Ranma ½: A whole New Adventure

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Okay, I get a lot of people saying that Herb and Ranma are friends or at least on friendly terms. If they are, I'm sorry I must have misunderstood. I've got the Viz manga and all Herb says when he finds out that Ranma saved his life was something like, "so Ranma is quite a man after all", then he gets splashed with water and Lime and Mint start talking about boobs. Lol. Sorry for the confusion. So for the fans, I promise that it will be a friendly fight, I wasn't planning on it being a death match anyways, just Herb wanting to defeat Ranma and wipe out his only defeat. I know I said this would be out yesterday but something bad happened and the police had to question everyone in my street and it took ages. Sorry. Anyways thanks for the c & c. (I don't usually use words like chan and kun but I will when talking about Ranma in his cursed form.)


Perfume stood watching Ranma intently as he gracefully performed a staff kata she had shown him. She grudgingly admitted that he was a great martial artist. After a lot of moaning and not paying attention on his part, she finally skipped the basics. She had shown the pigtailed boy a rather complex kata in hopes that he would mess up and admit that he needed the basics.

Perfume had been rather shocked by the change in him when she began the demonstration. Before he had paid the barest amount of attention, if any, but when she began to quickly go through the complex movements of the advanced kata, he turned into a totally different person. He sat up right, watching her intensely. Those cobalt eyes taking in every detail they could. He never opened his mouth once with a cheeky comment or to complain. He just watched.

Then when it had become his turn to do what she had just showed him, he nearly blew her away. What Perfume had shown him took her months to get perfect, yet here he was performing it nearly flawlessly and after only one demonstration. If she hadn't believed her grandmother about his fast learning when it came to martial arts, she certainly did now. Sure, it wasn't perfect what he was doing but if that was the speed he learned then it wouldn't take him long to nail it.

"Right, that's enough for today." She said after a while. "Same time tomorrow." With that said she took the staff from him and walked away. Perfume may have admitted that the boy was good at martial arts; it didn't mean she wanted to spend more time with him than she had to.

"Um…aint we supposed to study or something?" He asked, then instantly regretted it. If he had kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't have to spend the next hour off his life learning some language he would probably never use.

Perfume just grumbled, not turning to face him. "Wait here. I'll get my books." She walked away without looking back.

"This is going to be a long hour." Ranma moaned to himself. School work was bad enough. Doing it in his free time with a girl who put Akane's irrational anger to shame made it all the more worse.

Ranma made his way to school the next day with an entourage as Yuki and Sash each stood on one side of him, clinging onto one of his arms. They never even looked Ranma's way as they were to busy sending fierce looks at each other. Yukari walked quietly to the left of Yuki, a wistful look on her face. She wished she had the self confidence of her two argumentative friends.

"Do you wake up early just to torment me?" Ranma grumbled trying to shake his unwanted admirers off his arms. He looked at Sash who just smiled at him. How could one sister want him dead while the other just wanted him?

They had nearly made it to school when Ranma noticed Shinji waiting for him. Instead of his school uniform he was wearing his black gi, meaning he was expecting to fight. Fair enough, at least it was an excuse to get away from the pain in the butt girls.

"Today the heavens smile upon me! For I sha—ACK" Shinji fell to the ground holding his now sore jaw. He jumped back to his feet as quick as he fell. If his jaw was in pain he showed no sign of it. A laugh came from his lips.

"Whatcha you laughing at?" Ranma asked annoyed. If he was making fun of his punch he would show that jerk the meaning of pain.

"I laugh because I have unexpected help." He pointed over Ranma's shoulder at Perfume who was walking towards them, blue uniform on with her book bag held in front of her. When she was with ear shot, Shinji spoke again. "The weird bad tempered peasant shall help me for she holds as much disdain for you as I, Shinji Kuno. Come peasant girl, we shall vanquish our mutual foe!" He declared pointing to Ranma.

Perfume just walked straight past his outstretched arm, ignoring him and continuing on towards school. It was a tempting offer, even if he had called her a weird bad tempered peasant but it would be pointless, if her and her father combined couldn't beat him what good would her and an idiot hero want-to-be do against the pigtailed fighter.

"Looks like your back up isn't feeling like helping ya just now." Ranma smirked at the annoyed expression that grew on the other boys face. Before the black gi wearing youth could retort Ranma vaulted on his head using it as a spring board. He jumped off from the young Kuno's cranium, pushing him to the ground and began running to school. "See ya." He ran off leaving Shinji on the ground.

