It had been three weeks since Echo had lest seen the rider and his group. They had let her stay the night with them at the camp, but none of them trusted her anymore. She left in the morning, after the dragon tried to burn her, crispy. She had left one of her white stones with Eragon, so if she needed to find him, she would always be able to.

Walking down a road, she kept running things through her head. Why had she told them about her past? She shouldn't have trusted them. In a few short hours they had tipped her world on it's side. What could she trust if not her natural instinct?

She entered a tavern, deciding to get something to eat before finding some place to sleep. She chose a table at the back of the place, and positioned her chair to that she could see everyone else in the tavern. She fiddled with one of the other stones, as white as the other one. While she was fiddling, she scanned the room, eyes taking in everything at once. There was an old drunk at the bar, long silver hair mused. A harlot was hanging around a card game, the game players didn't seem to bad, just a bunch of bar brawlers.

The person who really worried her was the man who had just entered. He was tall-ish, with a serious face and fierce eyes framed by brown locks. He turned her way, his brown eyes(1) locking with hers. He started her way when he was stopped by a waiter, who pointed to his hand-and-a-half sword and then pointed to another table. The man sighed and went to the other table and sat down.

Echo narrowed her eyes, but looked down at her food. She mumbled a spell in the Garous natural language. Her meat glowed a sickly green, and then faded. She shoved the plate away from her and stood up. The man behind the bar reached for something, the man in the corner stood up. Echo upturned the table sending her beer and the poisoned foods to the floor. She stomped towards the door. The men playing cards stared at her, the harlot was with the bar tender. The man at the corner came and stood in font of the door, blocking her way out.

"Was that necessary?" he asked in a clear and controlled voice. Echo glared him.

"The food was poisoned, of course it was necessary."

"How did you know it was poisoned?" his voice was annoying her, his voice was too controlled.

"Move." she demanded, not answering his question. The man stepped aside, but followed her out.

"Get away from me, Rider." she growled out, attempting to sound madder that she was. Echo couldn't really get mad, because if she did, bad things happened.

The man grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"How did you know?" He demanded softly.

"You reek of dragon." she said, making no attempt to keep the conversation personal. The man grabbed her arm and pulled her someplace. Not in the mood to fight him, Echo went along. But she didn't go quietly.

"HOW DARE YOU!" she yelled at him when they had arrived at the mans camp. The man looked positively harassed.

"Shut up, woman!" he yelled at her. Echo went silent. He sat down on the other side of the camp fire. . . FIRE?

"Where'd that come from?" She asked, pointing to the fire.

"Didn't Eragon tell you Riders could do magic?" He asked Slyly.

"I don't. . . Who's Eragon?" She asked

"The other Dragon Rider. You know the one you were with three weeks ago?" he said, "I've been following you ever since you learned my name"

"Murtagh" Echo said, matter of factly.

"That's right Echo" he said, his calm voice as smooth as oil.

"Why are you following me?" she demanded, glancing around. This rider was working for the Empire. The Empire was run by a crazy man. Thus the rider was crazy by association. He probably had people in the bushes.

"What are you doing for Eragon? Why are you helping him?" Echo snorted at the last bit

"helping him? The last time I saw him, his dragon tried to eat me." Echo looked up again, "where's your Dragon? Thorn right?"

"He's around." Echo looked at the Rider, and sighed,

"you should take better care of your Dragon. You youngsters are all alike, something becomes popular, and you want one, but when you get it, you don't want it no more."

"What are you talking about?" Murtagh looked at her as if she was crazy. She rolled her eyes at him, and shook her head.

"Saphira tried to eat you?"

"Well, no, but she did try to burn me, nice and crispy, but then she was going to eat me, I could tell"

"your crazy" he said at last.

"Your evil" she said in defense, totally serious now.

"I'm not"

"you attacked him"

"you saw that?"

"Three years ago."


"Didn't Eragon tell you Garou had magic?" Murtagh Jumped up, hand on his sword.

"You're a werewolf?" he whisper-shouted.

"Yes." she whispered.

She stood up and made to go to him. He opened his mouth to say something, but Echo was too fast. She sifted into Glabro form and was in front of Murtagh in seconds. She covered his mouth with her hand, slightly elongated nails nearly digging into his cheek.

"You will not say anything"

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1. don't know what color his eyes are, so now there brown