Silence of the night

Chapter 1

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Ok, so this story is meant to be a romance along with action and hopefully suspense. Here it goes!

The night sky was silent and starry. The full moon illuminated an area across the sky revealing beautiful traces of fluffy clouds. The only noises that could be heard were from the crickets below that seemed to fill the air with a peaceful atmosphere.

In the tower, Cyborg and Beastboy were playing their rather mindless video games. Raven sat on the couch, every now and then her eyes lifting off the pages of her book and settling on the boy wonder who was cheerfully sitting along with Starfire. Every time she looked at Robin, a feeling would trickle down her spine. Why wouldn't Robin like her? I mean she is prettier and a lot more cheerful than I am. Not to mention her charm and extreme strength, Raven thought to herself. She shut her book, once again averting her gaze to the alien and Boy wonder at the other end of the couch.

Raven slid off the couch, but no sooner had she done so the alarm sounded in the tower.

"Trouble!" Robin shouted, throwing some playing cards askew. Racing over to the computer screen, he located the scene of the crime. "Someone has robbed the bank! Titans, GO!"

Zooming out of the tower, the titans arrived at the bank, only to be face to face with the villain who had disturbed the silence of the night.

"Red X….." Robin muttered half surprised under his breath.


"Did you miss me?" Red X chuckled through his mask in a metallic tone.

"What do you want now?" Raven asked coldly.

"Only to get things the way I want them to be." With that, X thrust his x's at Raven who catptured them in a a dark aura, who flung them back at X who barely missed it by an inch.

Beast Boy changed into a rhino and attempted to clobber X, but wazs defeated by red gooey material that was used to create his notorious x's.

Cyborg and Starfire met the same fate as Beastboy. Only Robin and Raven Remained.

"You guys are way to easy." Red X commented in his usual mocking manner.

"That's what you think!" Robin charged at him , attempting to blow him a good kick but instead, X took his rod ( A/N: what is it called? I forgot.) and whacked robin in the head with an echoing TWANG knocking him out cold.

"How pathetically defeated. It's just you and me now, my dark sorceress." X looked at Raven in the eyes as if he was lost in them and couldn't find a way to escape the grip of her gaze.

"Yeah. OK. AZARATH, METRION ZINTHOS!" Raven succeeded in smashins Red X against the wall

"You got some real strength,. Too bad you're not going to be able to use it to its fullest!"

"What?..." Raven was cut off when a huge X along with a gop of goo glued her down to the ground. X looked down at the struggling titans. Raven… she's so different…I wonder…X looked at the violet haired girl's face examining her every delicate feature. Without another word, Red X gently picked up the unconscious half demon and walked off with her into the shadow of the rising night. Just then Beast Boy opened his eyes which darted towards the disappearing figure and the shadow of a easy dangling titan. " RAVEN! NOOO!" He screamed, but he titans awoke a bit too late and they were already gone, and the rest were still stuck in the terrible mess. "Raven………" Beast boy and the others stared at each other with worries faces.

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