Kingdom Hearts Bloopers

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Ok, story time!

Sora, Riku, and Kairi were all sitting in a room looking really bored. Then Sora got up and looked for something inside a box of DVD's.

"Sora... What are you doing?" Riku asked as he was lying down on a couch.

"Looking for something to watch..." Sora then saw a DVD that he never knew he had, and he held it up for a moment.

"What's that, Sora?" Kairi asked as she walked up and sat next to him. "Kingdom Hearts... Bloopers?"

Riku raised an eyebrow and walked up to them and said, "Well, there's nothing else we can do... Wanna watch it?"

"Sure!" They both said.

Riku took out the disc and put it inside the DVD player. They all sat back down on the couch as it began.


Scene of Riku standing in the water

Director: And... Action!

Riku turned around and stuck his hand out to Sora.

"Uh, are you sure we don't need a green screen for this part?" Sora asked.

Director: Yes, now go to Riku!

Sora started running into the water but then a wave came behind Riku. "Crap... I knew we needed a green screen for this..." he said as he started running back toward the shore.

Riku then put his hand down. "Sora? Where the heck are you going?" he turned around and saw the wave one foot away from his face. "Shi-"

The wave crashed onto Riku as he started rolling backwards in the water, and landing on his face on the shore.

"Aha!" Sora said. "I told you so told you so told you so told you so!"

Director: (buries his face) ...cut...


Sora was rolling on the floor laughing, and Kairi was giggling a little.

"I don't find this amusing, Sora..." Riku said angrily.


Scene of Riku throwing the paopu fruit to Sora

Director: Action!

"Sora!" Riku said as he threw the paopu fruit hard on purpose.

Sora turned around and was hit on the head with the paopu fruit.

"AHAHAHA!" Riku burst out laughing.

Director: Riku...!

"Sorry... I couldn't help it..." Riku smiled.

Take 2

Director: Let's try this again... Action!

"Sora! (throws paopu fruit... a little too low)"

Sora turns and the fruit hits his balls. "O.O C- Could you give me a minute...?"

Director: (sighs) Yeah sure...


This time, Riku was rolling on the floor laughing, and so was Kairi.


"Ok...(laughs) ok... I did do that on purpose..."

"Why you... (lunges at Riku)"

"Guys, guys! The next blooper is on!" Kairi said as she tryed to break up the boys.


Scene with Leon and Yuffie

"I think you might've over done it... (smiles)... Leon." Yuffie said smartly.

"That's Squall... Wait..." Leon/Squall said.

Director: Yuffie!


Scene of Sora and Kairi in the Secret Place

"Sora..." Kairi said as the door opened and darkness came out.

Kairi was going toward Sora, but then Sora stepped to the side and Kairi smashed into the wall.

"Ow! Soraaa!" Kairi said angrily.

Director: Ugh, cut...


Kairi looked at Sora angrily as he made and innocent smile.

"Um, it was an accident?"

Kairi raised a hand and...


Other scene with Leon and Yuffie

Yuffie yelled to Leon, "Heartless!"

"Sora, let's go!" he said.

Sora was lying on the bed and said, "Ah, don't worry it's just some midgets in tights."

They hear a small "Hey!" in the background.

Director: Cut. Sora, don't insult the actors...


Scene with Keyblade

Sora was holding the Kingdom Key as he heard a voice.

Voice: Know your stars... Know your stars-- I mean, Keyblade... keyblade...

Director: AHHH! Cut!


"Where's Sora?" the unknown (who I think is Roxas) said.

Sora popped up next to him."Uh... right here..."

Director: Cut! Sora, you're not in this scene!

Take 2

The unknown walked and then stopped. "I can't see..."

Director: Dangit cut!

Scene with Riku on roof

Riku has a blindfold on and doesn't realize he's about to fall.

Director: Uh, Riku... You might wanna-

Riku steps forward and starts falling. "AHHHHHH-"


"Why did you skip it Riku?" Kairi asked.

"Gee, I wonder why?" Riku said as he glared at Kairi.

Sora sighed. "Ah, it's already 11:00 anyway... You guys gotta go. See ya later."

Kairi and Riku both said bye as they left.

A few seconds later, Sora looked to see if anyone was around and skipped back to Riku's falling part.

(camera shows front of house)


Thas it... dun worry there's more chaps...yesh I know it sucked and wasn't funny enough...