I could a tale unfold

"Can I please stop now?" Makubex asked Ginji plaintively.

"No way! We've only just started!" Ban declared. "Trust me. I know psychiatry."

"Isn't it psychology?" Sakura asked, looking up from the monitors.

"I thought it was philosophy," Ginji opined uncertainly.

"I've read the best books on the subject!" Ban stated in a tone that was meant to end discussion. Over Makubex's attempts to point out sotto voce that access to the internet meant that he'd read all the latest books too, he continued, "I'm an expert. I know what I'm doing."

"We . . . aren't going to be doing this much longer, are we?" Ginji said hesitantly. "I mean, there was that problem with Romeo --"

"Typical obsessive," Ban cut in. "We couldn't have been expected to predict that stuff with the graveyards."

"Or the thing with Macbeth and the witches --"

"It's not my fault they didn't like my language!"

"Or Titus Andronicus."

There was a silence. "Okay," Ban conceded. "Perhaps we bit off a bit more than we could chew, trying that one. But! I am scientifically convinced that by using holograms to reconstruct classic tragedies and then making them have happy endings, we will cheer Makubex up!"

Makubex played with the end of his scarf and very pointedly didn't comment.

"Next up!" Ban commanded.

Sakura tapped commands into the computer. The room shifted to become a wintry battlement complete with sentries, ghost, and protagonist in black.

"O my prophetic soul," Makubex muttered.