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Echo ran as fast as she could, which was fast, to get away from the guards. She knew that her only chance was to get outside the gates, but how? They were already closed. she ran into the wall the doors created and started slamming on them with her fists. She had to get out, if she didn't she's going to die, there was no excuse for what had happened a few moments ago, but she couldn't explain it. The guards where coming closer, she could hear them. She could smell them. Her nostrils flared with the sent of the sweaty men, the metallic of their weapons and the copper of the blood that still covered them. She began pounding the doors harder, her heart in her throat. She whirled around and faced the seven men, each of them had a sword, each of them covered in blood not their own. Echo shook with fear, frustration, and rage. The first man lunged at her, and with inhuman strength and speed Echo didn't know she had, she dodged his attach and punched him in the throat, crushing his wind pipe and killing him. The others froze, petrified. But not Echo, the rage that had been building up ever since . . . the false accusations, the beating, the injustice, fueled the fire that was her rage, and it erupted like a volcano, her form twisted growing. She gained muscle and height, She felt a sharp pain in her head as if reshaped itself into the form of a wolves head, she grew hair, and then everything stopped. In the place of girl, now stood a midnight black man-wolf. It stood nine feet tall, massive muscles, black fur covered the entire body, it had massive paws and claws, its head was wolf shaped, with piercing green eyes, the only thing that tied this creature to the girl that had been there moments before. It the head there where killer fangs and razor sharp teeth, this is a creature designed for only one thing, killing. And that's what she did. The night's near silence was shattered by the blood curtailing screams of the men who died on the werewolf's claws. Another scream broke through. . .

Echo sat up, panting. That night had been three years ago, but she still remembers it like it was yesterday. She heard footsteps coming closer to her location, and she jumped into a nearby tree.

"I heard a scream" someone said, a young man, as he came through to the clearing. Echo quickly amended her evaluation, and then became confused. He looked like an elf, but smelt like a human. She abandoned her post to find the answer. She landed right in front of him and stared straight into his eyes. She found that by doing this, it made it hard for people to lie to her.

"Who are you" she asked. Her voice husked, but not unpleasant.

He swallowed, and then answered, "I am Eragon-"

"Shadeslayer" she cut him off, "you are a human, thought so" she turned around to face the others, "and in what strange company? A dwarf and an elf." she snorted

"How did you know I was human" he asked, "I look like an elf."

"You can change you appearance, human, but you can't change your smell" Echo said, jumping back so now her back was against a tree.

"You speak as if your not one" the dwarf said. Echo snarled at him, her eyes flashing

"never associate me with the Human weaklings, They are not my people, say such a thing agian and I'll gut you" she growled at him and jumped into the trees, out of site.

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