Shinji growled as he was about to push himself to standing. That action was stopped when Sash stamped on his head on her way past him. Yuki did the same while Yukari simply walked around him. "I'll get you Saotome!" He promised himself.

Another day, another boring lesson. Drowsy eyes opened to see a tall grey woman with a crooked nose glaring.

"Are you awake now Mr Saotome?" The angry old woman asked clearly unhappy that the new pupil had fallen asleep in her class, again. The boy obviously thought Maths period was nap time.

"Whatcha talkin' about am not sleeping." Ranma yawned right after he had finished his sentence. He missed the veins beginning to appear on his teachers' forehead.

"Sit up straight and maybe you won't fall asleep again." She snapped at him. He did as he was told so she walked back to her desk to continue her lesson but stopped when she heard loud snoring. She turned round; Ranma was still sitting straight though his head was hanging droopily forward.

Ranma began to mumble in his sleep. "Don't...aka…food is toxi…" He woke up quickly, nearly falling from his chair when a flat palm slapped onto his desk.

"Go to the principals' office…now!" The teacher growled through gritted teeth. Ranma gulped audibly before walking out of the classroom, heading towards the principals' office. Something he wasn't looking forward too, after all who liked crazy mad men riding mechanical spanking machines.

Ranma arrived at the principals' office too quick for his own liking. He read the name plaque on the door, Principal Victor. So that was the crazy mans name. Ranma knocked once, no answer. Deciding to just go in, Ranma turned the handle of the door and walked in quietly. A quick scan around the large room showed that it was empty. Covering the walls of the large office were numerous blueprints of complex looking…things. Ranma couldn't figure out what the plans were, if he couldn't understand math there was no way he could grasp what these technical pictures were.

At the far end of the room a large white board had scribbled writing all over it. Ranma walked closer to read it.

"List of things to do. One - take over world, two - keep school discipline, three - get milk, four…" Apparently the head of education hadn't thought that far ahead. Ranma turned around intending on going to wait in the gym lockers for lunch to roll about. It wasn't that far off but his stomach was still complaining. Someone was standing at the doorway blocking his exit.

"Ahh, the tardy boy. You need some discipline." The wild red haired head teacher grinned madly pushing a button on his belt. The floor in front of him exploded and the same robot that he had used to attack Ranma the day before rose from the wreckage. He hopped onto it and began to stalk forward menacingly.

Ranma noticed the plain black paddle now had painful looking studs attached. A loud gulp was heard through out the room. Ranma quickly looked for an exit and found none as all the windows had thick metal bars covering them and the only door in the room that wasn't a closet was the door right behind the principal. He ran forward quickly, carefully watching the large black paddle. The only way past the large machine was under its legs, so that's were Ranma slid under.

Once out of the office, Ranma ran quickly down the hall and disappeared around a corner. Principal Victor quickly turned his punisher robot and chased after him, cackling feverishly all the way.

Ryoga carefully walked down the stairs into the restaurant part of his home, following the markers on the wall so as to not get lost. He still cursed his bad sense of direction, which hadn't gotten any better since his youth and he cursed his…well his curse. He still hadn't found a cure, like the rest of nerima's cursed residents; he just had to bear it. Actually the weather was never as unpredictable as it used to be when he was a teenager. It was round about the time that Ranma disappeared that whatever gods control the weather decided to give that part of town a break from freak weather.

Ryoga came into the room, just behind the grill where Ukyo was busy preparing food for customers. She noticed him before he announced himself. "Ryoga, there is somebody here to see you." Ukyo pointed to the large man sitting in front of her, ignoring the Okonomiyaki he had ordered.

The pig cursed man looked over his visitor. The man, who looked Chinese, had a hard expression on his face with his dark eyes narrowed, making him look dangerous. His hair was jet black, in the same style as Ranma's, only the pigtailed flowed down to the bottom of the strangers back. He wore a black cape covering the rest of his body.

"Um…hi, i am Ryoga Hibiki." The bandana wearing man said bowing his head slightly.

The large man, though not quite as big as Ryoga, rose from his seat. He cast a calculating stare at the Hibiki man. "You are Hibiki, Ranma Saotomes greatest rival?" The man asked; his voice cold and hard as steel.

Ukyo, who had been watching the entire exchange, rolled her eyes. It didn't happen a lot now, but still some up and coming martial artist would appear hoping to fight the great Ranma only to find out he wasn't around any more. Most just left when they found out but some would challenge Ryoga, Ranma's strongest rival. Much to her husbands' irritation.

