Silence of the night

Ch 2

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Raven opened her eyes a crack groaning a little. Turning on her side, she opened her eyes fully and realized that she was not in the tower. Where am I? Raven looked around her. She was sleeping in a brightly lit room with one wall covered with a mirror, a closet with a mirror on top of it, a dresser with a mirror, and a wardrobe. Wow this person must love to look at themselves Raven thought to herself. She was weak, and could barely make out what her surroundings were.

"How are you, feeling better?" A metallic voice entered the room.

"X, you're such a moron. Why did you bring me here?" Raven looked at him angrily.

"You expect answers way to easily, girl."

"Shut your mouth, X."

"I thought you wanted to know why I brought you here? I never expected you to be so tough, after all, you're like an angel…to the eyes and soul." X taunted, stirring up Raven's anger. He muttered the last part under his breath.

"You really don't know me X. In fact, you're stupider than you look."

"What?" X stared at her, confused. "You don't think you can escape, do you? Sorry to break it to you, beautiful princess, but you cant get out as long as I'm in your way. Besides, you're too weak to fight me. I don't even want to fight you." Red X examined Raven's face ( and the rest of her). Wow….she's amazing. Wouldn't hurt to keep her here longer………

"That's what you think." Summoning up her last bit of energy, Raven gathered enough power to teleport herself back to the tower.

" WHAT THE--- where did she go?" X looked dumbfounded. I cant believe I let her get away. I thought she was too weak to escape or fight me…how did she escape? She has unique powers…they could come in handy. Such intense powers for a beautiful maiden like her…you'd never assume a girl so delicate as her to be fierce. What am I thinking!


Raven groggily opened her eyes to see a smiling Robin hovering over her. She was laying on her back on the cool floor of the common room.

"Hey, Raven. We were worried. What happened? Star and BB when searching for you." Robin told her with a genuine welcoming smile. He flipped open his communicator. "Beast boy? Come home with Star. Raven's back." He shut the communicator and turned to Raven once again, who was now sitting against the u shaped couch. "Did X hurt you? If he did anything, I swear I'll—"

"Robin," Raven began calmly, " He didn't do anything to me. I escaped. I didn't have a lot of strength, but I managed to gather enough power to send myself here. He didn't expect it," she said with a wry smile.

" I'm glad he didn't do anything, but why did he take you in the first place?" Robin pondered.

"I have no idea but I felt he wanted me there. I don't know……" Raven drifted off into her mind searching for an answer. Just then, a delighted voice broke the silence.

" Raven!" Beast Boy flung his arms around Raven and her eyes opened wide in shock.

"Um…beast boy……" Raven struggled to push him off.

"I am overjoyed that you are okay!" Starfire giggled in happiness.

"Hey Raven. When did you come?" Cyborg said, walking into the room. All four titans were overjoyed to see her. Raven's eyes drifted to Robin who was standing still, not saying a word. His eyes were glued on her. What part? Raven thought sarcastically. Isn't he going out with starfire? Ugh.

"ROBIN!" Raven yelled, breaking his absentminded stare.

"Oh..yeah…um…why don't we all get some lunch?" Robin offered slightly startled.. All the titans headed towards the kitchen where 4 large boxes of pizza stood on the counter. Raven stood up and followed, still wondering what had happened before.

Raven snapped out of her daydream and looked at Robin and Starfire. They were so…close. TOO close for Raven to bear. Why does it bother me so much…to see them together? No…I don't like Robin.

"Raven? You okay?" Beast Boy inched closer to her.

"Ehh…yeah. Let's eat."

Sitting at the table, the titans gluttonously gobbled up the pizza. Raven just sat and poked her slice with her fork uncaringly. Robin eyed her. She's upset, I know it. Raven's hood was up, covering her face but Robin was able to read her expression. He leaned over the table and pulled her hood down, leaving Raven fighting a blush. Why does she keep such a beautiful, delicate face hidden all the time? If people actually saw her face, I swear, guys would be following her wherever she went………I cant feel this way, im dating Star…but maybe im wrong in what im doing…

Lunch finished rather silently, except for Beastboy;s and Cyborg's discussion on video games. No sooner had they put their dished in the sink, a loud bang sounded behind them. Turning, they saw X standing in the common room, their window blasted open with a fully loaded belt and bags of cash.

"Darling Raven, did you REALLY think I would let you get away so easily?" He smirked and thrust a huge X….

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