finish. He had doin it plenty of times, always pulling through in the end too. Though he choose to forget the few times he had used his familys 'secret' technique of running away.

"Wow...That was so cool. I never seen his hands move. Big bro...teach me. Please. Please!" Kentaro whined clinging onto his brothers arm. That was the best fight he had ever seen even though it last only moments.

Ranmas mother took Kentaros hand pulling him away from Ranma. "Not right now. You have school tomorrow." She told her youngest pulling him into the Tendo house. She paused in front of Akane. "Thank you very much for having us over but Kentaro and i have to be going." She smiled at her.

"Wait up, im coming home too!" Ranma shouted from the garden.

"No, you stay and help Akane with the dishes!" She said giving Ranma the look. The one Ranma and Genma knew and feared.

"Yes mother" He groaned.

Akane knew exactly why she wanted Ranma to stay. Nodoka didnt want Ranma to leave until the Kuno boys parents were told of what had happened. Nodoka was most likely to be heading their now. Also they had decided earlier that Ranma and Yukari were to spend a bit of time together to get to know each other. Even if they had to use sneaky methods to get Ranma to stay. "Thank you Mrs Saotome. Ranma would you and Yukari like to do them now please?" She asked in a very Kasumi like matter

Ranma grunted a response heading into the kitchen followed quickly by Yukari. He never noticed the figure watching stealthly in the trees over looking the house.

"Dont worry Ranma. You'll be dead before you reach dawn." The figure wispered darkly watching Akane head deeper into the house as the two youths began doing the dishes.

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