"Yes, I suppose you want to fight me then?"

The challenger throw off his cloak, revealing his bare chest, the bulky muscle covered with scars. He wore red kung fu pants and had spiked bracers on. On his waist hung a small flask. "I, Jin Po Wong, would take honour in defeating one such as you."

"Follow me, we will fight out back." Ryoga said walking the wrong way, heading to the front door. Luckily Ukyo directed him the right way before he got into the street.

The school lunch bell had rung and all the students were now out side in the sun eating their food. Gossip was still going around the school about the new student, Ranma. The girls all wanted to see the strong handsome fighter they had all heard so much about and the boys had mixed feelings on the matter. On one hand the looked up to and admired him, like anybody who heard of his extraordinary feats but on the other hand they were angry and jealous of him for the way the girls were going gaga over the pigtailed boy. The only girl in school not lusting after him was Perfume though that never surprised anybody.

The much ignored and avoided amazon currently sat alone on the usual bench she had picked as her own. Perfume was eating her lunch in silence, gaze kept low as usual when some one sat on the seat across from her. She looked up surprised but the surprise quickly gave way to annoyance. "What do you want?" She asked to Ranma who had sat down across from her and began to inhale his lunch as if he was a vacuum cleaner.

Ranma looked up and stared blankly at the black haired girl. He swallowed his large mouthful of food before answering. "I'm eating. Whatcha think I'm doin'?" He asked confused.

The amazon glared at him. "Cant you eat somewhere else?"

"Why? This bench is empty except you." He answered before wolfing down his food again.

Perfume just turned her head away rather than answer. She wished she didn't as it was awkward to eat the way her head was facing.

"So…why dontcha like people?" Ranma asked tactlessly even though he thought he was being subtle about it. There must be a reason she is always angry, well mabye she was like Ryoga and Akane. And if they never had a reason they would blame it on him.

Perfume turned her face back towards Ranma slowly. An angry look on her face. "What is that supposed to mean?"

The pigtailed boy gulped nervously and leaned backwards away from the girl, incase she choose to strike him. "It's just that you're always angry looking and if you always scowl your face will get stuck like that."

"So you are you calling me ugly?" She asked heatedly. Her fist tightened under the table; if he gave the wrong answer he would regret it. Their conversation was interrupted when a large paddle slammed onto the table, not hard enough to break it but just enough to get every ones attention. Not that a crazy haired mad man sitting on top of a big robot wouldn't attract attention.

"I found you! HAHAHA!" The schools head teacher yelled excitedly as if he they had been playing hide and seek.

Ranma quickly jumped away from the bench and landed a few feet away from the crazed man. He got into a fighting position. Running wasn't really his style and he had done enough of that the past two days. Time to stand his ground. He briefly noted that most of the schools students had gathered around the two to watch the up coming fight.

"Oh, disobeying your elders? I will have to teach you discipline!" The red headed man shouted as he rushed his robot into combat. He took a swing with his paddle which Ranma jumped to avoid. He began to swing furiously with the large black slapping apparatus, growing more and more frustrated as the boy simply jumped or dodged the attacks. He decided to change his approach. The head of education pushed a button on a small control in his hand causing small missiles to shoot from the robots chest.

"Ahh, that's cheating!" Ranma shouted twisting and turning desperately to avoid the flying explosives. Deciding to take the fight to the older man, Ranma rushed forward dodging the missiles as he went. Once he got close enough he lashed out with a powerful punch, hitting the metallic being in which would probably be its chest. He pulled his fist back and held it gently in his other hand while cursing in pain.

He never got the chance to let the pain from his fist fade as the older fighter came in to attack. Ranma rolled to the side of the stomped the robot attempted but got careless as the principal swing the oversized paddle, hitting Ranma and sending him flying into the small drinking fountain near the schools entrance, shattering it. It was the only one that hadn't been destroyed ages ago. Not that the principal cared.

The students all gasped when Ranma's form was obscured by the stream of water that was shooting up into the air. They gasped again when a cute, short girl with red hair done in a pigtail stepped out of the flowing water instead of the tall black haired boy they had expected. There was a collective oh as everyone remembered hearing of Ranma having a Jusenkyo curse. After all, lots of the martial artist of Nerima had one so it wasn't unheard of. After a thorough gawk, most boys decided they liked Ranma more now than before.

"So that's what Ranma's cursed form looks like?" Yukari said to no one in particular. She was answered when a boy about the same age but slightly taller than her with brown hair in a short ponytail stumbled next to her. His circular glasses were fogged up and he had a goofy grin plastered on his face. Yukari became worried by the state of her normally composed cousin.

