Evening the Odds

Murtaugh closed his eyes in aguish as his daughter's fate unfolded before him. His threats and insults fell on deaf ears. His captors knew he was helpless. Murtaugh viewed the mercenaries through one eye; his left was swollen shut. His busted and swollen lip bled down his chin and onto his shirt. The gunshot wound on his left arm still flowed freely… his wife could take him out at this point.

Yet, in his weakened state, sitting on a chair with his hands tied behind his back, Murtaugh remained conscious: his gaze fixed on his tormentors. "I'm warning you…don't." The leader smirked. "Or you'll do what? Tell us what you know about the shipment, detective Murtaugh. We wouldn't want anything to happen to this beautiful girl of yours." Rianne began pleading, "Daddy…" Murtaugh's heart broke, as did his voice. "I told you everything…" McCallister walked toward his daughter. "We'll soon know, won't we?" Roger's eyes closed in horror. 'It's over…'

At that moment his partner, Martin Riggs, burst through the door, bare-chested and dripping wet, with a body slung over his shoulders. Murtaugh barely had time to register his shock before Riggs tossed the man into another mercenary, knocking him over. He grabbed the fallen mercenary's neck and twisted, snapping it. He then whipped the gun out of it's holster, and took out the three men surrounding Murtaugh. Rianne's screams echoed each gunshot, but she wasted no time in dashing over to her father, and looping her bound wrists around his neck, sobbing. "It's okay baby," Murtaugh attempted to reassure his oldest child.

He glanced again at Martin, who was turning rapidly in different directions, a gun still clenched in his hand. "Anybody Else? Come on, is that all you bastards got?" Roger scanned his partner's body for any injuries, and was confused when he found none. "Riggs?" His partner lowered his gun and faced him. "Rog?"

"What the hell did they do to you, besides hose you down?" Riggs glanced down at the puddle of water surrounding his feet and grimaced for a split second before shrugging. "Just a bit of shock therapy from our Korean pal over there." He jerked his head toward the body he had brought into the room. Roger's eyes widened slightly as he began to comprehend what Riggs had just told him. He clenched his jaw in anger. 'Son of a bitch…' and he thought he'd just been through hell.

His partner's hands trembled slightly as they began to work on his bound hands. "You alright, Riggs?" Riggs smirked slightly, but didn't look up. "I'll be a lot better once we give these bastards what they deserve. You up for it, Rog?" Martin's blue eyes now bore into Roger's brown ones, with a look he knew all too well. He rubbed his wrists and smiled slowly. "Just say the word, man, just say the word."