Disclaimer: It ain't mine. All belongs to the great and powerful Josh...umm...Joss!
Story: The morning-after thoughts of Inara Serra Reynolds. (Oneshot, Mal/Inara fluff, Inara POV)
Timeline: Post-Serenity (BDM)
Spoilers: None
Author: Skychaser

Blue Eyes
"When I look into your eyes, I see what's missing from my heart."
- Anonymous

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Awareness. Sweet bliss. I awaken slowly, a black darkness permeated by a subsequent peace. My eyes don't open, won't open as I lay silently, listening. The rain falls outside, serenely, as peals of thunder echo their way through my bones. I listen quietly, ever submerged in peaceful darkness as the sweet pearls of rain fall, one by one, ever faster, on the rooftop above me. Nature's renewal.

Suddenly I become aware of a slight pressure that lies against my stomach. It is light, but warm and protective, always welcome. I move my arm and interlace my fingers through yours, but you don't wake. Smiling slightly, I breathe, deeper and more gently than ever before. I close my eyes again and imagine the rain, its glistening drops swirling and mingling on the glass of my window, a bittersweet pool of grace and majesty.

A deep rumbling from inside you trembles against my shoulders. A hint of a grin traces its way along my lips as I open my eyes, the pale morning ambience lighting the room with a soft glow. I move underneath the weight of your arm to lie on my opposite side, the thunder still reverberating, but softly, deftly. My eyes attune themselves to the thin light as I raise my hand to trace the side of your face. The skin is smooth underneath the tips of my fingers, just as I had dreamt it to be.

Raising my head, I firmly place my lips against your face, and then trace my way down to your arm, outlining with the barest tip of my nail the scars that wind their way across your strong and sturdy shoulder, down your back and deeper, farther down. Some intentionally placed. Others, a mere accident or folly of chance. A map of them, scarred as intensely as your long forsaken heart. One eye fills, and then falls, cascading down my cheek, solitary, alone, silent. Once again my lips brush your skin, warm and inviting as it is. I bury my head in your shoulder, my arm resting gently above your head.

Then you awake. A grumble first betrays your presence, followed by the sweetest sensation of warmth that stirs my hair as you exhale firmly. You shift beside me, dropping your head to meet mine and wrapping your arms around me, drawing me closer, ever closer. Pulling away, I open my eyes and stare into you. Warmth exudes from your eyes as you smile, the depths captivating me once again. I am lost in those pools of blue.

"You know, you keep starin' at me like that, you might bust somethin' or another," you mumble, taunting me ruthlessly. I just smirk in your direction and search my memory for something to throw back. Alas, for the one time in our entire history, I search in vain. My mouth creaks open, and a solitary sentence that seems, for the most part, completely inadequate, forms on my lips.

"Good morning."

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