"Fugita, are you feeling well?" Yukari asked her aunty Kasumi's son. He nodded stupidly and mumbled about fiery beauty. She had to take a step back as not to be covered in the two spouts of blood that burst from his nose when Ranma-chan's shirt opened revealing a her impressive cleavage.

Ryoga lead his opponent into the small backyard of Ucchans Okonomiyaki, with help from his faithful wife. The Hibiki man had dressed in his old style of clothes for the duel. Dirty yellow top and dull green pants. Taking up a slight defensive posture, Ryoga motioned for the man to attack. He did so as he rushed forward, punching with short quick jabs to feel out his opponent. Not being the type to dodge, Ryoga simply deflected the blows away from himself.

Wong's test punches started to become more accurate and powerful as well as fast and Ryoga started to become more and more serious with every blow that came his way. Soon the two were exchanging blows and had started throwing kicks into the mix.

"Come on honey! You can do it!" Ukyo cheered, hands cupped over her mouth to make herself louder so her directionally challenged husband could hear over the top of the grunts and yells of combat. She was starting to get a little worried, mainly because the hits landed were two to one in favour of the pigtailed warrior. Neither showed sign of injury and simply increased the speed and powers their attacks.

"You're not bad." Ryoga said while blocking a right hook but was hit by a knee in his gut. He stumbled backwards slightly before coming back for more.

Wong twisted to avoid a powerful round house kick and lashed out with a kick of his own which was blocked. "You are also good." Was his reply. Actually he was more than really good as Wong was beginning to get a tad sore, Ranma's greatest rival was a lot stronger than he thought. Not that it mattered; strength and endurance didn't amount to much against his special technique.

Ryoga jumped back to avoid a sweep kick. He landed only a couple of feet away but paused when he realised what his Chinese opponent was doing. Drinking from his flask. In the middle of a duel. Ryoga growled with anger and shook his fist menacingly. "Hey were supposed to be fighting here! Put that away and fight!" The bandana clad man ordered reaching out to grab the drinking container. He was shocked to find himself lying on his back. 'What the?'

Ukyo gasped as she watched as the Chinese challenger extracted his out stretched leg after kicking her significant other in the chest. "Don't touhicch my drink!" The man slurred. Ukyo guessed the flask contained sake or some other strong alcohol judging by the way the obviously intoxicated man swayed unsteadily from side to side. His eyes were focused but he stumbled, nearly falling flat on his face a couple of times while trying to keep up some martial arts stance unknown to Ukyo.

After picking himself up and giving his worried looking wife a reassuring smile Ryoga faced the drunken man. "This is a duel. And you're getting drunk!" Obviously the man was trying to insult him. Well he would teach the cocky drunkard not to mess with Ryoga Hibiki. He threw a powerful two punch combo with a thrust kick and was shocked, not that they were dodged but how they were dodged. Either it was luck that the other fighter twisted awkwardly to one side and fall avoiding the attack or he had meant to do that. One look at the man still lying on the ground told him it was probably luck.

Rather than wait for Wong to get up, Ryoga decided to just get it over with and beat him into oblivion now. He raised his foot and brought it down hard on the downed mans head. Except he hit nothing but ground as the man rolled to the side and kicked his legs up ungracefully, almost like a child having a temper tantrum. It still hit Ryoga in the chin and made him take a step back, trying to clear the cobwebs from his head.

That gave Wong the time to rise shakily to his feet. "How does you likes it?" Wong jumbled out and sank back into his unusual, unsteady fighting stance.

'Where have I seen that before?' Ukyo mentally asked herself. Then it came to her. She could have slapped herself for being so stupid. Obviously it was drunken style boxing. If either she or Ryoga had even taking half a second to think, they would have realised that from the start. Though Ryoga never was much of a thinker to begin with.

The man who never did much thinking was rapidly growing angry with his progress in the fight. He knew he was stronger than the other man, even if the china man was slightly faster. So even though Wong would land twice as many blows as Ryoga the fight was essentially even. Now he was landing even less hits and Wong was connecting with more. And they were stronger than the previous attacks as well as being impossible to anticipate. The challenger was flailing about like a puppet with no strings, dodging any attack that Ryoga would try and would counter attack with his own attacks which came from too many impossible and unpredictable directions.

"BAKUSAI TENKETSU!" A part of the stone path that ran down the middle of the garden exploded. Boulder shrapnel flew in all directions, striking Ryoga as well as Wong. Ryoga merely shrugged the blows but Wong, in his drunken state, began to get terribly confused, not knowing what was really happening. Even though the stone hits didn't hurt him much they added to puzzle him as to where the attacks were coming from. Ryoga used that opportunity to land a few punches before Wong started to fight back.

"Don't wreck my garden!" Ukyo fumed from the side. It may only be small and didn't have a lot of gardeny things in it, after all she was a chef and martial artist and not a gardener, she still didn't want it destroyed.

Ryoga looked about and realised that there wasn't much path to begin with. So his plan of distracting the under the influence martial artist with a braking point and using that time to attack were dashed. Further fight plans had to be put on hold as the drunken Chinese man renewed his assault in vigorously. He blocked the mans punches and kicks as best as he could, even though a lot broke through his defence. Grabbing a bandana, Ryoga jumped backwards and threw it skilfully at Wong who jumped clumsily over it.

With his umbrella in his room, all Ryoga had to fight with were his trusty bandanas. So he began to throw them quickly at the jet black haired man. It proved futile as they all flew past him as he dodged them inelegantly. Wong quickly brought the fight back to close quarters and began to pummel on Ryoga who couldn't seem to block the frenzied attacks.

Ukyo looked on worriedly as her spouse was used as a punch bag by the new comer. If it wasn't an official challenge she would jump in but she knew Ryoga took them seriously and wouldn't like her to interfere in a man to man fight. He and Ranma really were alike. Just as she was about to through Ryoga's pride aside and help him out she noticed something. He was depressed. And grew even more so by the second. Ukyo smiled and ran into the house for cover.

"SHI SHI HOKODAN!" A huge column of purple ki energy flew upwards from Ryoga and gravity took its course as the massive pillar of energy slammed full force back to earth. Ryoga was unaffected, due to his being empty after employing the ki move. Wong on the other hand was flattened to the ground, following the earth as it became a large crater. Apparently his drunken dodging couldn't dodge something as large as a perfect lion roar shot.

After hearing a large boom followed by quiet, Ukyo decided the coast was clear and headed outside. "I knew you could do –" She stopped and looked at her garden. Well what was left of it. The garden was nothing more than a large round crater, even the wall surrounding her back yard was blown away and the neighbours would be complaining about the half of garden they were now missing. She stared blankly at her husband who stood grinning with his hand behind his head.

"I guess I over did it a bit huh?" He laughed again.

"A bit? Ryoga you Jackass!" She unsheathed her spatula.

It was still during school hours that Sash had decided to head to Ranmas house. After his fight with the principal, which he won, he had loudly declared he was going home for a shower. Which is why the young amazon was now sneaking with ninja like stealth towards the bathroom were her husband was. She quietly slid the door open and slipped inside the changing area.

"Good, it's nice and steamy. He won't notice me until I'm in the furo with him." She whispered to herself. Visions of being alone with the pigtailed boy began to flood her head. He could wash her back, and she his. Then since they were already naked they might as well…

She let the thought trail off as she undressed. She hid her clothes underneath a gi that was sitting on a chair. Tip toeing towards the slid door that the bath was in, she opened it. She could barely make anything out with all the steam in the room. Instead of continuing the stealthy approach, she opted to just take him by surprise and jump straight in.

"Nihao!" She cooed as she splashed into the warm water. The second she was in she latched onto the person in front of her. She squeezed tightly, not remembering Ranma being fat. She released the large man in her arms and looked at closely to see through the steam. Instead of seeing Ranmas face, a fat spectacled man stared goofily back at her. After screaming and jumping out the bath the door flew open. Nodoka stepped in.

Nodoka, who had been near the bathroom at the time of the scream, looked on blankly at the scene before her. Her husband of many, many years naked in the bath with a young pretty girl.

"Its not what it looks like!" Genma tried to explain quickly. He was interrupted by Sash.

"I was looking for Ranma and this pervert grabbed me!" Genma baulked at the lie. Didn't the girl know that she was playing with his life lying about something like that with Nodoka. Much to his surprise his wife smiled politely and told the girl Ranma was in his room. After thinking he was off the hook, Genma began to finish washing up. He stopped when Nodoka walked up to the side of the bath with a dangerous look in her eyes.

"W-What?" He asked fearfully.

Nodoka simply ignored him and cracked her knuckles. She would have to teach her life long mate that it wasn't very health to think about cheating on her.

Sash cringed when she heard a loud shriek come from were the Saotome parents were.

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